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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
Changeset 11697 – NEMO

Changeset 11697

2019-10-14T16:12:26+02:00 (4 years ago)

Creation of NEMO 4.0.1
The externals definitions have been updated accordingly: replace @HEAD with the last revision
made on the particular sub-item
AGRIF is a special case: we have decided to reproduce the same organisation of /NEMO/releases so
the definition refers to the corresponding sub-branch in /vendors/AGRIF/release-4.0.1 to
the revision of its creation

1 copied

  • NEMO/releases/release-4.0.1

    • Property svn:externals

        old new  
        1 ^/utils/build/arch@HEAD       arch 
        2 ^/utils/build/makenemo@HEAD   makenemo 
        3 ^/utils/build/mk@HEAD         mk 
        4 ^/utils/tools@HEAD            tools 
        5 ^/vendors/AGRIF/dev@HEAD      ext/AGRIF 
        6 ^/vendors/FCM@HEAD            ext/FCM 
        7 ^/vendors/IOIPSL@HEAD         ext/IOIPSL 
         1^/utils/build/arch@11650              arch 
         2^/utils/build/makenemo@10587          makenemo 
         3^/utils/build/mk@11662                mk 
         4^/utils/tools@11589                   tools 
         5^/vendors/AGRIF/release-4.0.1@11696   ext/AGRIF 
         6^/vendors/FCM@10134                   ext/FCM 
         7^/vendors/IOIPSL@9655                 ext/IOIPSL 
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