source: trunk/NEMOGCM/fcm-make/inc/keys-orca2_lim_pisces.cfg @ 6140

Last change on this file since 6140 was 6140, checked in by timgraham, 6 years ago

Merge of branches/2015/dev_merge_2015 back into trunk. Merge excludes NEMOGCM/TOOLS/OBSTOOLS/ for now due to issues with the change of file type. Will sort these manually with further commits.

Branch merged as follows:
In the working copy of branch ran:
svn merge svn+ssh://
Small conflicts due to bug fixes applied to trunk since the dev_merge_2015 was copied. Bug fixes were applied to the branch as well so these were easy to resolve.
Branch committed at this stage

In working copy run:
svn switch svn+ssh://
to switch working copy

svn merge —reintegrate svn+ssh://
to merge the branch into the trunk and then commit - no conflicts at this stage.

File size: 209 bytes
1preprocess.prop{fpp.defs} = \
2  key_trabbl key_lim2 key_dynspg_flt key_diaeiv key_ldfslp key_traldf_c2d key_traldf_eiv key_dynldf_c3d key_zdftke key_zdfddm key_zdftmx key_top key_pisces key_iomput key_mpp_mpi
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