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(edit) @9577   3 years nicolasmartin Global renaming / Cleaning : fix bugged cfg.txt and restore loop in …
(edit) @9576   3 years nicolasmartin Global renaming for SETTE + fix for key_lim3 in MY_SRC: push remaining …
(edit) @9560   3 years cetlod Add the namelist block nammpp in all namelist_cfg
(edit) @9557   3 years cetlod Minor corrections
(edit) @9556   3 years cetlod Minor improvments to ensures PISCES restartability
(edit) @9553   3 years clem add SPITZ12 into SETTE tests
(edit) @9534   3 years mathiot correction on the check of .svn repository as since svn v1.7, .svn …
(edit) @9525   3 years clem change sette so that GYRE configuration runs and report is readable
(edit) @9524   3 years clem correct sas_biper namelists
(edit) @9522   3 years clem debug test cases
(edit) @9518   3 years clem update sette tests so that all configurations are tested and the report …
(edit) @9509   3 years clem SASBIPER test case formally introduced in sette tests (for now …
(edit) @9507   3 years clem add comments in SETTE for running AGRIF_NORDIC
(edit) @9505   3 years clem make sure to use the right iodef.xml and not the one defined in agrif
(edit) @9483   3 years clem add agrif nordic configuration to sette tests. I just noticed that one …
(edit) @9480   3 years cbricaud modify SETTE for new MERCATOR cluster ( KARA )
(edit) @9458   3 years clem debug sas biper test case after the last commits
(edit) @9442   3 years acc Branch 2017/dev_merge_2017. Local architecture and batch file update for …
(edit) @9368   3 years mathiot add a sette script to compare *.stat with a reference SETTE output
(edit) @9362   3 years mathiot clean input file list for ISOMIP. ISOMIP do not need any input file …
(edit) @9268   4 years flavoni #1975: start testing TEST CASES with scripts
(edit) @9224   4 years flavoni remove temporary new_sette scripts, all is in sette
(edit) @9223   4 years mathiot add function to detect not-succesfull runs (E R R O R in ocean.output) in …
(edit) @9221   4 years mathiot add extra print in sette_rpt to detect missing config validation directory
(edit) @9220   4 years mathiot fix detection of revision number in sette (wrong for ISOMIP because config …
(edit) @9203   4 years clem restore compatible orca2 tests in SETTE
(edit) @9161   4 years davestorkey Reformulation of closea module. See ticket #2000
(edit) @9110   4 years mathiot restore reading config from userdef instead domcfg + restore non linear …
(edit) @9028   4 years timgraham Fix incorrect merge in SETTE
(edit) @9025   4 years timgraham Resolved conflicts in SETTE (hopefully)
(edit) @9019   4 years timgraham Merge of dev_CNRS_2017 into branch
(copy) @9018   4 years timgraham Merge of 2017 developments
copied from trunk/NEMOGCM/SETTE:
(edit) @8864   4 years lovato trunk : fix test report for SAS, print to screen branchname and revision …
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