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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
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(edit) @9974   4 years vancop SI3 draft documentation
(edit) @9971   4 years mathiot initialization of ztabl, ztabr and ztab to 0 only in case of land …
(edit) @9966   4 years lovato trunk : correct peak wave number computation using wave model frequency …
(edit) @9965   4 years mathiot code change for #2120 in trunk
(edit) @9964   4 years acc Changes to tests/OVERFLOW namelists to ensure all the variations actually …
(edit) @9945   4 years mathiot initialisation of ztabl,ztabr and ztab to 0. ; fix #2118
(edit) @9944   4 years mathiot wrong variable name in ICEDYN userdef
(edit) @9943   4 years clem add a proper correction for negative values occuring after Ultimate-Macho …
(edit) @9940   4 years acc Changes to restore restartability and reproducibility with …
(edit) @9938   4 years clem make the option with Jules coupling active (nice_Jules=2) much more …
(edit) @9935   4 years clem changes to facilitate the future merge with Gurvan's crazy dev branch
(edit) @9934   4 years clem slightly change the structure of the field_def to be able to output scalar …
(edit) @9932   4 years acc Some necessary (but not yet sufficient) changes to iceberg code to …
(edit) @9930   4 years smasson trunk: reactivate predefined zoom with xios2, see #2115
(edit) @9929   4 years clem remove unused variables
(edit) @9927   4 years mathiot add missing IMPLICIT NONE and variable declaration in dummy routine to be …
(edit) @9925   4 years acc Changes to WAD test case to ensure it works in v4.0
(edit) @9922   4 years clem cosmetics (quinquies)
(edit) @9921   4 years clem qcn_ice and qml_ice should not be multiplied by a_i in coupled mode
(edit) @9919   4 years smasson trunk: avoid potential rounding errors (use nint instead of int)
(edit) @9917   4 years smasson trunk: add north pole folding informations in layout.dat
(edit) @9916   4 years clem cosmetics (quater)
(edit) @9915   4 years smasson trunk: repare symbolic links (2/2)
(edit) @9914   4 years smasson trunk: repare symbolic links (1/2)
(edit) @9913   4 years clem cosmetics (ter)
(edit) @9912   4 years clem cosmetics (bis)
(edit) @9910   4 years clem cosmetics mostly
(edit) @9909   4 years cetlod A coupled of bugfixes for PISCES
(edit) @9908   4 years smasson trunk: bugfix following [9805], see #2101
(edit) @9905   4 years clem correct BDY ice in case the model runs with only 1 ice category
(edit) @9903   4 years smasson trunk: bugfix following [9802], see #2100
(edit) @9902   4 years clem reinstate an initial ice cover for the regional simulation SPITZ12
(edit) @9901   4 years acc Bug fix in traadv_fct.F90. See ticket #2110
(edit) @9896   4 years clem remove lim3 reference from xml files
(edit) @9890   4 years clem group mpp communications for bdy ice
(edit) @9888   4 years clem improve and debug BDY with sea ice. With this commit there should not be …
(edit) @9885   4 years clem add melt ponds in BDY (very roughly)
(edit) @9882   4 years clem finish solving the issue raised in ticket #2107
(edit) @9880   4 years clem sea-ice: remove negative values mainly created by the advection schemes …
(edit) @9874   4 years clem bug fix following ticket #2108
(edit) @9873   4 years clem some more
(edit) @9872   4 years clem removing the very last bits (I hope) of LIM references in the code
(edit) @9866   4 years clem solve problem described in ticket #2107
(edit) @9865   4 years mathiot zpress undefined in sbcisf/sbc_isf_bg03
(edit) @9845   4 years jchanut Add transport correction on tangential velocities in ghost cells
(edit) @9838   4 years flavoni #2048 modify nn_etau, nn_xml by default for ORCA2_ICE_PISCES namelists
(edit) @9837   4 years flavoni #2048, update some namelists parameters for ORCA2°LIM3_PISCES by default
(edit) @9821   4 years lovato trunk : apply tmask after fldread update of wave external forcing
(edit) @9812   4 years lovato trunk : add missing variables for wave coupling in field_def_nemo-oce.xml …
(edit) @9810   4 years clem debug bdy with sea ice if more than 1 boundary is used. See ticket #2063
(edit) @9808   4 years clem stop the code for weird values of salinity (not necessarily <0). It …
(edit) @9807   4 years lovato trunk: apply bugfix to BDY indexing and fldread file advancement - #2103
(edit) @9806   4 years jchanut Differentiates x and y refinement in tracer bc ; correct sponge #2102 ; …
(edit) @9805   4 years smasson trunk: set proper NP folding corners, see #2101
(edit) @9802   4 years smasson trunk: put back data in outputs file for e-w periodicity, see #2100
(edit) @9801   4 years clem put aEVP rheology as default for all simulations running with sea ice. …
(edit) @9800   4 years jchanut Restore target attribute without agrif, #1972 - Using TOP bdy with Agrif …
(edit) @9799   4 years cbricaud Restore C1D_PAPA configuration, #2061 and #2087
(edit) @9796   4 years mathiot fix #2099
(edit) @9794   4 years clem add an option in ICEDYN test case to be able to run without coriolis …
(edit) @9793   4 years clem put back the option ln_bt_fw=F in namelist_cfg of SPITZ12
(edit) @9792   4 years clem remove useless sbcblk.F90 in SPITZ12 configuration now that variables slp …
(edit) @9790   4 years clem complete previous commit
(edit) @9789   4 years clem change the name of SAS_BIPER configuration to a more explicit one: ICEDYN
(edit) @9788   4 years jchanut Fixes top and agrif compilation issues, #1972
(edit) @9787   4 years clem set nbghostcells=3 by default instead of 1. The nesting tools are already …
(edit) @9786   4 years jchanut Fix bug in sponge introduced with variable ghost cell number
(edit) @9785   4 years jchanut Restrict Agrif ice update according to nn_fsbc
(edit) @9784   4 years clem cosmetics
(edit) @9782   4 years clem correct a bug introduced a couple of days ago
(edit) @9781   4 years jchanut Reorganize Agrif update: make it compliant with SAS
(edit) @9780   4 years jchanut Reorganize Agrif update in a single subroutine ; use adjoint stepping for …
(edit) @9779   4 years clem make traldf_iso + msc restartable ==> SPITZ12 is nowCK
(edit) @9777   5 years clem complete previous commit
(edit) @9775   5 years clem change AGRIF config according to new implementation from Jerome
(edit) @9774   5 years mathiot trunk correction of ticket #2096
(edit) @9773   5 years jchanut Restore Clement's changes in namelists
(edit) @9771   5 years jchanut Change parent grid number of time step in AGRIF setup
(edit) @9770   5 years jchanut Add 3rd zoom to AGRIF setup
(edit) @9769   5 years clem remaining cp_ice_msh to be removed
(edit) @9767   5 years clem remove cp_ice_msh option in NEMO because the ice model is in C-grid and …
(edit) @9763   5 years clem repair broken reproducibility in SAS_BIPER
(edit) @9761   5 years jchanut Add interface separation (undefined by default) for AGRIF ice nesting
(edit) @9759   5 years jchanut Mask tracers in AGRIF ghost zone (comestic)
(edit) @9758   5 years jchanut Missing variable declaration with AGRIF key_vertical
(edit) @9757   5 years smasson trunk: minor bugfix for timing in eos
(edit) @9752   5 years clem cosmetics
(edit) @9751   5 years nicolasmartin Fix for OFF_PISCES ref cfg in DEBUG mode
(edit) @9750   5 years clem make ice ponds working in debug mode
(edit) @9748   5 years jchanut Make online bathymetry check compliant with nesting tools
(edit) @9743   5 years clem cosmetics
(edit) @9742   5 years clem cosmetics
(edit) @9741   5 years clem repair broken links
(edit) @9740   5 years clem repair broken links
(edit) @9739   5 years clem eliminate the few lim3 comments left in the code
(edit) @9738   5 years jchanut AGRIF_ICE cfg: Add initialization from climatology in AGRIF zooms
(edit) @9737   5 years clem allow the model to run with traldf_triad option (remove a ctl_stop)
(edit) @9736   5 years jchanut Fix bugs in Griffies triads, #1928
(edit) @9729   5 years clem debug vortex test case (update domvvl in my_src)
(edit) @9728   5 years mathiot Fix for #2066 (bug if eos10 and interactive melt activated) in trunk
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