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[strait] Volume of the domain - transport at the strait

Dear NEMO community,

My model domain have 3 open boundaries (east, west, south). I only 'specified' the temperature and salinity fields at the open boundaries.

I have also a strait (Bosphorous) in my model domain.

When I calculate the water transport along a section in the strait it gives almost equal magnitude inflow and outflow water transport.

Since I do not specified the u,v and ssh at the open boundaries, it seem that the model tries to balance the inflow and outflow water at the strait???.

One solution to get correct transport at the strait in my mind is to find the (R+P-E) budget in every time step and somehow get rid of this water at the boundaries?

Do you have encounter this kind of problem? and how you solve this? I would be very happy if you could help on this.

Best Regards, Murat

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