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(edit) @10881   3 years clem correct the comments on the units of salt fluxes that were confusing
(edit) @10872   3 years cetlod v4.0 : Initialisation of some local arrays, see ticket:2272
(edit) @10868   3 years cetlod v4.0:Change units of Nitrogen deposition data in PISCES, see ticket:2271
(edit) @10833   3 years smueller Further modification of an error message string in module diaharm, see …
(edit) @10832   3 years smueller Reversion of an error-message string to the version at …
(edit) @10823   3 years clem output cfl diagnostics (courant numbers) in netcdf ⇒ add cfl_cu, cfl_cv, …
(edit) @10816   3 years smasson v4: minor fix for profsed that can be allocated but not initialized when …
(edit) @10815   3 years smasson v4: minor fix for compilers requiring strict F90 rules
(edit) @10807   3 years smasson v4: fix typo and missing declaration namelist_ref, see #2264
(edit) @10792   3 years aumont minor bugfixes in trcice_pisces.F90
(edit) @10791   3 years aumont small bugfix in dust
(edit) @10785   3 years clem fix tickets #2256 and #2257
(edit) @10783   3 years clem solve ticket #2261
(edit) @10782   3 years clem increase the number max of communications (only necessary when bdy + ice + …
(edit) @10780   3 years aumont bug fixes corresponding to tickets #2262
(edit) @10779   3 years clem reduce time step to 5400s for orca2 as discussed with system team
(edit) @10741   3 years jchanut Bug with ENT scheme #2254
(edit) @10726   3 years mathiot changes related to bug fixes described in tickets #2228, #2229, #2238 and …
(edit) @10719   3 years cetlod v4.0 : Minor bugfixes on Offline configurations, see ticket 2251
(edit) @10650   3 years nicolasmartin Benign update of the revision numbers for externals with the aim of …
(edit) @10646   3 years smueller Enabling of the activation of the inverse barometer effect at open …
(edit) @10644   3 years jamesharle Update variable name for ticket #2232
(edit) @10640   3 years jamesharle Correction for un-initialised variable wn_25h in 25hour meaning …
(edit) @10630   3 years smasson v4.0: bugfix in mpp for bdy, back to v3.6, see #2213, #2224, #2225
(edit) @10621   3 years smasson v4: update revision of svn:externals, following [10619] and [10620]
(edit) @10618   3 years smasson v4: missing bugfix on sbccpl and add TOYATM in tools
(edit) @10616   3 years smasson v4: improve information/error messages in mppini
(edit) @10613   3 years smueller Revision of two subsections on tidal forcing and update of the list of …
(edit) @10612   3 years clem go back to regular EVP instead of adaptive EVP because of model crash
(edit) @10607   3 years nicolasmartin No joke, this is really the release to download!
(copy) @10606   3 years nicolasmartin Creation of NEMO 4.0 release
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(edit) @10603   3 years acc Update SAS/stpctl.F90 with missing controls over run.stat etc.
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