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(edit) @3382   9 years charris #873 Yet another fix to diaptr.
(edit) @3291   9 years rblod Agrif for OBC/BDY
(edit) @3290   9 years rblod Correct compilation optio for agrif
(edit) @3289   9 years rblod Fix agrif for 3_4_beta see ticket #921
(edit) @3288   9 years rblod Update prtctl in case of one processor run
(edit) @3287   9 years rblod Correct default option in dynadv_ubs for coherency with documentation
(edit) @3286   9 years rblod Dummy routine in lib_mpp, see ticket #920
(edit) @3285   9 years hliu Save some computation time in the modified version of dynzdf_imp.F90 in …
(edit) @3284   9 years rblod Correct control if no diffusion, see ticket #835
(edit) @3283   9 years rblod Array out of bound in diafwb, see ticket #919
(edit) @3282   9 years rblod Fix for zco and vvl, see ticket #913
(edit) @3281   9 years rblod Fix diaptr_init see ticket #912
(edit) @3280   9 years hliu remove another bug in r3278/3279
(edit) @3279   9 years hliu remove a mistake in r3278
(edit) @3278   9 years hliu keep avmu(v) intact in dynzdf_imp.F90, ref: ticket #918
(edit) @3277   9 years charris Minor fix to sbcice_cice when using vvl and not coupling ice and ocean …
(edit) @3276   9 years cbricaud bug correction. see ticket 917
(edit) @3275   9 years charris Fix for #899, plus some vvl changes for the CICE interface code.
(edit) @3274   9 years cetlod minor bug correction, see ticket #914
(edit) @3273   9 years cetlod dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011:Correction of wrong initialisation in sbcana.F90, see …
(edit) @3272   9 years cetlod dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011:Declaration of global variables in traldf_iso_grif to …
(edit) @3271   9 years cetlod dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011:suppress useless variable kindic in trcdia.F90, see …
(edit) @3270   9 years cetlod dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011:Minor correction on dtadyn.F90 to run a 1D …
(edit) @3269   9 years agn dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011: With key_lim2 USE frld from ice_2 in diaobs.F90
(edit) @3266   9 years cetlod Initialization of error status values in dtatsd, see ticket #906
(edit) @3265   9 years rblod Initialization of rcmoy for dimg outputs see ticket #907
(edit) @3264   9 years rblod Typo in BDY see ticket #911
(edit) @3263   9 years rblod Correct cpp name for key_ice_lim see ticket #909
(edit) @3262   9 years rblod Correct control print in domzgr see ticket #904
(edit) @3261   9 years charris Fix for restartability when running with CICE and key_vvl.
(edit) @3260   9 years hliu remove a typo in zdfbfr.F90
(edit) @3259   9 years hliu re-implement the semi-implicit bottom friction in DYNZDF_IMP.F90 to …
(edit) @3257   9 years charris Corrected order of calls for 2d and 3d fields as discussed with Yann …
(edit) @3256   9 years acc Branch 2011/dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011. Added ARCH file for HECToR using the new …
(edit) @3255   9 years charris Fixes for diaptr because the btm30 array was not being allocated, and the …
(edit) @3254   9 years charris Removed incorrect Halmera strait closure for ORCA1 (currently creates an …
(edit) @3253   9 years agn dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011: output {uvw}_eiv if ln_traldf_gdia T. Do in …
(edit) @3252   9 years smasson dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011: bugfix in wrk arrays definition in limhrh_2, see …
(edit) @3251   9 years cbricaud add batch template for MERCATOR_CLUSTER
(edit) @3250   9 years cbricaud add arch file for ECMWF IBM Power6 ( CIA)
(edit) @3249   9 years agn dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011: Corrected description of griffies logicals in …
(edit) @3248   9 years agn dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011 Redefine rldf_rat in trcldf.F90 so works with …
(edit) @3247   9 years cbricaud correction for diaharm.F90: see ticket 901
(edit) @3246   9 years hliu correction for debugging option in a NOC ARCH file
(edit) @3245   9 years hliu add an ARCH file for NOCL cluster machine Mobius
(edit) @3244   9 years cetlod dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011 : Minor reorganisation of initialisation phase of TOP …
(edit) @3243   9 years acc Branch 2011/dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011. Minor correction in lib_mpp.F90 to ensure …
(edit) @3242   9 years cetlod Minor bugfix related to OFFLINE
(edit) @3241   9 years rblod Add a check on the configuration to remove with clean_config
(edit) @3240   9 years vichi Updated the header lines in ocean.output to version 3.4_beta
(edit) @3239   9 years davestorkey Add bdy_reorder utility to TOOLS directory.
(edit) @3238   9 years cetlod applying correct mask for some variables in offline
(edit) @3237   9 years cetlod use vmask rather than umask for v-bbl diffusive coef in offline
(edit) @3233   9 years agn dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011: Specify ztrmyt as a pointer in …
(edit) @3231   9 years smasson dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011: supress TARGET attribute for tsa and use work arrays
(edit) @3229   9 years charris Added timing calls to most significant routines in LDF, SBC and ZDF.
(edit) @3225   9 years acc Branch 2011/dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011. Tidy up NOC arch files and move to NOC …
(edit) @3224   9 years hliu removed a out-of-date comment in domzgr.F90
(edit) @3223   9 years hliu updated hpg_prj in dynhpg.F90: 1) some optimisation in c-spline subroutine …
(edit) @3222   9 years rblod Correct a bug in timing with more than 2 levels of imbrication
(edit) @3221   9 years agn
(edit) @3220   9 years clevy add namelist variable nn_timing, see ticket #829
(edit) @3219   9 years smasson bugfix for option -s of makenemo
(edit) @3217   9 years cbricaud undo unwanted chnage in step.F90
(edit) @3216   9 years cbricaud add arch file for MERCATOR cluster with ifort
(edit) @3215   9 years cbricaud add missing argument kit000 in tra_ldf_iso_grif dummy routine
(edit) @3214   9 years cbricaud undo last change (keep the second declaration of jpk ) and remove the …
(edit) @3213   9 years rblod Correct maketools according to previous changes
(edit) @3212   9 years cbricaud delete a redundant declaration in par_oce.F90 of jpk , when no ccp key of …
(edit) @3210   9 years smasson dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011: add script to rewrite the dynamical allocation, see …
(edit) @3209   9 years smasson dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011: syntaxe change to dynamical allocation, see ticket …
(edit) @3208   9 years smasson simplified syntaxe for performance tests
(edit) @3207   9 years rblod Fix on ARCH/subdir
(edit) @3206   9 years cetlod Minor bug correction in p4zflx
(edit) @3204   9 years rblod Remove OMME configuration see ticket #895
(edit) @3203   9 years cbricaud correct bug in diadct
(edit) @3202   9 years rblod
(edit) @3201   9 years rblod Final (?) commit for ticket #894
(edit) @3200   9 years cbricaud bugs corections for compilation witk key_dimgout
(edit) @3199   9 years rblod move CNRS arch files in ARCH/CNRS, see ticket #894
(edit) @3198   9 years rblod Add new functionalities to makenemo, see ticket #894
(edit) @3196   9 years cbricaud correct smal bug in SECTIONS_DIADCT TOOLS
(edit) @3195   9 years smasson syntaxe change to clearly indentify work arrays
(edit) @3194   9 years smasson bugfix in work array size
(edit) @3193   9 years charris Added timing calls in main CICE interface routines and tidied up …
(edit) @3192   9 years cetlod Perform the initialisation phase of PISCES at nit000 rather than nittrc000
(edit) @3191   9 years davestorkey 1. Bug fix for BDY and fldread.F90. 2. Update history comments for BDY. 3. …
(edit) @3190   9 years davestorkey Remove redundant variables from nambdy namelist.
(edit) @3189   9 years charris Fix to ensure rnf is initialised even when ln_emp_rnf=T. Also a …
(edit) @3186   9 years smasson dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011: replace the old wrk_nemo with the new wrk_nemo
(edit) @3185   9 years smasson dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011: last changes before removing old wrk_nemo
(edit) @3184   9 years cetlod New dynamic allocation in NST modules
(edit) @3183   9 years davestorkey Update dynamic allocation in OBS and ASM modules.
(edit) @3182   9 years davestorkey Change dynamic allocation and add timing to BDY module.
(edit) @3181   9 years cetlod New dynamical allocation on OPA_SRC/TRD routines
(edit) @3180   9 years charris Add array missed in dynamic allocation changes.
(edit) @3179   9 years cetlod suppress useless wrk_alloc in OFF_SRC/nemogcm.F90
(edit) @3178   9 years acc Branch dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011. Fixed minor bug in restart checks in …
(edit) @3177   9 years cetlod update PISCES namelist according to changeset:3174
(edit) @3176   9 years charris Removal of references to tn and tb since they no longer exist in NEMO. …
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