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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
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[FAQ] Tools and Interfaces, please read this before creating a new topic

FAQ : Tools and interfaces

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Please check the information in this page before creating a new item in this forum. The list of questions and answer is available in the page outline on the right side of this page

The tools included in NEMO shared reference are:

  • AGRIF and AGRIF Nesting tools
  • Configuration Manager to set up new configuration : SIREN
  • Weight creator for spatial interpolation

The interfaces available in NEMO reference are:

  • Interface with data (NEMO-OBS and NEMO-ASM)
  • Input-Output interface : XIOS
  • Coupling interfaces : OASIS and Standalone surface module NEMO-SAS

Below are some answers to FAQs. If you cannot find answer to your question, please go back to the forum page to create a new topic for your question.


Documentation is available here?

A run with AGRIF crashes and no error

If a run with AGRIF zoom crashes with no warnings or error messages it may be because of insufficent memory per process. This can be checked by compiling NEMO with debug options (or at least traceback), something like:

-g -O0 -traceback -list -check bounds -check pointers

Using these options will produce at execution time an error message on insufficient memory Increasing memory per process (or number of processes) will solve the problem.

Configuration manager SIREN

Complete documentation on SIREN is available here

Weight creator for spatial interpolation

Complete documentation on Weight creator is available here

an answer to a FAQ

Data interface

Complete documentation on NEMO data interface is available here

Input Output interface XIOS

Complete documentation on NEMO Input Output interface XIOS is available here

Coupling interface OASIS

Complete documentation on NEMO OASIS interface is available here

Standalone Surface module NEMO-SAS

Complete documentation on NEMO SAS interface is available here


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