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(edit) @9018   4 years timgraham Merge of 2017 developments
(edit) @9017   4 years davestorkey UKMO/dev_r8600_closea_rewrite branch : commit code
(edit) @9016   4 years dford Change naming convention and fix a couple of bugs - code now compiles and …
(edit) @9015   4 years acc Branch dev_CNRS_2017. Tidy up timing calls. Correct a few inconsistent …
(edit) @9014   4 years dford Deleting branch as changes merged back.
(edit) @9013   4 years dford Update to read in and write out logchl obs STD values. See internal Met …
(edit) @9012   4 years acc Branch dev_CNRS_2017. Merge in no_ghost changes from …
(edit) @9011   4 years dford Add comment in response to review.
(edit) @9010   4 years timgraham Bug fix in tide_mod
(edit) @9009   4 years frrh Fix typo in comment characters
(edit) @9008   4 years frrh Apply minor code and text corrections as discussed with JP during review …
(edit) @9007   4 years timgraham Merge in changes from agrif branch
(edit) @9006   4 years timgraham Modification to updates
(edit) @9005   4 years timgraham Add TOP update code
(edit) @9004   4 years timgraham Fix for ifort compilation error
(edit) @9003   4 years timgraham Fix for ifort issue in obs_write
(edit) @9002   4 years timgraham Add extra dimension to avm_id
(edit) @9001   4 years timgraham Added vertical refinement to top sponge
(edit) @9000   4 years timgraham Added vertical refinement to interptrn
(edit) @8999   4 years timgraham Tidying of interp and added interpavm for vertical refinement case
(edit) @8998   4 years timgraham First commit of Jerome's modified versions of agrif_opa routines
(edit) @8997   4 years timgraham Separate branch to merge and test AGRIF code
(edit) @8996   4 years clem make file_def to work for orca2_lim3
(edit) @8995   4 years davestorkey dev_r8600_closea_rewrite branch: clear SVN keywords.
(edit) @8994   4 years davestorkey Branch to rewrite closea module to work from masks in an input file rather …
(edit) @8993   4 years timgraham Merged Mercator branch in
(edit) @8992   4 years timgraham Merged Met Office branch in
(edit) @8991   4 years timgraham Branch to merge Met Office and MERCATOR 2017 developments
(edit) @8990   4 years andmirek #1953 and #1962: fix ORCA2_OFF_PISCES test
(edit) @8989   4 years timgraham Merged head of trunk into branch
(edit) @8988   4 years timgraham Removing last commit because not all SETTE tests compile
(edit) @8987   4 years timgraham Merge in XIOS read/write branch again
(edit) @8986   4 years timgraham Bug fix missed from previous merge
(edit) @8985   4 years timgraham Merged Wetting and drying changes into branch
(edit) @8984   4 years clem clarify vertical heat diffusion. There are still issues with heat …
(edit) @8983   4 years clem expanding outputs for SASBIPER testcase
(edit) @8982   4 years flavoni change ISOMIP test for merge
(edit) @8981   4 years deazer Deal with rn_ssh_ref, this is not a namelist variable but read in from cfg …
(edit) @8980   4 years jpalmier JPALM — debug - protect TRC part of trdtra under key_top use condition to …
(edit) @8979   4 years acc Branch 2017/dev_r8126_ROBUST08_no_ghost. Merge in trunk changes up to rev …
(edit) @8978   4 years flavoni come back to input file of ISOMIP, till new usrdef_zgr defined
(edit) @8977   4 years deazer Addresses several issues in the review except for rn_ssh_ref in the TEST …
(edit) @8976   4 years jchanut Activate z* coordinate with AGRIF in new_sette tests
(edit) @8975   4 years andmirek #1868 first working branch
(edit) @8974   4 years clem put back an IF(.NOT. Agrif_root) in nemogcm that was removed in the trunk …
(edit) @8973   4 years jchanut Merge Mercator's development with trunk - #1993
(edit) @8972   4 years flavoni change SETTE tests : AMM12 linear drag, ISOMIP reading input file
(edit) @8971   4 years clem debug for conservation when Jules option=2 (not the reference). This …
(edit) @8970   4 years gm dev_CNRS_2017: bug correction in GLS + minor updates
(edit) @8969   4 years flavoni remove jphgr reference into DOC
(edit) @8968   4 years clem remove adaptive EVP from reference namelist until further notice. It looks …
(edit) @8967   4 years clem remove a long useless print
(edit) @8966   4 years clem put back debug on hi_max that was lost somewhere in the merge
(edit) @8965   4 years jchanut Add zoom capability in default Gyre, remove bcs velocity update (non …
(edit) @8964   4 years frrh Defunct test branch
(edit) @8963   4 years frrh Defunct test branch
(edit) @8962   4 years clem changes to improve test case SASBIPER
(edit) @8961   4 years clem in case of SAS and slab ocean, put sst to freezing temperature
(edit) @8960   4 years clem to allow running the models on both ada and adapp environments
(edit) @8959   4 years flavoni fix missing key_top, and cosmetics
(edit) @8958   4 years phuot Delete defunct branch
(edit) @8957   4 years jsterlin Delete test branch for nemo good practice
(edit) @8956   4 years acc Branch UKMO/ROMS_WAD_7832. Check in cosmetic changes made during review of …
(edit) @8955   4 years jpalmier unscale-scale coupled chl read-write in the dump
(edit) @8954   4 years dford Import changes from reanalysis branch.
(edit) @8953   4 years frrh First working version relative to NEMOv4.0+LIM3
(edit) @8952   4 years frrh Test UKMO date in restart file names.
(edit) @8951   4 years frrh svn+ssh://
(edit) @8950   4 years dford Clear svn keywords.
(edit) @8949   4 years dford Branch for fix to be able to read in and write out logchl observation …
(edit) @8948   4 years clem forgotten commits. All sette tests passed except isomip as expected
(edit) @8947   4 years phuot Dummy commit with a reference to ticket #1994
(edit) @8946   4 years gm dev_CNRS_2017: minor correction in C1D case, style only in zdfosm.F90
(edit) @8945   4 years jsterlin update everything if possible
(edit) @8944   4 years jsterlin modified new file
(edit) @8943   4 years jsterlin msg
(edit) @8942   4 years jsterlin Test creation new branch
(edit) @8941   4 years jchanut Add ssh update at initialization, #1965
(edit) @8940   4 years phuot This is a test.
(edit) @8939   4 years clem mostly cosmetics
(edit) @8938   4 years flavoni update DOC: Configurations & Domain
(edit) @8937   4 years flavoni update DOC
(edit) @8936   4 years frrh Strip out svn properties and keywords.
(edit) @8935   4 years frrh Stand-alone ln_rstdate functionality
(edit) @8934   4 years clem dev_CNRS_2017: debug coupling
(edit) @8933   4 years clem dev_CNRS_2017: raw commit of the Met-Office specifics for coupling with …
(edit) @8932   4 years jcastill Fix relative wind calculation: the winds are received on the U,V grid, not …
(edit) @8931   4 years deazer Intermediate Documentation Update Adds documentation on new directional …
(edit) @8930   4 years acc Branch 2017/dev_CNRS_2017. Merge in NOC-originated OSMOSIS additions from …
(edit) @8929   4 years cbricaud change in CRS branch for regional configuration
(edit) @8928   4 years timgraham Merged branches/2017/dev_r8657_UKMO_OBSoper
(edit) @8927   4 years phuot What am I doing ?
(edit) @8926   4 years jpalmier JPALM — add conservation checks inside MEDUSA
(edit) @8925   4 years timgraham Missing lbc_lnk_multi added in sbcwave.F90
(edit) @8924   4 years timgraham Reverted last merge as I can't get the XIOS read branch to compile
(edit) @8923   4 years jchanut Merge with SAL branch - #1965
(edit) @8922   4 years jchanut mercator 2017 developments
(edit) @8921   4 years mattmartin Updated documentation after testing the compilation of the latex.
(edit) @8920   4 years clem debug ice option in which conductivity is calculated from bulk formulae …
(edit) @8919   4 years mattmartin Updated the NEMO book documentation with information on the observation …
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