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  • NEMO/trunk/README.rst

    r11708 r11713  
    1 :Release:  |release| 
    2 :Date:     |today| 
    3 :SVN rev.: |revision| 
    51NEMO_ for *Nucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean* is a state-of-the-art modelling framework for 
    62research activities and forecasting services in ocean and climate sciences, 
    1511The NEMO ocean model has 3 major components: 
    17 - |NEMO-OCE| models the ocean {thermo}dynamics and solves the primitive equations (``./src/OCE``) 
    18 - |NEMO-ICE| simulates seaice {thermo}dynamics, brine inclusions and 
    19   subgrid-scale thickness variations (``./src/ICE``) 
    20 - |NEMO-MBG| models the {on,off}line oceanic tracers transport and biogeochemical processes 
    21   (``./src/TOP``) 
     13- |OCE| models the ocean {thermo}dynamics and solves the primitive equations 
     14  (:file:`./src/OCE`) 
     15- |ICE| simulates sea-ice {thermo}dynamics, brine inclusions and 
     16  subgrid-scale thickness variations (:file:`./src/ICE`) 
     17- |MBG| models the {on,off}line oceanic tracers transport and biogeochemical processes 
     18  (:file:`./src/TOP`) 
    2320These physical core engines are described in 
    3936Several :doc:`built-in configurations<configurations>` are provided to 
    4037evaluate the skills and performances of the model which 
    41 can be used as templates for setting up a new configurations (``./cfgs``). 
     38can be used as templates for setting up a new configurations (:file:`./cfgs`). 
    4340The user can also checkout available :doc:`idealized test cases<test_cases>` that 
    44 address specific physical processes (``./tests``). 
     41address specific physical processes (:file:`./tests`). 
    46 A set of :doc:`utilities <tools>` is also provided to {pre,post}process your data (``./tools``). 
     43A set of :doc:`utilities <tools>` is also provided to {pre,post}process your data (:file:`./tools`). 
    4845Project documentation 
    5148A walkthrough tutorial illustrates how to get code dependencies, compile and execute NEMO 
    52 (``./INSTALL.rst``). 
    5451Reference manuals and quick start guide can be build from source and 
    55 exported to HTML or PDF formats (``./doc``) or 
     52exported to HTML or PDF formats (:file:`./doc`) or 
    5653downloaded directly from the :forge:`development platform<wiki/Documentations>`. 
    58 ============ ================== ==================== 
    59  Component    Reference Manual   Quick start 
    60 ============ ================== ==================== 
     55============ ================== =================== 
     56 Component    Reference Manual   Quick Start Guide 
     57============ ================== =================== 
    6158 |NEMO-OCE|   |DOI man OCE|_     |DOI strt gui| 
    6259 |NEMO-ICE|   |DOI man ICE| 
    6360 |NEMO-MBG|   |DOI man MBG| 
    64 ============ ================== ==================== 
     61============ ================== =================== 
    6663Since 2014 the project has a `Special Issue`_ in the open-access journal 
    8885.. |DOI dev stgy| replace:: multi-year development strategy 
     90The NEMO source code is freely available and distributed under 
     91:download:`CeCILL v2.0 license <../../../LICENSE>` (GNU GPL compatible). 
     93You can use, modify and/or redistribute the software under its terms, 
     94but users are provided only with a limited warranty and the software's authors and 
     95the successive licensor's have only limited liability. 
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