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(edit) @11814   2 years smasson trunk: fix typo in namsbc_cpl
(edit) @11792   2 years gsamson update namelist_ice_cfg in AGRIF_DEMO cfg as in ORCA2_ICE_PISCES cfg to …
(edit) @11754   2 years nicolasmartin Review README for coupling
(edit) @11753   2 years nicolasmartin Review README for AGRIF
(edit) @11747   2 years nicolasmartin Review README for diagnostics
(edit) @11743   2 years nicolasmartin Review README for configuration setup
(edit) @11735   2 years nicolasmartin Review README for test cases (a gif file mentioned to illustrate CANAL is …
(edit) @11734   2 years nicolasmartin Review README for reference confgiurations
(edit) @11731   2 years clem update trunk from #11729
(edit) @11723   2 years nicolasmartin Review of INSTALL.rst
(edit) @11708   2 years nicolasmartin z
(edit) @11649   2 years clem change default parameters for landfast ice (Jef Lemieux pers. …
(edit) @11612   2 years clem make Prather the default advection scheme for ice simulations and …
(edit) @11601   2 years clem correct the check on conservation for sea ice (does not impact sette …
(edit) @11575   2 years clem improve one output for sea ice. Does not change anything else in the code
(edit) @11548   2 years clem deactivate the check of conservation in spitz12 because it is too tricky …
(edit) @11536   2 years smasson trunk: merge dev_r10984_HPC-13 into the trunk
(edit) @11229   2 years clem debug BDY-ice by allowing any number of categories as input. Ticket #2300
(edit) @11160   2 years mathiot merge branch branch_ticket2259 : update nn_fsbc, nn_itend, rn_rdt of ORCA2 …
(edit) @10911   2 years clem Major change: the advection scheme UMx has been revisited to clean all the …
(edit) @10824   3 years clem output cfl diagnostics (courant numbers) in netcdf ⇒ add cfl_cu, cfl_cv, …
(edit) @10808   3 years smasson trunk: update namelist_ref, according to changes done in v4 in [10779] and …
(edit) @10721   3 years cetlod trunk : Minor bugfixes on Offline configurations, see ticket 2251
(edit) @10720   3 years cetlod trunk : Minor bugfixes on Offline configurations, see ticket 2251
(edit) @10702   3 years mathiot merge branch fix_ticket2238_solution1 into the trunk (ticket #2238)
(edit) @10694   3 years cetlod Minor correction of offline block-namelist
(edit) @10691   3 years mathiot merge fix_ticket2229 into the trunk (ticket #2229)
(edit) @10665   3 years mathiot include fix for ticket #2228
(edit) @10645   3 years jamesharle Update variable name for ticket #2233
(edit) @10641   3 years jamesharle Correction for un-initialised variable wn_25h in 25hour meaning …
(edit) @10627   3 years nicolasmartin Right mime-type text/x-bibtex and not text/x-tex
(edit) @10626   3 years nicolasmartin Fix typo in previous commit
(edit) @10625   3 years nicolasmartin Set mime-type for online rendering
(edit) @10611   3 years clem go back to regular EVP instead of adaptive EVP because of model crash
(edit) @10605   3 years nicolasmartin Corrections to .rst first files
(edit) @10598   3 years nicolasmartin Standardisation of title markup and convert few to lowercase
(edit) @10596   3 years nicolasmartin Fixes for a unsuccessful Python Sphinx building, no more warnings but …
(edit) @10578   3 years clem cosmetics
(edit) @10570   3 years acc Trunk update to implement finer control over the choice of text report …
(edit) @10562   3 years mocavero Update diagnostics.rst file
(edit) @10541   3 years lovato Update configuration description file - README.rst
(edit) @10535   3 years clem change some names again in the ice (last ones)
(edit) @10534   3 years clem change some more names in the ice
(edit) @10532   3 years clem remove ln_pnd_fwb from the ice code
(edit) @10531   3 years clem remove nn_virtual_itd options and replace them by ln_virtual_itd
(edit) @10499   3 years deazer Fix ticket #2154
(edit) @10460   3 years nicolasmartin Small modifications regarding README(s) and ReST files
(edit) @10458   3 years mathiot remove Fe2, FeL2, FeP and TL2 from required output list of …
(edit) @10428   3 years smasson trunk: suppress jpnij from the namelist (already defined by mppsize)
(edit) @10425   3 years smasson trunk: merge back dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE@10424 into the trunk
(edit) @10416   3 years aumont Remove LFe from standard PISCES code
(edit) @10413   3 years clem merge dev_r9947_SI3_advection with the trunk. All sette tests passed. …
(edit) @10401   3 years cetlod Remove obsolescence in PISCES
(edit) @10375   3 years aumont Create generic routines for vertical sinking of particles
(edit) @10364   3 years acc Introduce Adaptive-Implicit vertical advection option to the trunk. This …
(edit) @10363   3 years aumont Various bug fixes and improvements
(edit) @10279   3 years nicolasmartin Various improvments for quick start guide - implementation of Rtd theme …
(edit) @10255   3 years mathiot ORCA2_ICE_PISCES is not running; ./file_def_nemo.xml is missing; In …
(edit) @10227   3 years aumont rename p4zice and p5zice to their orginal names p4zlim and p5zlim. …
(edit) @10226   3 years aumont namelist and xml files updated for the sediment module
(edit) @10201   3 years nicolasmartin Various modifications related to the setting of a NEMO Quick Start Guide * …
(edit) @10190   3 years lovato Implement correction to sbcblk_algo_ncar for wave coupling (see #2014)
(edit) @10111   3 years cetlod v4.0 : bugfix to better estimate the coastal release of iron in PISCES
(edit) @10075   3 years nicolasmartin Update of namelist blocks for inclusion in the NEMO manual Add simple …
(edit) @10072   3 years nicolasmartin Switch to configurations folder and apply previous modifications on …
(edit) @9990   3 years davestorkey Add latent heat of melting to iceberg-ocean heat flux. Ticket #1602.
(edit) @9943   3 years clem add a proper correction for negative values occuring after Ultimate-Macho …
(edit) @9934   3 years clem slightly change the structure of the field_def to be able to output scalar …
(edit) @9932   3 years acc Some necessary (but not yet sufficient) changes to iceberg code to …
(edit) @9930   3 years smasson trunk: reactivate predefined zoom with xios2, see #2115
(edit) @9915   3 years smasson trunk: repare symbolic links (2/2)
(edit) @9914   3 years smasson trunk: repare symbolic links (½)
(edit) @9909   3 years cetlod A coupled of bugfixes for PISCES
(edit) @9902   3 years clem reinstate an initial ice cover for the regional simulation SPITZ12
(edit) @9896   3 years clem remove lim3 reference from xml files
(edit) @9838   3 years flavoni #2048 modify nn_etau, nn_xml by default for ORCA2_ICE_PISCES namelists
(edit) @9837   3 years flavoni #2048, update some namelists parameters for ORCA2°LIM3_PISCES by default
(edit) @9812   3 years lovato trunk : add missing variables for wave coupling in field_def_nemo-oce.xml …
(edit) @9801   3 years clem put aEVP rheology as default for all simulations running with sea ice. …
(edit) @9799   3 years cbricaud Restore C1D_PAPA configuration, #2061 and #2087
(edit) @9793   3 years clem put back the option ln_bt_fw=F in namelist_cfg of SPITZ12
(edit) @9792   3 years clem remove useless sbcblk.F90 in SPITZ12 configuration now that variables slp …
(edit) @9787   3 years clem set nbghostcells=3 by default instead of 1. The nesting tools are already …
(edit) @9777   3 years clem complete previous commit
(edit) @9775   3 years clem change AGRIF config according to new implementation from Jerome
(edit) @9773   3 years jchanut Restore Clement's changes in namelists
(edit) @9771   3 years jchanut Change parent grid number of time step in AGRIF setup
(edit) @9770   3 years jchanut Add 3rd zoom to AGRIF setup
(edit) @9769   3 years clem remaining cp_ice_msh to be removed
(edit) @9751   3 years nicolasmartin Fix for OFF_PISCES ref cfg in DEBUG mode
(edit) @9742   3 years clem cosmetics
(edit) @9739   3 years clem eliminate the few lim3 comments left in the code
(edit) @9738   3 years jchanut AGRIF_ICE cfg: Add initialization from climatology in AGRIF zooms
(edit) @9692   3 years nicolasmartin Remove *_WK regex for svn:ignore following new workflow for creating …
(edit) @9688   3 years clem change agrif configuration to fit with last commits in nesting tools
(edit) @9686   3 years clem put back the block nammpp into 1_namelist and 2_namelist
(edit) @9684   3 years smasson trunk: fix symbolic links
(edit) @9678   3 years smasson trunk: mv EXP00 to EXPREF and create a non-versioned EXP00 from EXPREF if …
(edit) @9670   3 years nicolasmartin Reorganisation plan for NEMO repository: standardisation of svn:ignore
(edit) @9665   3 years clem some endless remaining LIM references
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