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[XIOS] How to zoom a region

Dear NEMO users,

I am trying to use XIOS-2.0 to get model output for a zoom region.

In original "domain_def.xml" there is a line ;

         <zoom_domain id="myzoom"  ibegin="10" jbegin="10" ni="5" nj="5" />

As far as I understand, I should put "myzoom" domain inside the "file_def.xml" file.

However, any combination of the above settings did not generate a zoom region output.

I would be very happy, if you could send these two files which have zooming capabilities.

Thank you very much. Murat

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    Dear Nemo users,

    I found below document in the NEMO web page;


    here, in below section of the pdf document, it is explained how to make zoom output!

    Steps to add output files for a zoom area

    I tried to test the suggestions; I add a line in domain_def.xml;

         <domain_group id="grid_T">
           <domain id="grid_T" long_name="grid T"/>
           <!--   My zoom: example of hand defined zoom   -->
           <domain id="myzoom" domain_ref="grid_T" >
             <zoom_domain id="myzoom"  ibegin="10" jbegin="10" ni="5" nj="5" />

    and modified the file_def.xml as below;

               <file id="file31" name_suffix="_zoom_T" description="ocean T grid variables" >
                  <field_group id="field_3h_zoomT"  domain_ref="myzoom" >
                     <field field_ref="toce" name="potemp" long_name="sea_water_potential_temperature" />

    However, it did not also work and gave below error;

    Field 'potemp' has both a grid and a domain/axis/scalar.
    Please define either 'grid_ref' or 'domain_ref'/'axis_ref'/'scalar_ref'

    I would be very happy, if you can send me a working xml files for a zoom output. (I am testing XIOS-2.0 with GYRE_XIOS configuration of nemo_v3_6_stable)

    Best Regards, Murat

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      The current NEMO stable release is intended to work originally with XIOS1 but I guess you can find some examples for zooming with XIOS2 in the trunk.

      Anyway if you have have specific questions on XIOS, I suggest you to post a message on the support list



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