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(edit) @15161   3 months dbruciaferri adding initial condition for Iceland-Faroe Ridge
(edit) @15160   3 months acc trunk: minor change to zdfphy.F90 to ensure that avt and avs are set …
(edit) @15158   3 months techene #2695 isf+qco add key_qco for WED025
(edit) @15157   3 months techene #2695 isf+qco OK in both ISOMIP+ and WED025 (pass sette with and without …
(edit) @15156   3 months dbruciaferri adding initial condition for Denmark Strait
(edit) @15155   3 months techene #2695 gdep removal in eos CALL
(edit) @15154   3 months davestorkey UKMO/NEMO_4.0.4_momentum_trends : this version equivalent to 4.0.2 and …
(edit) @15153   3 months dbruciaferri introducing v1 of saw-tooth patterns diagnostic
(edit) @15152   3 months dbruciaferri bug fixing to reproduce NEMO 3.6 results
(edit) @15151   3 months davestorkey Version of momentum trends branch against 4.0.4. Equivalent to 4.0.2 …
(edit) @15150   3 months smasson trunk: remove some of the changes done in [15145]
(edit) @15149   3 months acc Trunk. Fix typo in sbcmod.F90 (diagnostic only)
(edit) @15148   3 months gsamson reintroduce missing 'kdim' argument in 'prt_ctl_t' calls for 3D/4D arrays
(edit) @15147   3 months cguiavarch Set all surface fluxes to 0 (when using ln_usr=.True.)
(edit) @15146   3 months dbruciaferri for testing impact of vertical coordinate in an idealised ovf setting
(edit) @15145   3 months smasson trunk: pass all sette tests in debug with nn_hls = 2
(edit) @15144   3 months dford Initial implementation of generic OBS interface.
(edit) @15143   3 months acc #2713. Add lbc_lnk on pqfwf in isfcav.F90 to restore restartability and …
(edit) @15141   3 months smasson trunk: avoid implicit loops in diawri
(edit) @15139   3 months smasson trunk: traadv_mus.F90 works in debug
(edit) @15136   3 months smasson trunk: SWE passes sette tests in debug
(edit) @15134   3 months dbruciaferri Cleaning and reorganising the code. It replicates JMMP-AMM7 …
(edit) @15133   3 months kingr Create a branch for updating OBS and ASM with bug-fixes from NEMOv3.6.
(edit) @15132   3 months dancopsey Copied a couple of lines from the ltmp_wapatch section to the …
(edit) @15131   3 months dbruciaferri introduce mes_init subroutine
(edit) @15130   3 months jchanut #2638, Remove useless interpolation over land points around zoom + revert …
(edit) @15129   3 months dbruciaferri remove rn_ebot_{max,min} from namelist
(edit) @15128   3 months dbruciaferri add 3D computation of model levels slope parameter
(edit) @15127   3 months cetlod dev_PISCO : merge with trunk@15119
(edit) @15126   3 months dbruciaferri adding code for local MEs v1.0
(edit) @15125   3 months dbruciaferri adding reader for input file
(edit) @15124   3 months dbruciaferri removing old style substitution
(edit) @15123   3 months edblockley Bug fix to TOPO melt-pond scheme to fix issue of non-melting lids …
(edit) @15122   3 months ayoung Merging bug fixes up to 15096. Ticket #2648.
(edit) @15121   3 months dbruciaferri adding code for MEs-coordinate system v1.0 (same of PhD)
(edit) @15120   3 months dancopsey Fix to get EXPOUT to work when using land suppression.
(edit) @15119   3 months jchanut #2638, changes to accomodate nn_hls=2 and AGRIF zooms crossing cyclic …
(edit) @15116   3 months cetlod dev_PISCO : minor bugfix
(edit) @15115   3 months aumont bug fixes in the sediment module
(edit) @15114   3 months dancopsey * Remove turning off receiveing all data from the atmosphere * Add …
(edit) @15113   3 months jchanut Correct AGRIF divergence conserving interpolation with cyclic zooms (i.e. …
(edit) @15112   3 months dancopsey Make a branch to enable sea ice coupling
(edit) @15111   3 months dbruciaferri adding call to dom_wri
(edit) @15110   3 months clem 4.0-HEAD: change nn_qtrice from 1 to 0 since option 1 seems to be …
(edit) @15109   3 months clem restore isomip+
(edit) @15108   3 months dbruciaferri reverting test
(edit) @15107   3 months dbruciaferri test
(edit) @15106   3 months dbruciaferri for testing dev of MEs-coordinates
(edit) @15105   3 months dbruciaferri including multi-enveloping method
(edit) @15104   3 months clem nn_hls=2: repair some loops.
(edit) @15103   3 months dcarneir Branch for developing SI3 IAU step for SIC
(edit) @15102   3 months clem nn_hls=2: debug implicit vertical advection (ln_zad_Aimp=T) and remove one …
(edit) @15101   3 months dcarneir Removing branch created with wrong name
(edit) @15100   4 months dcarneir Removing this branch which was branched off the wrong branch
(edit) @15099   4 months ayoung Branch for old tidal mixing required for GO8 configuration. Ticket #2648.
(edit) @15098   4 months ayoung Branch for GO6 mixing required for GO8 configuration. Ticket #2648.
(edit) @15097   4 months dcarneir Including avt in assim_background
(edit) @15096   4 months dcarneir UKMO branch for changes related to FOAM
(edit) @15095   4 months ayoung Additional physics changes. Ticket #2648.
(edit) @15094   4 months clem repair isoneutral diffusion on momentum (ln_dynldf_iso=T)
(edit) @15093   4 months clem remove one useless communication for nn_hls=2
(edit) @15092   4 months clem ldf_eiv: probably a typo but the wrong field was masked
(edit) @15091   4 months clem ldf_eiv: probably a typo but the wrong field was masked
(edit) @15090   4 months cetlod trunk : minor changes in PISCES to make it work in debug mode when …
(edit) @15089   4 months dford Merge in changes from 4.2 to make internal handling of profile …
(edit) @15088   4 months acc Check in ICB changes from 2021/ticket2696_icb_halo1_halo2_compatibility …
(edit) @15087   4 months clem nn_hls=2: debug diawri.F90
(edit) @15086   4 months clem debug last commit when compiling orca2. Sorry for the mess.
(edit) @15085   4 months clem ISF further cleaning and debugging(?) for isfcpl but I think it requires …
(edit) @15084   4 months clem trunk ISF: correct option cn_gammablk=vel_stab as much as I understand it …
(edit) @15083   4 months techene #2605 RGBc debug : ORCA2 tests are now reproducible
(edit) @15082   4 months clem trunk: 1st try to solve problems with ISF option cn_gammablk=vel_stab …
(edit) @15081   4 months clem debug algo andreas2005 in the trunk
(edit) @15080   4 months ayoung GO8 package merge, essential changes only. Ticket #2648.
(edit) @15079   4 months clem trunk was not repro with variable air-ice bulk transfer coefficients …
(edit) @15078   4 months ayoung Picking up bug fixes r15065-15077. Ticket #2648.
(edit) @15077   4 months jchanut Circumvent AGRIF conv issue with character arrays (must be defined with …
(edit) @15076   4 months aumont major update of the sediment module - config files
(edit) @15075   4 months aumont major update of the sediment module
(edit) @15074   4 months clem loop fusion: debug ubs
(edit) @15073   4 months clem nn_hls=2 and debug mode: make agrif work and be repro
(edit) @15072   4 months girrmann add structure for new RMA communications, small asynchronous …
(edit) @15071   4 months clem make tke and gls work with tiling in debug mode. But it needs to be …
(edit) @15070   4 months clem make ice option nn_icesal=3 reproducible
(edit) @15069   4 months agn correct bug found by Simon M. email 18May
(edit) @15068   4 months dcarneir IAU step for SIC with SI3
(edit) @15067   4 months clem nn_hls=2: AMM12 passes debug test. e3f needed to be defined on some …
(edit) @15066   4 months sparonuz Added interface in eosbn2.F90 to ease the weight of casts necessary in …
(edit) @15065   4 months ayoung Creating GO8 package branch for validation of r4.2RC. Ticket #2648.
(edit) @15064   4 months dcarneir Including avt_k in assim_background file
(edit) @15063   4 months dcarneir Branch for changes in ASM related to FOAM
(edit) @15062   4 months jchanut Suppress time varying scale factors and depths declarations with key_qco …
(edit) @15061   4 months clem nn_hls=2: orca2 runs in debug mode.
(edit) @15060   4 months clem nn_hls=2: WED025 runs in debug mode now.
(edit) @15058   4 months clem nn_hls=2: repare tiling from my previous commit r15055. But then ww is not …
(edit) @15057   4 months smasson trunk: use 2*wp precision in prtctl, #2703
(edit) @15056   4 months smasson trunk: correct [15052], #2701
(edit) @15055   4 months clem nn_hls=2: make sure ww is defined on the halos since it is used in several …
(edit) @15054   4 months girrmann debugging persistent calls with nn_comm = 2 or 4, for non square domains …
(edit) @15053   4 months clem nn_hls=2: solve a number of floating points because some arrays are not …
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