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(edit) @15161   3 months dbruciaferri adding initial condition for Iceland-Faroe Ridge
(edit) @15156   3 months dbruciaferri adding initial condition for Denmark Strait
(edit) @15154   3 months davestorkey UKMO/NEMO_4.0.4_momentum_trends : this version equivalent to 4.0.2 and …
(edit) @15153   3 months dbruciaferri introducing v1 of saw-tooth patterns diagnostic
(edit) @15152   3 months dbruciaferri bug fixing to reproduce NEMO 3.6 results
(edit) @15151   3 months davestorkey Version of momentum trends branch against 4.0.4. Equivalent to 4.0.2 …
(edit) @15147   3 months cguiavarch Set all surface fluxes to 0 (when using ln_usr=.True.)
(edit) @15146   3 months dbruciaferri for testing impact of vertical coordinate in an idealised ovf setting
(edit) @15144   3 months dford Initial implementation of generic OBS interface.
(edit) @15134   3 months dbruciaferri Cleaning and reorganising the code. It replicates JMMP-AMM7 …
(edit) @15133   3 months kingr Create a branch for updating OBS and ASM with bug-fixes from NEMOv3.6.
(edit) @15132   3 months dancopsey Copied a couple of lines from the ltmp_wapatch section to the …
(edit) @15131   3 months dbruciaferri introduce mes_init subroutine
(edit) @15129   3 months dbruciaferri remove rn_ebot_{max,min} from namelist
(edit) @15128   3 months dbruciaferri add 3D computation of model levels slope parameter
(edit) @15126   3 months dbruciaferri adding code for local MEs v1.0
(edit) @15125   3 months dbruciaferri adding reader for input file
(edit) @15124   3 months dbruciaferri removing old style substitution
(edit) @15123   3 months edblockley Bug fix to TOPO melt-pond scheme to fix issue of non-melting lids …
(edit) @15122   3 months ayoung Merging bug fixes up to 15096. Ticket #2648.
(edit) @15121   3 months dbruciaferri adding code for MEs-coordinate system v1.0 (same of PhD)
(edit) @15120   3 months dancopsey Fix to get EXPOUT to work when using land suppression.
(edit) @15114   3 months dancopsey * Remove turning off receiveing all data from the atmosphere * Add …
(edit) @15112   3 months dancopsey Make a branch to enable sea ice coupling
(edit) @15111   3 months dbruciaferri adding call to dom_wri
(edit) @15108   3 months dbruciaferri reverting test
(edit) @15107   3 months dbruciaferri test
(edit) @15106   3 months dbruciaferri for testing dev of MEs-coordinates
(edit) @15105   3 months dbruciaferri including multi-enveloping method
(edit) @15103   3 months dcarneir Branch for developing SI3 IAU step for SIC
(edit) @15101   3 months dcarneir Removing branch created with wrong name
(edit) @15100   3 months dcarneir Removing this branch which was branched off the wrong branch
(edit) @15099   3 months ayoung Branch for old tidal mixing required for GO8 configuration. Ticket #2648.
(edit) @15098   3 months ayoung Branch for GO6 mixing required for GO8 configuration. Ticket #2648.
(edit) @15097   3 months dcarneir Including avt in assim_background
(edit) @15096   3 months dcarneir UKMO branch for changes related to FOAM
(edit) @15095   3 months ayoung Additional physics changes. Ticket #2648.
(edit) @15089   3 months dford Merge in changes from 4.2 to make internal handling of profile …
(edit) @15080   4 months ayoung GO8 package merge, essential changes only. Ticket #2648.
(edit) @15078   4 months ayoung Picking up bug fixes r15065-15077. Ticket #2648.
(edit) @15068   4 months dcarneir IAU step for SIC with SI3
(edit) @15065   4 months ayoung Creating GO8 package branch for validation of r4.2RC. Ticket #2648.
(edit) @15064   4 months dcarneir Including avt_k in assim_background file
(edit) @15063   4 months dcarneir Branch for changes in ASM related to FOAM
(edit) @15051   4 months andmirek dissable wind stress temporary (until it's available in lfric trunk)
(edit) @15047   4 months dford Branch for developments to make OBS interface more generic.
(edit) @15038   4 months pdavis Adding variable definitions to output on the top 40 vertical levels only.
(edit) @15035   4 months ayoung Backporting djc into r4.0-HEAD. #2480.
(edit) @15034   4 months ayoung DJC Backwards port to r4.0-HEAD. #2480.
(edit) @15025   4 months pdavis Branch to output limited number of vertical levels
(edit) @15016   4 months jcastill Small change to make the code work with XIOS 2.0
(edit) @14998   4 months annkeen Add EAP sea ice rheology code (from NOCS)
(edit) @14960   4 months davestorkey Fix restartability issue in ISF code. See: …
(edit) @14940   5 months timgraham Remove debugging write statements
(edit) @14939   5 months timgraham Changes to allow use of a climatological iceberg distribution but taking …
(edit) @14934   5 months cguiavarch Add freshwater temperature content from iceberg and ice cavities
(edit) @14898   5 months dancopsey Make iceberg top melt a combination of sea ice top melt and ocean solar.
(edit) @14880   5 months dancopsey Introduce a small amount of top melt to icebergs
(edit) @14866   5 months edblockley Fixing reproducibility issue in melt-ponds scheme
(edit) @14774   6 months dancopsey Merge in revisions 14705 to 14759 of: …
(edit) @14745   6 months dancopsey Remove check on V velocities
(edit) @14741   6 months dancopsey Revert to original setting for sea_ice/iceberg drag (0.9).
(edit) @14740   6 months dancopsey Remove all drag between sea ice and icebergs.
(edit) @14739   6 months dancopsey Halve sea ice drag coefficient
(edit) @14735   6 months dancopsey Allow deposition alongside sublimation
(edit) @14733   6 months andmirek Add two additional coupling fields
(edit) @14731   6 months annkeen UKMO EAP rheology branch relative to NEMO 4.0.4
(edit) @14727   6 months dancopsey Remove frozen lid if there is no melt pond.
(edit) @14726   6 months dancopsey Simply make lid disappear when pond disappears
(edit) @14711   6 months dancopsey Add option for icebergs to bounce away from the coast
(edit) @14706   6 months dancopsey Merge in revisions 14678 to 14705 of: …
(edit) @14697   6 months dancopsey Make a branch to bounce icebergs off of the coast
(edit) @14679   6 months dancopsey Merge in revisions 14541 to 14678 of: …
(edit) @14672   7 months dancopsey Remove frozen lids if the ponds disappear
(edit) @14671   7 months dancopsey Merged in up to revision 14474 of the GO8_package branch
(edit) @14670   7 months dancopsey Branch to apply the minimum of TOPO pond fixes
(edit) @14669   7 months dancopsey Add fixes to melt pond lids
(edit) @14668   7 months vsmart Make new subroutines public
(edit) @14662   7 months vsmart Update to maintain use of nemo_gcm subroutine
(edit) @14661   7 months vsmart Changes made to run from cap code. Restructure of nemogcm into init, run, …
(edit) @14660   7 months vsmart Branch for SPMD coupling using NG-coupling suite V0.3
(edit) @14659   7 months dancopsey Merge in NEMO_4.0.4_GO8_package branch from revision r14076 to r14474
(edit) @14658   7 months dancopsey Branch to try out a few fixes to topographic melt ponds
(edit) @14643   7 months dancopsey Output timing information
(edit) @14639   7 months dancopsey Make branch to fix rigorous compile issues
(edit) @14638   7 months jenniewaters Try using avt_k.
(edit) @14637   7 months jenniewaters Include avt in assim_background file
(edit) @14635   7 months jenniewaters UKMO branch to implement FOAM options
(edit) @14616   7 months dancopsey Add qevap_ice as the enthalpy in sublimating ice/snow.
(edit) @14615   7 months dancopsey Added missing ampersand
(edit) @14614   7 months dancopsey Reinstate enthalpy stored in snow precip
(edit) @14603   7 months cguiavarch Read mppmask from domain_cfg instead of bottom_level
(edit) @14602   7 months cguiavarch Create a branch to read a mppmask instead of bottom level to remove …
(edit) @14598   7 months dancopsey Get XIOS to output lateral melt
(edit) @14585   8 months dancopsey * Calculate the heat flux used up in lateral melting (hfx_lam). This …
(edit) @14584   8 months dancopsey Make a branch
(edit) @14583   8 months dancopsey Undo last changes to iceupdate.F90. I will make these changes using a …
(edit) @14562   8 months dancopsey Remove sublimation and snow precip from surface energy balance
(edit) @14546   8 months dancopsey Add check on V velocities
(edit) @14543   8 months dancopsey Moving test for turning off shear parameterisation in lower IF test. As is …
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