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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
Changeset 9596 for NEMO/trunk/tools/REBUILD_NEMO/BATCH_TEMPLATES/rebuild_nemo_batch_PW7_METO – NEMO
2018-05-15T17:51:07+02:00 (6 years ago)

Reorganisation plan for NEMO repository: preliminary implementation of the new trunk structure (ref #2015)

  • Deletion of useless 1st level, add new explicit names for folders
  • Extract dev tools (SETTE and Trusting) to /utils/CI
  • Extract figures folder from documentation to /utils/figures
  • Extrac TEST_CASES to /utils/test_cases
  • Move ./TOOLS/COMPILE to ./mk
  • Add few wiki files at the root: README, INSTALL and LICENSE with full text of CeCILL v2.0
  • Style: uppercase for wiki files, lowercase for folder names

Additionally, inclusion of routines renaming in NST: agrif_si3 -> agrif_ice

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