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Changeset 10456 for NEMO/branches/UKMO/dev_10448_WAD_SBC_BUGFIX/src/OCE/DOM/istate.F90 – NEMO

2019-01-06T17:17:13+01:00 (6 years ago)

Added option to taper sbc fluxes near very shallow water when using WAD
Corrected some IO bugs in dia25h, diatmb for WAD case.
User has control of the tapering. At what depth to start it, and at what fraction to start
the tanh tapering. At the WAD limit SBC is turned off completely.
Dry cells do not have any communication with the atmosphere
To DO: Documentation update.
Although not all sette tests are passed (AGRIF etc.)
it does no worse than the trunk at the revision the branch is made

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  • NEMO/branches/UKMO/dev_10448_WAD_SBC_BUGFIX/src/OCE/DOM/istate.F90

    r10068 r10456  
    100100            ! 
    101101            sshb(:,:)   = 0._wp               ! set the ocean at rest 
     102            IF(ll_wd) then 
     103               sshb(:,:) =  -ssh_ref  ! Added in 30 here for bathy that adds 30 as Iterative test CEOD  
     104               ! 
     105               ! Apply minimum wetdepth criterion 
     106               ! 
     107               DO jj = 1,jpj 
     108                  DO ji = 1,jpi 
     109                     IF( ht_0(ji,jj) + sshb(ji,jj)  < rn_wdmin1 ) THEN 
     110                        sshb(ji,jj) = tmask(ji,jj,1)*( rn_wdmin1 - (ht_0(ji,jj)) ) 
     111                     ENDIF 
     112                  END DO 
     113               END DO  
     114            ENDIF  
    102115            ub  (:,:,:) = 0._wp 
    103116            vb  (:,:,:) = 0._wp   
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