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Changeset 11659

2019-10-07T20:23:54+02:00 (4 years ago)

ENHANCE-03_domcfg: update README.rst (ticket #2143)

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  • NEMO/branches/2019/ENHANCE-03_domcfg/README.rst

    r11628 r11659  
    4545The definition of the target area is done by defining a lat/lon position center, then all wet points at a defined distance of it will be selected. 
    4646Options are available to select only coastal points if needed. 
     47For each lake, name, lon_src, lat_src, lon_trg, lat_trg, river mouth area, correction scheme, radius trg, id trg need to be defined. 
     48* lon/lat_src/trg are the seed location of the closed sea (src) and its river outflow (trg). 
     49* river mouth area is to defined is you spread the closed sea emp correction locally (circle with raduis 'radius trg' in m)  
     50  or along the coast point into a circle with raduis 'radius trg' (in m)  
     51  or globally (open sea mask) 
     52* correction scheme defined how you want to spread the closed sea correction  
     53  * glo : as emp globally 
     54  * rnf : as a runoff for the net precip and on emp for net evaporation case locally or along the coast 
     55  * emp : as emp locally or along the coast 
     56* id trg is a integer used to defined group of closed sea and their river outflow (for example all the great lake and the St Laurent outflow). 
    48582) copy in DOMAINcfg directory same input files (of related configuration) required in v3.6_stable. 
  • NEMO/branches/2019/ENHANCE-03_domcfg/namelist_ref

    r11628 r11659  
    139139&namclo ! (closed sea : need ln_domclo = .true. in namcfg) 
    141    rn_lon_opnsea = -0.0    ! longitude seed of open ocean 
    142    rn_lat_opnsea = -0.0    ! latitude  seed of open ocean 
     141   rn_lon_opnsea =  0.0    ! longitude seed of open ocean 
     142   rn_lat_opnsea =  0.0    ! latitude  seed of open ocean 
    143143   nn_closea = 8           ! number of closed seas ( = 0; only the open_sea mask will be computed) 
    144144   ! 
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