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(edit) @12073   4 months jchanut #2346, correct lbc call for depths
(edit) @12054   4 months jchanut #2327
(edit) @12053   4 months jchanut #2335, add missing lbc call with wad
(edit) @12050   4 months jchanut #2334, bdy init from initial T/S
(edit) @11900   5 months smasson v4.0.1: bugfix in usrdef_nam.F90 for CANAL test case
(edit) @11890   5 months smasson v4.0.1: bugfix of [11880], see #2229
(edit) @11880   5 months smasson v4.0.1: fix in bdydta, same results but prevents that all subdomains read …
(edit) @11849   5 months jchanut 1) Correct typo in OVERFLOW namelists 2) add implicit vertical advection …
(edit) @11820   5 months acc Small correction to trcbdy.F90. See #2324
(edit) @11819   5 months jchanut Fixes to compile with gcc 9.2
(edit) @11813   5 months smasson release-4.0.1: fix typo in namsbc_cpl
(edit) @11811   5 months smasson release-4.0.1: add missing USE phycst in icedyn_adv_pra, needed when not …
(edit) @11794   5 months jchanut #2321, missing init for online vertical interpolation of bdy data
(edit) @11730   6 months clem last commit: avoid division by 0 occuring on some rare occasions (CMMC and …
(edit) @11729   6 months clem last but one commit: put back aEVP as a default rheology but force orca2 …
(edit) @11711   6 months nicolasmartin Remove external definition to bibtool.rsc for trunk and 4.0.1
(edit) @11702   6 months nicolasmartin Restore default path for Font Awesome? using in the manual compilation
(edit) @11701   6 months nicolasmartin Remove DOI badge from cover page (unarchived versions for time being) and …
(edit) @11700   6 months nicolasmartin Revert few previous updates on namelists due to the use of the same name …
(edit) @11699   6 months nicolasmartin Update namelist blocks included in the NEMO manual
(edit) @11698   6 months nicolasmartin Modify the release version accordingly (trunkrelease-4.0.1)
(copy) @11697   6 months nicolasmartin Creation of NEMO 4.0.1 The externals definitions have been updated …
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(edit) @11695   6 months nicolasmartin Remove useless files for index styling
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