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[SIREN] Segmentation fault - dimensions

Hello Siren users,

I just downloaded the INPUT_SIREN.tar file to test the new SIREN. I execute the below command;

create_coord.exe coord.nam

However, the program stops immediately with segmentation fault error. The size of the input file is ;

[mgunduz@ocean INPUT_SIREN]$ ncdump input/ | more
netcdf coord_GLORYS2V3 {
	y = 1021 ;
	x = 1442 ;

I did similar tests with other model output files, when I reduced the dimensions it worked fine!!!

Do you have to somehow specify the memory when I compile the SIREN?? or is there other solution to work with big arrays?

Best, Murat

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    The problem was not related with SIREN software at all. It turns out that it is classical memory problem.

    the solution is;

    ulimit -s unlimited

    sorry for your time.

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