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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
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(edit) @5048   7 years vancop new itd boundaries, namelist changes, mono-category and comments
(edit) @5047   7 years clem LIM3 cleaning (1): namelist
(edit) @5046   7 years vancop first step of namelist cleaning
(edit) @5045   7 years vancop LIM3 early 2015 cleaning
(edit) @5044   7 years hliu correct three potential bugs in vertical scale calculation when …
(edit) @5041   7 years lovato Development branch CMCC5_BDY_for_TOP ticket #1441.
(edit) @5033   7 years timgraham Changes to use salinity dependent freezing temperature with CICE
(edit) @5031   7 years timgraham Added sn_snd_mpnd to namsbc_cpl namelist to control coupling of meltponds
(edit) @5030   7 years timgraham Added changes for coupling of meltpond fraction and depth between …
(edit) @5026   7 years timgraham First set of changes for multicategory coupling with CICE
(edit) @5024   7 years timgraham Branch for Met Office CICE coupling task (#1428)
(edit) @5023   7 years cetlod branch 2015/dev_r5020_CNRS_DIAPTR : Poleward TRansports diagnostics using …
(edit) @5022   7 years cetlod Create a specific branch for Poleward heat transport diagnostics saved …
(edit) @5019   7 years hliu change accordingly since the previous update
(edit) @5018   7 years hliu a small change for Wetting/Drying? branch
(edit) @5017   7 years hliu add wadlmt.F90 which seems not uploaded correctly last time
(edit) @5014   7 years hliu upload the modifications for W/D based on r:4826
(edit) @5013   7 years hliu creating a dev branch of wetting/drying for v3.6
(edit) @5010   7 years cbricaud second modifications for output coarsening . see ticket 1426
(edit) @5007   7 years cbricaud first modifications for output coarsening . see tieck 1426
(edit) @5006   7 years cbricaud create branche dev_r5003_MERCATOR6_CRS with trunk rev5003
(edit) @5005   7 years cbricaud remove dev_r5003_MERCATOR6_CRS
(edit) @5004   7 years cbricaud create branch for ROBUST-1 /MERCATOR-6 online coarsening
(edit) @5001   8 years gm Create a specific branch for LDF simplification and improvements
(add) @5000   8 years gm Create a directory for 2015 development branches
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