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[BDY] Nesting with dyn3d open boundary conditions

Dear all,

we are working on a NEMO v3.6 nested modelling chain, built upon AMM12 configuration. We are not using AGRIF. The problem we are facing is that we are not able to introduce SSH and u3d, v3d from the parent into the child model at the open boundary (one open boundary, south). Child model seems to behave like a solid wall for SSH and baroclinic velocities. Tracers T,S however seem to get introduced correctly - we therefore have some confidence in our coordinates bdy file. We've tried all reasonable options for dyn3d boundary sheme (orlanski, specified, frs) but the problem must lie somewhere else, either in our namelist_cfg or in the netCDFs.

In the links below are our namelist_cfg and our boundary netCDFs. If anyone can help and see what is wrong with the config below, it would be most appreciated!

Link to our namelist_cfg:

Link to the namelist_cfg, child bathymetry and our boundary netCDF files:

If anyone can share a fully functioning namelist_cfg for non-AGRIF nesting, along with some sample accompanying open boundary files, that would help a lot as well...

Thanks for any help and best regards...

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