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(edit) @13148   5 months clem debug heat diffusion routine, so that conduction at the ice surface is …
(edit) @13064   6 months clem fix ticket #2479. This was a major bug preventing aEVP to work as it …
(edit) @13031   6 months cetlod Clem's branch: merge with r4.0-HEAD@13030
(edit) @13017   6 months laurent Bugfix to prevent "TURB_NCAR()" to return inconsistsent Cd and CdN when …
(edit) @13014   6 months smasson Clem's branch: merge with r4.0-HEAD@13013
(edit) @13006   6 months cetlod branch clem_dan_fixcpl : add mixing length parameterization depending on …
(edit) @13004   6 months cetlod r4.0-HEAD_r12713 : bugfix on cloud fraction in coupled mode, see ticket …
(edit) @12988   6 months clem deal with possible out of bounds ice concentration at initial time step …
(edit) @12967   6 months cetlod branch clem_dan_fixcpl : remove duplicated lines in p4zfechem PISCES …
(edit) @12955   6 months smasson Clem's branch: merge with trunk@12926
(edit) @12949   6 months clem make sure ice and snow temperatures do not overshoot after advection (both …
(edit) @12948   6 months cetlod Minor correction to take into account the mixed oce-ice coupling type for …
(edit) @12920   7 months clem put a namelist parameter for the maximum ice thickness allowed (instead of …
(edit) @12919   7 months clem finish implementing convergence check on heat diffusion
(edit) @12916   7 months clem misplaced output
(edit) @12915   7 months clem implement a convergence check on heat diffusion scheme
(edit) @12894   7 months clem add parameterization of radiation from Marion Lebrun (2019)
(edit) @12890   7 months clem 1) implement the optional nn_snwfra, i.e. the fraction of ice covered by …
(edit) @12854   7 months clem 1st implementation of snow fraction (impact on albedo). Light transmission …
(edit) @12851   7 months cetlod r4.0-HEADr12713_clem_dan_fixcpl : minor bug correction
(edit) @12842   7 months cetlod r4.0-HEAD_r12713_clem_dan_fixcpl : bugfix on BDY & TOP, see ticket #2389
(edit) @12838   7 months cetlod r4.0-HEAD_r12713_clem_dan_fixcpl : Bugfixes PISCES model, see ticket …
(edit) @12833   7 months clem adjust namelist_ice_cfg to a change in namelists
(edit) @12832   7 months clem forgotten files from previous commit
(edit) @12831   7 months clem thin snow only partially shades melt ponds and ice as for light …
(edit) @12827   7 months clem add a necessary output for cmip simulations
(edit) @12823   7 months smasson Clem's branch: missing part in from [12816]
(edit) @12816   7 months smasson Clem's branch: update with trunk, update with …
(edit) @12811   7 months clem debug a restartability issue. All sette tests passed now
(edit) @12785   7 months clem debug ice evap for the coupling in sbccpl and implement the possibility to …
(edit) @12774   7 months clem forgotten commit for canal test case
(edit) @12757   8 months clem fix xml again
(edit) @12756   8 months clem fix xml again
(edit) @12754   8 months clem fix symlink
(edit) @12753   8 months clem Remove symlink
(edit) @12752   8 months clem deal with xml links
(edit) @12751   8 months clem update CANAL for students experiments
(edit) @12744   8 months clem make sure all pond lids are set to 0 when not using this option
(edit) @12743   8 months clem remove test on the ponds from namelist_ice_ref
(edit) @12742   8 months clem all sette tests passed
(edit) @12741   8 months clem introduce a convergence test for rheology. Needed for the upcoming …
(edit) @12734   8 months clem add the possibility to not use the heat contained in the leads to melt sea …
(edit) @12733   8 months clem change sbccpl.F90 to fulfill Met-Office requirements (hopefully)
(edit) @12730   8 months clem finish the job from previous commit
(edit) @12729   8 months clem update doc namelist
(edit) @12728   8 months clem add option for starting simulation with a restart (ice part)
(edit) @12726   8 months clem clean useless variables
(edit) @12725   8 months clem fix previous revision. Make sure a_ip and a_ip_eff are correct
(edit) @12720   8 months clem implementation of ice pond lids (before debugging)
(copy) @12714   8 months clem create branch from r4.0-head at r12713 to fix issues with coupled models
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(edit) @12703   8 months mathiot ticket #2406: too long line (> 132 cols)
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