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[OASIS] NEMO 4.0 / OASIS3-MCT 4.0 compatibility – Message List – Discussion – NEMO

Interoperability (#4) - [OASIS] NEMO 4.0 / OASIS3-MCT 4.0 compatibility (#82) - Message List

[OASIS] NEMO 4.0 / OASIS3-MCT 4.0 compatibility

An untested modification coming with the original OASIS3-MCT4.0 official release prevented a normal compiling of NEMO 4.0 version and later trunk.

The reason was an argument change in oasis_var_def subroutine.

A bugfix was applied to the OASIS3-MCT4.0 release and a simple update from OASIS svn server is now sufficient to fix the problem

Corrective: since March 15, 2019, it is no longer possible to use our SVN server to update your OASIS directory. You must switch to our GIT repository to get the last OASIS£-MCT4.0 version.

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    Hello Éric,

    Because of its significance, I think your message worths to be shared more largely.
    For a broader audience I will forward it to the subscribers of the [ipsl-list:nemo-newsletter NEMO newsletter].

    Regards, Nicolas

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    Addendum : A problem has been observed when using version OASIS3-MCT_4.0 in NEMO versions between 4.0 et 4.0.3 included. The problem is that MCT will abort with message :

    MCT::m_AttrVectComms::GSM_gather_: Input GlobalSegMap haloed--not allowed error, stat =1
    027.MCT::die.: from MCT::m_AttrVectComms::GSM_gather_()

    The best way to solve this problem is to update your NEMO sources with a version more recent than 4.0.3.

    A work around is also possible by commenting lines 693-696 in oasis3-mct/lib/mct/mct/m_AttrVectComms.F90 (line 695 is call die(myname_,"Input GlobalSegMap haloed--not allowed",ierr)).


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