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[SIREN] Create boundary for 3D variables


I'm trying to create boundaries for my Mediterranean configuration.

While all the first steps (grid, bathy, merge bathy) are OK, I have a problem generating my boundaries.

Boundaries for the SSH is fine, but all the boundaries for the 3D variables are only defined on the first vertical level (NaN otherwise).

I must clarify that the vertical levels defined on my regional configuration are different from the forcing configuration.



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    Hye thomas,

    I finally find the time to look to your issue (I apologize for the delay).

    First of all I would precise that SIREN do not manage vertical interpolation, so if your vertical levels differ from forcing configuration to regional configuration, you make a mistake.

    However as the number of levels are equal, SIREN should create a file with all levels. Actually the issue is my mistake. I do not use the same convention as NEMO for the value of vertical parameters when you do not need double tanh parameters. I will try to find a way to improve it in the next release.

    But for now you should use in namelist namzgr dn_ppa2 = 0. dn_ppkth2 = 0. dn_ppacr2 = 1.

    Finally note that in the trunk of NEMO there is now a vertical on the fly interpolation for boundary (see fldread.f90), that you may use.



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