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(edit) @14553   5 months gsamson merge ticket2628_r14502_abl_restart_xios branch into trunk; sette …
(edit) @14530   5 months nicolasmartin Revert commit 14526, can't use verbatim envs in macro
(edit) @14528   5 months nicolasmartin Fix headings with fortran code
(edit) @14527   5 months nicolasmartin Various minor changes
(edit) @14526   5 months nicolasmartin Modify \nlst LaTeX macro for better efficienty Only one line is needed …
(edit) @14525   5 months nicolasmartin Fix manual compilation… I guess the last ones who recently modified the …
(edit) @14446   6 months clem trunk: some corrections on the html user guide
(edit) @14433   6 months smasson trunk: merge dev_r14312_MPI_Interface into the trunk, #2598
(edit) @14400   6 months mathiot ticket #2581: merge ticket branch into trunk
(edit) @14378   6 months nicolasmartin Add option to report line number when LaTeX failed to compile
(edit) @14377   6 months nicolasmartin Update LaTeX settings to build SI3 and TOP manuals
(edit) @14376   6 months nicolasmartin Update .svnignore list and add template.tex for later on
(edit) @14375   6 months nicolasmartin Set ignore property to subfiles dirs in case of single chapter …
(edit) @14374   6 months nicolasmartin Set eol style property to native to avoid potential Jab Ref? messing-up
(edit) @14359   6 months nicolasmartin Fix for compiling user guide due to backward incompatibility of …
(edit) @14303   7 months mathiot ticket #2444: update doc (isf, clo, icb)
(edit) @14257   7 months nicolasmartin Overall review of LaTeX sources (not tested completely as of now): * …
(edit) @14239   7 months smasson trunk: replace key_iomput by key_xios
(edit) @14229   7 months smasson trunk: replace key_mpp_mpi by the opposite key key_mpi_off
(edit) @14196   8 months hadcv #2534: Minor update to GYRE documentation
(edit) @14178   8 months nicolasmartin Complement of the previous commit
(edit) @14177   8 months nicolasmartin Fix undefined refs for namelists and bibliography
(edit) @14176   8 months nicolasmartin Update of namelists
(edit) @14130   8 months smueller Remedy for the defect described in ticket #2377
(edit) @14116   8 months nicolasmartin Recovery of BibTeX entry for Love's article in SBC chap that has been lost …
(edit) @14113   8 months nicolasmartin #2414 Reintegration to the trunk, LaTeX manuals are compiling ;-)
(edit) @14086   8 months cetlod Adding AGRIF branches into the trunk
(edit) @14072   8 months laurent Merging branch "2020/dev_r13648_ASINTER-04_laurent_bulk_ice", ticket #2369
(edit) @14064   8 months ayoung Merging ticket #2506 into trunk.
(edit) @14060   8 months ayoung Merging ticket #2480 into trunk. (Revised djc scheme and two new namelist …
(edit) @14056   8 months ayoung Adding branch for ticket #2567 to trunk.
(edit) @14053   8 months techene #2385 added to the trunk
(edit) @14045   8 months acc Reintegrate dev_r13787_OSMOSIS_IMMERSE branch onto the trunk
(edit) @14032   8 months rlod merging r13541_TOP-01_rlod_Antarctic_ice_Sheet_Fe_Source into trunk@14031
(edit) @14030   8 months mathiot merge tickets_icb_1900 into trunk
(edit) @14010   8 months gsamson merge dev_r2052_ENHANCE-09_rbourdal_massfluxconvection into trunk
(edit) @14007   8 months emanuelaclementi merging branch dev_r12702_ASINTER-02_emanuelaclementi_Waves
(edit) @14006   8 months clem merge branch SI3_vp_rheology into the trunk
(edit) @14005   8 months clem merge branch SI3_martin_ponds into the trunk
(edit) @13999   8 months acc Reintegrated developments from dev_r13787_SI3-10_EAP branch.
(edit) @13982   8 months smasson trunk: merge dev_r13923_Tiling_Cleanup_MPI3_LoopFusion into the trunk
(edit) @13970   8 months andmirek Ticket #2462 into the trunk
(edit) @13916   8 months smueller Documentation update associated with action 2019WP/ENHANCE-12_SimonM-Tides …
(edit) @13476   11 months smasson trunk: replace last occurences of rau0 by rho0
(edit) @13472   11 months smasson trunk: commit changes from r4.0-HEAD from 13284 to 13449, see #2523
(edit) @13461   11 months smasson trunk: merge r4.0-HEAD 13263:13278 into the trunk, see #2523
(edit) @13286   13 months smasson trunk: merge extra halos branch in trunk, see #2366
(edit) @13244   13 months clevy Update rst files
(edit) @13237   13 months smasson trunk: Mid-year merge, merge back KERNEL-06_techene_e3
(edit) @13226   13 months orioltp Merging dev_r12512_HPC-04_mcastril_Mixed_Precision_implementation into the …
(edit) @13165   13 months laurent Sea-level pressure (SLP) is always in [Pa], everywhere, fixed typos…
(edit) @12377   18 months acc The big one. Merging all 2019 developments from the option 1 branch back …
(edit) @12206   20 months smasson trunk: supress diatmb as it was bugged and already coded in diawri, see …
(edit) @11907   21 months nicolasmartin Implementation of syntax highlighting for inline code
(edit) @11780   22 months nicolasmartin Define fortran as the default language for code highlighting So we only …
(edit) @11761   22 months nicolasmartin Create unpub folder for unpublished READMEs (displayed with `make …
(edit) @11759   22 months nicolasmartin Review README for data assimilation
(edit) @11754   22 months nicolasmartin Review README for coupling
(edit) @11752   22 months nicolasmartin Improve the view of todo items by adding the list in the TOC tree
(edit) @11745   22 months nicolasmartin Create symbolic link setup.rst to README in ./src/OCE/USR
(edit) @11743   22 months nicolasmartin Review README for configuration setup
(edit) @11735   22 months nicolasmartin Review README for test cases (a gif file mentioned to illustrate CANAL is …
(edit) @11734   22 months nicolasmartin Review README for reference confgiurations
(edit) @11727   22 months nicolasmartin Crop caption for AGRIF_DEMO illustration
(edit) @11725   22 months nicolasmartin Add NOAA picture of PAPA ocean station
(edit) @11724   22 months nicolasmartin Add image of AMM domain bathymetry extract from Enda's reference paper
(edit) @11718   22 months nicolasmartin Rename symlinks to rst files Shortening the internal link syntax with …
(edit) @11713   22 months nicolasmartin Revamp TOP README and implement a TODO list Review tracers.rst by adding …
(edit) @11711   22 months nicolasmartin Remove external definition to bibtool.rsc for trunk and 4.0.1
(edit) @11708   22 months nicolasmartin z
(edit) @11707   22 months nicolasmartin Review of the rst content In short, new citations.rst to have a distinct …
(edit) @11706   22 months nicolasmartin Update files to be compliant with Python 3 (Python 2 no longer available) …
(edit) @11703   22 months nicolasmartin Update as well the manual namelists
(edit) @11702   22 months nicolasmartin Restore default path for Font Awesome? using in the manual compilation
(edit) @11695   22 months nicolasmartin Remove useless files for index styling
(edit) @11694   22 months nicolasmartin Fix to compilte TOP manual
(edit) @11693   22 months nicolasmartin Macros renaming
(edit) @11690   22 months nicolasmartin Update chapters according to previous commit
(edit) @11688   22 months nicolasmartin Load grffile package to avoid import issue with file extension
(edit) @11687   22 months nicolasmartin Temporary solution to solve LaTeX compilation issue with …
(edit) @11686   22 months agn Font Awesome? fix for texlive on Mac
(edit) @11685   22 months agn added OSMOSIS documentation to chap_ZDF.tex
(edit) @11684   22 months agn chap_ZDF.tex now compiles
(edit) @11683   22 months agn Monday morning
(edit) @11682   22 months agn Sunday
(edit) @11681   22 months agn Wednsday's changes
(edit) @11680   22 months agn Thursday
(edit) @11679   22 months agn Wednesday's additions
(edit) @11678   22 months agn Tuesday's additions
(edit) @11677   22 months agn added structure figure
(edit) @11676   22 months agn Few more changes tp chap_ZDF.tex
(edit) @11675   22 months agn started on flux-gradient relationship
(edit) @11674   22 months agn start of OSMOSIS docs
(edit) @11673   22 months nicolasmartin Fix missing LaTeX pkgs
(edit) @11630   22 months nicolasmartin Review of TRA chapter
(edit) @11622   22 months nicolasmartin Review of "Time Domain" and DOM chapters
(edit) @11608   22 months nicolasmartin Review of "Model Basics" chapter
(edit) @11599   22 months nicolasmartin Cosmetic cleaning
(edit) @11598   22 months nicolasmartin Add template of versioning record at the beginning of chapters
(edit) @11597   22 months nicolasmartin Continuation of coding rules application Recovery of some sections deleted …
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