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Hi! I'm using NEMO v3.6 stable, with xios1.0. I have unstructured open boundaries in my Baltic domain. The assimilation for tracers works fine, but there is still problem with sea level. I use flather advection scheme, and for tracers frs. Also, during simulation, my sea level rise in whole domain, even if I have :

ln_vol        = .true.               !  total volume correction (see nn_volctl parameter)
    nn_volctl     = 1
bld::tool::fppkeys  key_lim3 key_vvl key_dynspg_ts  key_ldfslp       key_iomput key_mpp_mpi    key_zdfgls key_bdy key_diainstant

Will be glad for any help Kind regards Jan

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    Hi Jan,

    Perhaps related to #1857 with another SSH issue with BDY.

    Regards, Nicolas

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    Marked as solved without further reply


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