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(edit) @11118   2 years cetlod Bugfix on sea-ice effect on production, see ticket 2299
(edit) @11114   2 years cetlod trunk:small bug fix in the previous bug correction, ticket #2296
(edit) @11109   2 years cetlod trunk:bug fix of the ticket #2296
(edit) @10973   2 years cetlod trunk : bugfix in Lability of big particles, see ticket #2278
(edit) @10873   2 years cetlod trunk : Initialisation of some local arrays, see ticket:2272
(edit) @10869   2 years cetlod trunk:Change units of Nitrogen deposition data in PISCES, see ticket:2271
(edit) @10817   2 years smasson trunk: report [10815] and [10816] from v4
(edit) @10794   2 years cetlod trunk : minor bugfix in PISCES
(edit) @10788   2 years cetlod trunk: Some bugfixes at ice/biogeochmeical interfaces, see ticket #2262
(edit) @10570   3 years acc Trunk update to implement finer control over the choice of text report …
(edit) @10549   3 years cetlod minor updates of TOP user guide
(edit) @10522   3 years smasson trunk: replace iom_gettime by iom_getszuld, see #2212
(edit) @10460   3 years nicolasmartin Small modifications regarding README(s) and ReST files
(edit) @10425   3 years smasson trunk: merge back dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE@10424 into the trunk
(edit) @10416   3 years aumont Remove LFe from standard PISCES code
(edit) @10401   3 years cetlod Remove obsolescence in PISCES
(edit) @10382   3 years cetlod bugfix in p4zsms : initialization of t_oce_co2_flx_cum
(edit) @10376   3 years aumont sedimentation of particles in TOP module
(edit) @10375   3 years aumont Create generic routines for vertical sinking of particles
(edit) @10374   3 years cetlod Bugfix in PISCES : rename zz2ligprod to zzligprod in p4zmicro, see ticket …
(edit) @10367   3 years cetlod bugfix : frees space previously allocated in PISCES
(edit) @10362   3 years aumont Various bug fixes and improvements
(edit) @10356   3 years cetlod Bugfix in sediment model, see ticket #2171
(edit) @10351   3 years mathiot fix #1685 (replace 5.e-4_wp by avt_c in dmp routine as it is computed in …
(edit) @10341   3 years smasson trunk: minor bugfix in p4zsms, missing t_oce_co2_flx_cum initialization
(edit) @10333   3 years smasson trunk: bugfix: add missing use in sed routines
(edit) @10279   3 years nicolasmartin Various improvments for quick start guide - implementation of Rtd theme …
(edit) @10250   3 years mathiot fix compilation error in PISCES
(edit) @10228   3 years aumont removed p4zsed from SED
(edit) @10227   3 years aumont rename p4zice and p5zice to their orginal names p4zlim and p5zlim. …
(edit) @10225   3 years aumont new routines corresponding to the updated version of the sediment module
(edit) @10223   3 years aumont changes to account for the new sediment module
(edit) @10222   3 years aumont update of the sediment module + enhancement, bug correction in PISCES …
(edit) @10213   3 years aumont corrects bugs described in Tickets 2144 and 2145
(edit) @10201   3 years nicolasmartin Various modifications related to the setting of a NEMO Quick Start Guide * …
(edit) @10127   3 years cetlod Bugfix to allow the use of on-the-fly interpolation for PISCES ancillary …
(edit) @10111   3 years cetlod v4.0 : bugfix to better estimate the coastal release of iron in PISCES
(edit) @10097   3 years cetlod v4.0 minor bug correction
(edit) @10096   3 years cetlod v4.0 : bugfix on tracer trends diagnostics, see ticket #1933
(edit) @10071   3 years nicolasmartin Hopefully the final fix for the header standardisation
(edit) @10070   3 years nicolasmartin Fix wrong SVN property svn:executable on routines
(edit) @10069   3 years nicolasmartin Fix mistakes of previous commit on SVN keywords property
(edit) @10068   3 years nicolasmartin First part of modifications to have a common default header : fix typos …
(edit) @10067   3 years nicolasmartin Finalize the standardisation of routines header to the new release number …
(edit) @9927   3 years mathiot add missing IMPLICIT NONE and variable declaration in dummy routine to be …
(edit) @9909   3 years cetlod A coupled of bugfixes for PISCES
(edit) @9873   3 years clem some more
(edit) @9800   3 years jchanut Restore target attribute without agrif, #1972 - Using TOP bdy with Agrif …
(edit) @9788   3 years jchanut Fixes top and agrif compilation issues, #1972
(edit) @9751   3 years nicolasmartin Fix for OFF_PISCES ref cfg in DEBUG mode
(edit) @9613   3 years lovato trunk : redo bugfix of CFC gas transfer velocity and add CDIAC forcing …
(edit) @9598   3 years nicolasmartin Reorganisation plan for NEMO repository: changes to make compilation …
(copy) @9596   3 years nicolasmartin Reorganisation plan for NEMO repository: preliminary implementation of the …
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(copy) @9594   3 years nicolasmartin Reorganisation plan for NEMO repository: partial implementation of the new …
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