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.. contents::

AGRIF nesting tool

How to create the grid coordinates, the surface forcing and the initial conditions required by each child model.

Data interpolation with CDO

The aim is to remap from/to a regular geographic grid to/from an other curvilinear grid, especially the ORCA one.

Data compression

For netdcf files: example for COREII forcing files.

Weight creation for online interpolation

See here and here.


OPABAT is a group of Fortran and IDL routines which allows to build a bathymetry on the grid of
the dynamical oceanic part, OPA.

Data interpolation

The aim is to remap from a regular geographic grid to an other curvilinear grid, especially the ORCA one.
It will be provide by `SOSIE <>`_.

Setting up MPP configuration tool

This Fortran based tool provides to the user information to choose the best domain decomposition.
The proposed solution will be the one with an optimized number of processos in
suppressing eventual useless land processors.

- Documentation: mpp_nc.pdf mpp_nc.pdf
- Tar file     : mpp_prep-1.0.tar.gz

Conversion of restart files

This Fortran based tool performs light changes on restart files (NetCDF or DIMG format) to
ensure their compatibility with the new IOM package in the standard version of NEMO i.e. since
the tag nemo_v2 and later: Chge_Rst_files.tar

ORCA grids generator

This Fortran based tool allows to generate an ORCA grid type: gridgen_CECILL.tar
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