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(edit) @9619   4 years nicolasmartin Reorganisation plan for NEMO repository: delection of all DOC figures for …
(edit) @9410   4 years clem avoid crash when -O0 optimization and ln_icediachk activated
(edit) @9397   4 years clem dev_CNRS_2017: change ice routines so that reproducibility issue is solved …
(edit) @9103   4 years clem cosmetics
(edit) @9026   4 years acc Branch 2017/dev_CNRS_2017. Fix out of date par_oce.F90 in …
(edit) @9015   4 years acc Branch dev_CNRS_2017. Tidy up timing calls. Correct a few inconsistent …
(edit) @9012   4 years acc Branch dev_CNRS_2017. Merge in no_ghost changes from …
(edit) @8996   4 years clem make file_def to work for orca2_lim3
(edit) @8984   4 years clem clarify vertical heat diffusion. There are still issues with heat …
(edit) @8983   4 years clem expanding outputs for SASBIPER testcase
(edit) @8982   4 years flavoni change ISOMIP test for merge
(edit) @8978   4 years flavoni come back to input file of ISOMIP, till new usrdef_zgr defined
(edit) @8974   4 years clem put back an IF(.NOT. Agrif_root) in nemogcm that was removed in the trunk …
(edit) @8972   4 years flavoni change SETTE tests : AMM12 linear drag, ISOMIP reading input file
(edit) @8971   4 years clem debug for conservation when Jules option=2 (not the reference). This …
(edit) @8970   4 years gm dev_CNRS_2017: bug correction in GLS + minor updates
(edit) @8969   4 years flavoni remove jphgr reference into DOC
(edit) @8968   4 years clem remove adaptive EVP from reference namelist until further notice. It looks …
(edit) @8967   4 years clem remove a long useless print
(edit) @8966   4 years clem put back debug on hi_max that was lost somewhere in the merge
(edit) @8962   4 years clem changes to improve test case SASBIPER
(edit) @8961   4 years clem in case of SAS and slab ocean, put sst to freezing temperature
(edit) @8960   4 years clem to allow running the models on both ada and adapp environments
(edit) @8959   4 years flavoni fix missing key_top, and cosmetics
(edit) @8948   4 years clem forgotten commits. All sette tests passed except isomip as expected
(edit) @8946   4 years gm dev_CNRS_2017: minor correction in C1D case, style only in zdfosm.F90
(edit) @8939   4 years clem mostly cosmetics
(edit) @8938   4 years flavoni update DOC: Configurations & Domain
(edit) @8937   4 years flavoni update DOC
(edit) @8934   4 years clem dev_CNRS_2017: debug coupling
(edit) @8933   4 years clem dev_CNRS_2017: raw commit of the Met-Office specifics for coupling with …
(edit) @8930   4 years acc Branch 2017/dev_CNRS_2017. Merge in NOC-originated OSMOSIS additions from …
(edit) @8920   4 years clem debug ice option in which conductivity is calculated from bulk formulae …
(edit) @8909   4 years clem restore cfg.txt
(edit) @8906   4 years clem make melt ponds from Holland2012 and associated freshwater flux …
(edit) @8900   4 years clem add a README file for SAS_BIPER test case
(edit) @8896   4 years flavoni merge of sette tests and report with the new ones of the trunk
(edit) @8891   4 years clem dev_CNRS_2017: change reference rheology from EVP to adaptive EVP
(edit) @8889   4 years clem change namelist nn_iceflx into the more explicit nn_flxdist
(edit) @8885   4 years clem remove useless references to clem's comments
(edit) @8884   4 years clem dev_CNRS_2017: modify outputs for sea-ice
(edit) @8882   4 years flavoni dev_CNRS_2017 branch: merged dev_r7881_ENHANCE09_RK3 with trunk r8864
(edit) @8881   4 years flavoni dev_CNRS_2017 branch: merged dev_r7881_ENHANCE09_RK3 with trunk r8864
(copy) @8873   4 years flavoni create CNRS 2017 branch, ticket #1991
copied from trunk:
(edit) @8864   4 years lovato trunk : fix test report for SAS, print to screen branchname and revision …
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