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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
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(edit) @179   18 years opalod CT : UPDATE124 : phasing of dimgout with NetCDF version and add output of …
Diff Rev Age Author Log Message
(add) @1   19 years cvs2svn New repository initialized by cvs2svn.
(edit) @15810   3 months smasson replace findloc by a do loop, see #2735
(edit) @15809   3 months jpalmier fix 1
(edit) @15808   3 months jpalmier cpl fix -- define and alloc cpl var back in oce
(edit) @15807   3 months jpalmier Add xCO2_ATM in output.abort to see what is happening there
(edit) @15806   3 months jpalmier fix -1
(edit) @15805   3 months jpalmier fix sbccpl -- UM-MEDUSA coupling was uncomplete.
(edit) @15804   3 months jenniewaters initial testing of inertial oscillation assimilation.
(edit) @15803   3 months annkeen Change default output to be mean rather than maximum
(edit) @15802   3 months dford Deleting branch as changes merged back.
(edit) @15801   3 months dford Reinstate bug fixes removed from previous branch in r15781.
(edit) @15800   3 months dford Branch for remaining bug fixes to be ported from v3.6.
(edit) @15799   3 months dford More generic interface and structure for OBS code. See Met Office utils …
(edit) @15798   4 months hadjt Updated blankspace and comments
(edit) @15797   4 months hadjt Updating blankspace
(edit) @15796   4 months hadjt Update blankspace
(edit) @15795   4 months smasson bugfix in ar5, see
(edit) @15794   4 months jpalmier Create branch
(edit) @15793   4 months frrh Remove redundant commented out calls to lbc_lnk
(edit) @15792   4 months frrh Remove lbc_lnk calls for e3t* fields rendered redundant by inclusion of …
(edit) @15791   4 months jmedwards01 Fixing typos.
(edit) @15790   4 months frrh Further fixes for bit comp restartability. Homing in on river runoff as …
(edit) @15789   4 months jmedwards01 Increase dimension.
(edit) @15788   4 months jmedwards01 Merged in r14075_India_uncoupled to avoid a clash.
(edit) @15787   4 months jmedwards01 Merged in UKMO/r14075_read_tides_fix@15779 to avoid clash in bdytides.F90.
(edit) @15786   4 months jmedwards01 Replicate passive changes from 4.0.1 at r15644
(edit) @15785   4 months jmedwards01 Added extra tides.
(edit) @15784   4 months jmedwards01 Added NEMO_4.0.4_CO9_package_tides. This is not consistent with tides in …
(edit) @15783   4 months jmedwards01 Merged in NEMO_4.0.4_CO9_package@15521.
(edit) @15782   4 months jmedwards01 Creation of branch.
(edit) @15781   4 months dford Revert bug fixes ported from v3.6 which change results.
(edit) @15780   4 months jenniewaters A branch for the FOAM TEOS10 developments.
(edit) @15779   4 months jcastill Fixing another out of bounds error by copying the 4.0.1 code
(edit) @15778   4 months frrh Correct intent of pe3_out
(edit) @15777   4 months frrh Apply chnages to ensure GC5 using ORCA1 restarts reproducibly This set of …
(edit) @15776   4 months frrh Revert further change committed in error at rev 15772
(edit) @15775   4 months frrh Revert previous change, committed in error.
(edit) @15774   4 months dbruciaferri adding namelist example for localising MEs
(edit) @15773   4 months dbruciaferri cleaning
(edit) @15772   4 months frrh Add lbc_lnk calls for GC5 restartability.
(edit) @15771   4 months frrh Branch to fix bit reproducibility bugs when comparing CRUN v LRUN in GC5
(edit) @15770   4 months davestorkey NEMO_4.0.3_GM_rossby_radius_ramp : bug fix.
(edit) @15769   4 months smasson very minor fix in sbcssm.F90
(edit) @15768   4 months smasson fix Incomplete initialisation in diahth.F90, see #2758
(edit) @15767   4 months hadjt src/OCE/DIA/diadct.F90 Increased the maximum number of points in a section …
(edit) @15766   4 months davestorkey UKMO/NEMO_4.0.4_isopycnal_diffn_diags : science changes
(edit) @15765   4 months davestorkey Branch to implement diagnostics of isopycnal diffusion fluxes and trends.
(edit) @15764   5 months jcastill Update with the latest changes in …
(edit) @15763   5 months mikebell hpg_djr bug cffy = MAX (..) inserted
(edit) @15762   5 months smueller Addition of PSyclone transformation scripts for GPU-based acceleration of …
(edit) @15761   5 months smueller Completion of the BENCH test-case modification started with changeset …
(edit) @15760   5 months smueller Modification of and addition to the BENCH test case in order to provide a …
(edit) @15759   5 months smueller Refined 'tracer.stat' output and replacement of a non-standard intrinsic …
(edit) @15758   5 months smueller Prototypal incorporation of PSyclone processing in the NEMO build system
(edit) @15757   5 months smueller Copy of the build-control script for the prototypal incorporation of …
(edit) @15756   5 months smueller Inception of a branch for the prototypal incorporation of PSyclone …
(edit) @15755   5 months jpalmier Add sea ice fields in output.abord to help debug too cold values at ice …
(edit) @15754   5 months jcastill Changes to allow using oasis 4 and xios 2.5 - these changes are also in …
(edit) @15753   5 months smueller Inception of a branch for the development of PSyclone-based …
(edit) @15752   5 months dford Merge in generic obs operator changes with command: svn merge -r …
(edit) @15751   5 months dford Branch of v4.0.4 FOAM branch to merge in generic obs operator …
(edit) @15750   5 months emmafiedler Remove incorrect reference for maximum ice strength
(edit) @15749   5 months jwhile Fix for pcbias boundary.
(edit) @15748   5 months dancopsey Adding lbc_lnk_multi to dynnxt in order to get coupled models to bit …
(edit) @15747   5 months jwhile Fises for porting
(edit) @15746   5 months jpalmier includes NEMO_4.0.4_penetrating_solar_no_neg fix in to avoid conflict …
(edit) @15745   5 months dbruciaferri modifications for restoring upper 300 m to EN4
(edit) @15744   5 months dbruciaferri modifying dmp_tool for OVF experiments
(edit) @15743   5 months emmafiedler Add yield curve diagnostics updates to EAP
(edit) @15742   5 months emmafiedler Merging in R75 strength changes, diagnostics updates and latest changes
(edit) @15741   5 months emmafiedler Add yield curve diagnostics updates to EAP
(edit) @15740   5 months hadjt Tidied up code. Removed extra testing verbosity in src/OCE/BDY/bdydta.F90 …
(edit) @15739   5 months jpalmier trc var in output.abort -- fix 1
(edit) @15738   5 months jpalmier enable trc vars in output.abort
(edit) @15737   5 months jcastill Adding in NOC changes straight from SEAsia_R36 model
(edit) @15736   5 months edblockley Adding lbc_lnk required for new zshear array
(edit) @15735   5 months emmafiedler Added max strength as namelist option, ismooth value check, lbc_lnk for …
(edit) @15734   5 months emmafiedler Opening, ridging and yield curve diagnostics (and bug fix in timing)
(edit) @15733   5 months jcastill Branch to work on the South East Asia domain
(edit) @15732   5 months edblockley Further bug fixes to EVP rheology diagnostics
(edit) @15731   5 months jenniewaters merge in the pcbias code from NEMO_4.0.4_FOAM_pcbias
(edit) @15730   5 months jpalmier Merge with NEMO404_GO8_package up to r15700
(edit) @15729   5 months hadjt Update, only write statements from LWP.
(edit) @15728   6 months dbruciaferri updating to V3 of DJR and FFR code - dynhpg_djr_ffr_smooth_v3.F90
(edit) @15727   6 months dbruciaferri updating to V2 of DJR and FFR code - dynhpg_djr_ffr_smooth_v2.F90
(edit) @15726   6 months dbruciaferri adding V1 of DJR and FFR code - dynhpg_djr_ffr_smooth_v1.F90
(edit) @15725   6 months dbruciaferri adding script to run exp
(edit) @15724   6 months dbruciaferri updating for xios_path
(edit) @15723   6 months jpalmier fix TOP restart date
(edit) @15722   6 months clne Ugrade to XIOS2, needed for porting to new HPC
(edit) @15721   6 months dbruciaferri adding file to setup env for compiling with INTEL on the HPC
(edit) @15720   6 months dbruciaferri removing tests
(edit) @15719   6 months dbruciaferri updating tests from git repo
(edit) @15718   6 months dbruciaferri deleting tests
(edit) @15717   6 months dbruciaferri branch to start versioning Mike's HPG code DJR and FFR
(edit) @15716   6 months dbruciaferri deleting dev HPG branch
(edit) @15715   6 months dbruciaferri updating to V3 of DJR and FFR code - dynhpg_djr_ffr_smooth_v3.F90
(edit) @15714   6 months dbruciaferri updating to V2 of DJR and FFR code - dynhpg_djr_ffr_smooth_v2.F90
(edit) @15713   6 months dbruciaferri adding V1 of DJR and FFR code - dynhpg_djr_ffr_smooth_v1.F90
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