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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
Changeset 11176 for NEMO/trunk/doc/tools/ – NEMO

2019-06-24T21:55:11+02:00 (3 years ago)

Implementation of multi-indexes instead of an indiscrimate aggregate index
Creation of 5 sections under Indexes chapter for the most relevant lists of index entries:
namelist blocks and parameters, CPP keys, modules and subroutines.

  • indexes.tex & new file in global directory for index management
  • Add symbolic links under main to non-existing *.idx before LaTeX compilation to reduce trivial error messages with makeindex
  • Create latexmkrc init file loaded latexmk with '-r' option in order to apply the style rules to the indexes with the sequence of several compilations

Other changes:

  • Define a preamble.tex with the list of files to load from global folder
  • Integrate 'Citation' subsubsection in new info_page.tex for the 2nd page along with 'frontpage.tex' for the cover, in order to have a clear distinction with \maketitle in the main LaTeX document
  • Move 'Foreword' chapter from subfiles to main as more appropriate

Bugfixes with few attempts of HTML export

  • One single location for defining the paths to search for images with \graphicspath in packages.tex
  • Renaming of authors variables (\1stauthor -> \firstauthor and so one)
  • Update of LaTeX dependencies in terms of new pkgs (DEPS)
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  • NEMO/trunk/doc/tools/

    r11120 r11176  
    1515build() { 
    1616    printf "\t¤ Generation of the PDF format\n" 
    17     latexmk $opts -outdir=../build -cd ./latex/$1/main/$1_manual 1> /dev/null 
     17    latexmk -r  ./latex/$1/main/latexmkrc \ 
     18       -cd ./latex/$1/main/$1_manual \ 
     19       -outdir=../build              \ 
     20       1> /dev/null 
    1821    [ -f ./latex/$1/build/$1_manual.pdf ] && mv ./latex/$1/build/$1_manual.pdf . 
    19 #    cd - > /dev/null 
    2022    echo 
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