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    r7646 r7705  
    2222thus allowing the user to verify that the code is performing in a manner consistent with that  
    2323we are running. This form of verification is critical as one adopts the code for his or her particular  
    24 research purposes. The test cases also provide a sense for some of the options available  
     24research purposes. The reference configurations also provide a sense for some of the options available  
    2525in the code, though by no means are all options exercised in the reference configurations. 
    27 Configuration is defined mainly through the \ngn{namcfg} namelist variables: 
     27Configuration is defined mainly through the \ngn{namcfg}  namelist variables: 
     28\sfcomment {Here change namcfg part of namelist. Configuration is defined throughout domain\ file now}   
    8385the LIM sea-ice model (ORCA-LIM) and possibly with PISCES biogeochemical model  
    8486(ORCA-LIM-PISCES), using various resolutions. 
    85 The appropriate \textit{\&namcfg} namelist is available in \textit{CONFIG/ORCA2\_LIM/EXP00/namelist\_cfg}  
    86 for ORCA2 and in \textit{CONFIG/SHARED/README\_other\_configurations\_namelist\_namcfg}  
     87The appropriate namelist is available in \textit{CONFIG/ORCA2\_LIM3\_PISCES/EXP00/namelist\_cfg}  
     88for ORCA2 and in \textit{CONFIG/SHARED/README\_configs\_namcfg\_namdom}  \sfcomment {not really true, they are obsolete namelists, where find these informations?}  
    8789for other resolutions 
    151153The NEMO system is provided with five built-in ORCA configurations which differ in the  
    152154horizontal resolution. The value of the resolution is given by the resolution at the Equator  
    153 expressed in degrees. Each of configuration is set through the \textit{\ngn{namcfg}} namelist,  
    154 which sets the grid size and configuration  
    155 name parameters  (Tab. \ref{Tab_ORCA}). 
    156 . 
     155expressed in degrees. Each of configuration is set through the \textit{domain\_cfg} file,  
     156which sets the grid size and configuration name parameters \sfcomment {I would like to change tab_ORCA but I can not find it, wrong jp_cfg}   
     157 (Tab. \ref{Tab_ORCA}). 
    159163\begin{table}[!t]     \begin{center} 
    160164\begin{tabular}{p{4cm} c c c c} 
    161 Horizontal Grid                         & \np{jp\_cfg} &  \np{jpiglo} & \np{jpjglo} &       \\   
     165Horizontal Grid                         & \np{ORCA\_index} &  \np{jpiglo} & \np{jpjglo} &       \\   
    162166\hline  \hline 
    163167\~4\deg     &        4         &         92     &      76      &       \\ 
    172176\caption{ \label{Tab_ORCA}    
    173177Set of predefined parameters for ORCA family configurations. 
    174 In all cases, the name of the configuration is set to "orca" ($i.e.$ \np{cp\_cfg}~=~orca). } 
     178In all cases, the flag for configurations of ORCA family is set to 1 in \textit{domain\_cfg} } 
    191195For ORCA\_R1 and R025, setting the configuration key to 75 allows to use 75 vertical levels,  
    192196otherwise 46 are used. In the other ORCA configurations, 31 levels are used  
    193 (see Tab.~\ref{Tab_orca_zgr} and Fig.~\ref{Fig_zgr}). 
     197(see Tab.~\ref{Tab_orca_zgr} \sfcomment{HERE I need to put new table for ORCA2 values} and Fig.~\ref{Fig_zgr}). 
    195199Only the ORCA\_R2 is provided with all its input files in the \NEMO distribution.  
    210214ORCA\_R2 pre-defined configuration can also be run with an AGRIF zoom over the Agulhas  
    211 current area ( \key{agrif}  defined) and,  by setting the appropriate variables in  
    212 \textit{\&namcfg}, see \textit{CONFIG/SHARED/namelist\_ref} 
     215current area ( \key{agrif}  defined) and, by setting the appropriate variables, see \textit{CONFIG/SHARED/namelist\_ref} 
    213216a regional Arctic or peri-Antarctic configuration is extracted from an ORCA\_R2 or R05 configurations 
    214217using sponge layers at open boundaries.  
    247250uniformly applied to the whole domain. 
    249 The GYRE configuration is set through the \textit{\&namcfg} namelist defined in the reference  
    250 configuration \textit{CONFIG/GYRE/EXP00/namelist\_cfg}. Its horizontal resolution  
    251 (and thus the size of the domain) is determined by setting \np{jp\_cfg} : \\ 
    252 \np{jpiglo} $= 30 \times$ \np{jp\_cfg} + 2   \\ 
    253 \np{jpjglo} $= 20 \times$ \np{jp\_cfg} + 2   \\ 
     252The GYRE configuration is set like an analytical configuration, through \np{ln\_read\_cfg\textit{=true}} in \textit{namcfg} namelist defined in the reference configuration \textit{CONFIG/GYRE/EXP00/namelist\_cfg}. Its horizontal resolution  
     253(and thus the size of the domain) is determined by setting \np{nn\_GYRE} in  \ngn{namusr\_def}: \\ 
     254\np{jpiglo} $= 30 \times$ \np{nn\_GYRE} + 2   \\ 
     255\np{jpjglo} $= 20 \times$ \np{nn\_GYRE} + 2   \\ 
    254256Obviously, the namelist parameters have to be adjusted to the chosen resolution, see the Configurations  
    255257pages on the NEMO web site (Using NEMO\/Configurations) . 
    259261its resolution and as it does not requires any input file. For example, keeping a same model size  
    260262on each processor while increasing the number of processor used is very easy, even though the  
    261 physical integrity of the solution can be compromised. 
     263physical integrity of the solution can be compromised. Benchmark is activate via \np{ln\_bench\textit{=true}} in \ngn{namusr\_def} in namelist  \textit{CONFIG/GYRE/EXP00/namelist\_cfg}. 
    272 % ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
    273 %       EEL family configuration 
    274 % ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
    275 \section{EEL family: periodic channel} 
    276 \label{MISC_config_EEL} 
    278 \begin{description} 
    279 \item[eel\_r2]  to be described.... 
    280 \item[eel\_r5]   
    281 \item[eel\_r6]   
    282 \end{description} 
    283 The appropriate \textit{\&namcfg} namelists are available in   
    284 \textit{CONFIG/SHARED/README\_other\_configurations\_namelist\_namcfg} 
    285274% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
    286275%       AMM configuration 
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