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    1616    Release & Author(s) & Modifications \\ 
    1717    \hline 
    18     {\em  next} & {\em Simon M{\" u}ller} & {\em Update of \autoref{sec:SBC_TDE}}\\[2mm] 
     18    {\em  next} & {\em Simon M{\" u}ller} & {\em Update of \autoref{sec:SBC_TDE}; revision of \autoref{subsec:SBC_fwb}}\\[2mm] 
    1919    {\em   4.0} & {\em ...} & {\em ...} \\ 
    2020    {\em   3.6} & {\em ...} & {\em ...} \\ 
    1779 For global ocean simulation, it can be useful to introduce a control of the mean sea level in order to 
    1780 prevent unrealistic drift of the sea surface height due to inaccuracy in the freshwater fluxes. 
    1781 In \NEMO, two way of controlling the freshwater budget are proposed: 
     1780  \nlst{namsbc_fwb} 
     1781  \caption{\forcode{&namsbc_fwb}} 
     1782  \label{lst:namsbc_fwb} 
     1785For global ocean simulations, it can be useful to introduce a control of the 
     1786mean sea level in order to prevent unrealistic drifting of the sea surface 
     1787height due to unbalanced freshwater fluxes. In \NEMO, two options for 
     1788controlling the freshwater budget are proposed. 
    1784 \item [{\np[=0]{nn_fwb}{nn\_fwb}}] no control at all. 
    1785   The mean sea level is free to drift, and will certainly do so. 
    1786 \item [{\np[=1]{nn_fwb}{nn\_fwb}}] global mean \textit{emp} set to zero at each model time step. 
     1791\item [{\np[=0]{nn_fwb}{nn\_fwb}}:] No control at all; the mean sea level is 
     1792  free to drift, and will certainly do so. 
     1793\item [{\np[=1]{nn_fwb}{nn\_fwb}}:] The global mean \textit{emp} is set to zero at each model time step. 
    17871794  %GS: comment below still relevant ? 
    17881795  %Note that with a sea-ice model, this technique only controls the mean sea level with linear free surface and no mass flux between ocean and ice (as it is implemented in the current ice-ocean coupling). 
    1789 \item [{\np[=2]{nn_fwb}{nn\_fwb}}] freshwater budget is adjusted from the previous year annual mean budget which 
    1790   is read in the \textit{EMPave\_old.dat} file. 
    1791   As the model uses the Boussinesq approximation, the annual mean fresh water budget is simply evaluated from 
    1792   the change in the mean sea level at January the first and saved in the \textit{EMPav.dat} file. 
     1796\item [{\np[=2]{nn_fwb}{nn\_fwb}}:] \textit{emp} is adjusted by adding a 
     1797  spatially uniform, annual-mean freshwater flux that balances the freshwater 
     1798  budget at the end of the previous year; as the model uses the Boussinesq 
     1799  approximation, the freshwater budget can be evaluated from the change in the 
     1800  mean sea level and in the ice and snow mass after the end of each simulation 
     1801  year; at the start of the model run, an initial adjustment flux can be set 
     1802  using parameter \np{rn_rwb0}{rn\_fwb0} in namelist \nam{sbc_fwb}{sbc\_fwb}. 
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