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[temporary] Broader opening for NEMO consultant at DMI, Copenhagen, Denmark | Closing 25 Jun. 2018

To NEMO users,

The Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) is looking for consultancy help for approx. 5 months in 2018, to give us a kick start with NEMO.

At DMI, we are setting up NEMO for regional reanalysis and investigating the feasibility to use it for operational forecasting. As part of the Copernicus BAL MFC contract DMI has the obligation to produce a full reanalysis system based on NEMO coupled with ERGOM for the Baltic Sea. Our national obligations of operational forecasting focuses on storm surge forecasting in the challenging region of the North Sea – Baltic Sea transition zone, and covers general ocean modelling of the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

DMI will be working closely together with SMHI, Sweden to transfer knowledge and be updated on the NEMO-Nordic set up they have worked on for the last couple of years. However, to speed up the local knowledge at DMI about the NEMO code, we would like to employ an external consultant for about 5-6 months. The idea is that this external consultant shall work closely together with the newly established DMI NEMO group and assist us in getting a better NEMO understanding.

We are looking for a consultant who is sent out from his/her home institute or company. We expect a high level of expertise on NEMO, eagerness to share this with our NEMO team and the ability to join us in Copenhagen (at least a majority of the time) for approx. 5 months this autumn. Wishes for expertise include good connections with the NEMO community, knowledge on NEMO in regional setups, AGRIF, tides and wetting/drying, etc. We hope this arrangement will lead to further collaborations with the NEMO community.

Please contact us as soon as possible, and, if possible, before Monday 25 June 2018, for further discussions.

Contacts and questions can be directed to Dr Kristine S. Madsen, General Manager of Ocean Research, DMI e-mail kma@… Phone +45 39157251

Best regards, Kristine S. Madsen, DMI


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