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(edit) @14759   6 months agn initialiose zlarge in zdf_osm_init
(edit) @14756   6 months agn Initialised hml after restart
(edit) @14755   6 months agn initialise halo dstokes and zshear
(edit) @14746   6 months deazer K1 value appears to be a typo with a negative sign
(edit) @14705   7 months agn comment out diagnostics everywhere where lcoup=T
(edit) @14704   7 months agn Ensure pb_coup is defined and used when lcoup=T; include factor of 0.5 in …
(edit) @14699   7 months agn Make sure halo values of hml and pb_coup are initialised
(edit) @14678   7 months agn added pb_coup to field_def_nemo-oce.xml
(edit) @14677   7 months agn zdfosm.F90 now sese Alan's bottom-drag interaction but uses rCdU_bot drag …
(edit) @14647   7 months agn Extra diagnostics to elucidate pyc issues
(edit) @14646   7 months agn seems to be minimal zeroing required
(edit) @14645   7 months agn Initlize varios variables to -1.e10
(edit) @14541   8 months agn Simplify undulation term
(edit) @14540   8 months agn Cleaned up fort.xxxx output so only produces one file
(edit) @14539   8 months agn code uses mi0/mi1 & mj0/mj1 tospecify nn_area
(edit) @14536   8 months agn zddhdt can only increase zdhdt in zdf_osm_calculate_dhdt. Add limits on …
(edit) @14535   8 months agn Correct loop in tramsport term in flux-gradient relationship so starts at …
(edit) @14534   8 months agn added extra debugging diagnostics
(edit) @14522   8 months agn added cfgs/eORCA1_AGE_OSM_DEBUG with namelist_ref & .fcm
(edit) @14521   8 months agn Add debug statements to emacs-spaced code, up do 1st ½ of …
(edit) @14520   8 months agn Fix so j_ddh < 2 not allowed unless surrounding u&v water depths all >100m
(edit) @14519   8 months agn Add Alan's fix to zddht contribution to zdhdt
(edit) @14518   8 months agn Let emacs sort whitespace everywhere
(edit) @14517   8 months agn Took account of zradh; used zwbav instead of zwb0 tot in spec of zwb_min
(edit) @14516   8 months agn Use e3t(ibld-1) as measure of layer thickness between imld & ibld
(edit) @14515   8 months agn slow down shoaling for both stabilizing surface forcing and FK
(edit) @14514   8 months agn beautify slightly zdfosm.F90
(edit) @14512   8 months acc Keep alive a copy of branches/2019/dev_r11078_OSMOSIS_IMMERSE_Nurser_4.0 …
(edit) @14472   8 months jpalmier include clem's iceupdate fix (ticket #2626)
(edit) @14471   8 months jpalmier update external — fix iceberg restart filename writing
(edit) @14397   9 months acc Move old 2019 development branch that needs to be kept visible a while …
(edit) @14391   9 months acc Removing completed 2019 development branch
(edit) @14390   9 months acc Test moving a development branch on the Paris repository using an old 2019 …
(edit) @14389   9 months jpalmier Add updated MEDUSA-externals
(edit) @14386   9 months jpalmier Create branch
(edit) @14364   9 months deazer Just a small change as nblen not declared
(edit) @14267   10 months dbyrne Boundary SSH switch and offset implemented
(edit) @14266   10 months dbyrne Long period tide forcing, variable love number, new nodal equation 20 …
(edit) @14263   10 months dbyrne Copied CO9 branch to CO9 tides, both at v4.0.4
(edit) @14166   11 months dbyrne Long period tide forcing, variable love number, new nodal equation 20 …
(edit) @14164   11 months dbyrne Copied CO9 branch to CO9 tides
(edit) @14163   11 months dbyrne Remove CO9 tides branch
(edit) @14159   11 months dbyrne Creation
(edit) @13671   12 months jpalmier Update SETTE external revision
(edit) @13661   12 months jpalmier Add NERC Externals to this new release
(edit) @13659   12 months jpalmier New release, new branch
(edit) @13626   12 months smueller Update of the inactive SETTE-related externals definition
(edit) @13623   12 months smueller Update of the inactive SETTE-related externals definition
(edit) @13620   12 months smueller Update of the MEDUSA-related externals definitions
(edit) @13455   14 months jpalmier update MEDUSA externals revision number
(edit) @13448   14 months jpalmier update MEDUSA external — put med_diag back — faster than iomuse
(edit) @13447   14 months jpalmier update MEDUSA source code putting med_diag back — Faster than iomuse
(edit) @13441   14 months jpalmier add NERC externals : MEDUSA src, MEDUSA cfg and MEDUSA SETTE tests
(edit) @13440   14 months jpalmier New branch to match the last NEMO4 release
(edit) @13439   14 months jpalmier Update MEDUSA src EXTERNALS
(edit) @13433   14 months smueller Addition of configurability of the equatorial viscosity reduction in ORCA1 …
(edit) @13432   14 months smueller Fixing of the number of iterations carried out by the tangent-linear SOR …
(edit) @13431   14 months smueller Miscellaneous bugfixes in ASM- and SOL-related functionality
(edit) @13428   14 months smueller Adjustments of modifications made in [5168] (see ticket #1360) and bugfix …
(edit) @13425   14 months smueller Inclusion of advective transport due to eddy-induced velocities of the …
(edit) @13422   14 months smueller Addition of optional reinitialisation of the trajectory interpolation to …
(edit) @13421   14 months smueller Addition of variable initialisations
(edit) @13420   14 months smueller Addition of interior masks as suggested in ticket #1499
(edit) @13419   14 months smueller Addition of variable allocations/deallocations and harmonisation of …
(edit) @13407   15 months smueller Addition of an inactive version of an externals definition for the mapping …
(edit) @13404   15 months smueller Removal of a misplaced SETTE development branch
(edit) @13394   15 months smueller Inception of a branch for the development of SETTE extensions for the …
(edit) @13314   16 months smueller Enabling of the choice between biogeochemical model components PISCES and …
(edit) @13308   16 months smueller Revision-number update of the externals definitions for src/TOP/MEDUSA and …
(edit) @13254   16 months smueller Revision-number update of the cfgs/ORCA2_MEDUSA externals definition
(edit) @13166   16 months jpalmier update externals
(edit) @13152   16 months jpalmier revert accidental changes
(edit) @13150   16 months jpalmier update MEDUSA-external revision
(edit) @12411   20 months jpalmier new cleaned external version
(edit) @12408   20 months jpalmier update External tested and approuved versions
(edit) @12405   21 months jpalmier add external on the right release version
(edit) @12404   21 months jpalmier Create branch
(edit) @12393   21 months jpalmier correct External def
(edit) @12392   21 months jpalmier Add new externals definition
(edit) @12385   21 months jpalmier create branch to test NERC externals
(edit) @11809   2 years smueller Inclusion of river runoff (arrays rnf and rnf_b of module sbc_oce) in the …
(edit) @11806   2 years smueller Enabling of the selection of the flux formulation as surface boundary …
(edit) @11774   2 years smueller Correction of the state-variable advancement in adjoint mode (application …
(edit) @10771   3 years smueller Inception of a development branch for the consolidation of NEMOTAM in NEMO …
(edit) @10022   3 years jpalmier Create MEDUSA-NEMO4 branch
(add) @10021   3 years jpalmier Create the NERC directory
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