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(edit) @9866   3 years clem solve problem described in ticket #2107
(edit) @9865   3 years mathiot zpress undefined in sbcisf/sbc_isf_bg03
(edit) @9845   3 years jchanut Add transport correction on tangential velocities in ghost cells
(edit) @9821   3 years lovato trunk : apply tmask after fldread update of wave external forcing
(edit) @9810   3 years clem debug bdy with sea ice if more than 1 boundary is used. See ticket #2063
(edit) @9808   3 years clem stop the code for weird values of salinity (not necessarily <0). It …
(edit) @9807   3 years lovato trunk: apply bugfix to BDY indexing and fldread file advancement - #2103
(edit) @9806   3 years jchanut Differentiates x and y refinement in tracer bc ; correct sponge #2102 ; …
(edit) @9805   3 years smasson trunk: set proper NP folding corners, see #2101
(edit) @9802   3 years smasson trunk: put back data in outputs file for e-w periodicity, see #2100
(edit) @9800   3 years jchanut Restore target attribute without agrif, #1972 - Using TOP bdy with Agrif …
(edit) @9799   3 years cbricaud Restore C1D_PAPA configuration, #2061 and #2087
(edit) @9796   3 years mathiot fix #2099
(edit) @9788   3 years jchanut Fixes top and agrif compilation issues, #1972
(edit) @9787   3 years clem set nbghostcells=3 by default instead of 1. The nesting tools are already …
(edit) @9786   3 years jchanut Fix bug in sponge introduced with variable ghost cell number
(edit) @9785   3 years jchanut Restrict Agrif ice update according to nn_fsbc
(edit) @9784   3 years clem cosmetics
(edit) @9782   3 years clem correct a bug introduced a couple of days ago
(edit) @9781   3 years jchanut Reorganize Agrif update: make it compliant with SAS
(edit) @9780   3 years jchanut Reorganize Agrif update in a single subroutine ; use adjoint stepping for …
(edit) @9779   3 years clem make traldf_iso + msc restartable =⇒ SPITZ12 is nowCK
(edit) @9774   3 years mathiot trunk correction of ticket #2096
(edit) @9767   3 years clem remove cp_ice_msh option in NEMO because the ice model is in C-grid and …
(edit) @9761   3 years jchanut Add interface separation (undefined by default) for AGRIF ice nesting
(edit) @9759   3 years jchanut Mask tracers in AGRIF ghost zone (comestic)
(edit) @9758   3 years jchanut Missing variable declaration with AGRIF key_vertical
(edit) @9757   3 years smasson trunk: minor bugfix for timing in eos
(edit) @9752   3 years clem cosmetics
(edit) @9751   3 years nicolasmartin Fix for OFF_PISCES ref cfg in DEBUG mode
(edit) @9750   3 years clem make ice ponds working in debug mode
(edit) @9748   3 years jchanut Make online bathymetry check compliant with nesting tools
(edit) @9737   3 years clem allow the model to run with traldf_triad option (remove a ctl_stop)
(edit) @9736   3 years jchanut Fix bugs in Griffies triads, #1928
(edit) @9728   3 years mathiot Fix for #2066 (bug if eos10 and interactive melt activated) in trunk
(edit) @9727   3 years mathiot Fix for #2083 (surface flux not masked: bug if isf cavity) in trunk
(edit) @9725   3 years clem solve issue with uninitialized field (tm_si, purely diagnostic) in agrif …
(edit) @9690   3 years nicolasmartin Set mime-type for h90 files to have syntax highlighting under Trac browser
(edit) @9689   3 years smasson trunk: bugfix following [9667], see #2093
(edit) @9671   3 years nicolasmartin Fix for printed lines in clean exit for checks of ssh, U and S
(edit) @9667   3 years smasson trunk: cyclic north-south periodicity and nperio cleaning, see #2093
(edit) @9660   3 years clem remove boundary conditions for ice dynamics. It makes the ice rheology …
(edit) @9657   3 years clem change nn_ice_lim and cn_ice_lim to nn_ice and cn_ice for BDY
(edit) @9656   3 years clem remove the remaining references to LIM
(edit) @9654   3 years clem remove lk_lim3 from the code and replace by lk_si3
(edit) @9653   3 years clem change the header of the file to congratulate all the persons who have …
(edit) @9652   3 years smasson trunk: dia_wri_alloc allocate nothing when using key_iomput, see …
(edit) @9629   3 years jamesharle Inserted missing code for bdy interp, #2088.
(edit) @9613   3 years lovato trunk : redo bugfix of CFC gas transfer velocity and add CDIAC forcing …
(edit) @9611   3 years clem complete(debug) the last commit
(edit) @9610   3 years clem replace names of the agrif subroutines from si3 to ice
(edit) @9604   3 years clem change history of the ice routines
(edit) @9600   3 years jamesharle Correction for missing code handling bdytmask (see ticket #2084)
(edit) @9598   3 years nicolasmartin Reorganisation plan for NEMO repository: changes to make compilation …
(copy) @9596   3 years nicolasmartin Reorganisation plan for NEMO repository: preliminary implementation of the …
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(copy) @9594   3 years nicolasmartin Reorganisation plan for NEMO repository: partial implementation of the new …
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