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(edit) @6203   5 years frrh Commit having cleared out SVN updating and keywords by running: svn …
(edit) @6202   5 years frrh Test merge
(edit) @6200   5 years frrh Merge in branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_coupling_GSI7_GSI8_landice@5797 and MY …
(edit) @6199   5 years frrh Merge the bug fix applied to dev_r5107_hadgem3_cplfld at rev 5592.
(edit) @6198   5 years frrh Medusa couple interface test
(edit) @6197   5 years frrh Test package branch to include medusa coupling interface.
(edit) @6196   5 years frrh Remove mysterious "trunk" content which seems to have appeared for reasons …
(edit) @6195   5 years frrh Merge in medusa interface branch: branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_medusa_cpl_rh …
(edit) @6194   5 years frrh Merge in branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_coupling_GSI7_GSI8_landice [5678:6023]
(edit) @6193   5 years frrh Package branch for medusa interface - best we can do at the moment is …
(edit) @6192   5 years kingr Updated namelist_ref to remove dobsini and dobsend which hard-wired the …
(edit) @6191   5 years kingr Branch to remove assumed run dates in ref namelist
(edit) @6190   5 years frrh Package test
(edit) @6189   5 years frrh Initial branch setup
(edit) @6188   5 years frrh Test Medusa interface
(edit) @6187   5 years frrh Defunct branch
(edit) @6186   5 years frrh Defunct branch
(edit) @6185   5 years frrh Defunct branch
(edit) @6184   5 years frrh Check out and remove svn keyword updating
(edit) @6183   5 years frrh Medusa coupling interface package branch to about annoying conflicts from …
(edit) @6182   5 years frrh Delete SVN updating keywords for this branch
(edit) @6181   5 years frrh Add my MEDUSA coupling code
(edit) @6180   5 years frrh Merge in dev_r5107_hadgem3_cplfld up to revision 5592 to act as baseline …
(edit) @6179   5 years frrh Package for medusa coupling
(edit) @6178   5 years frrh Initial mergs of my branch
(edit) @6177   5 years frrh Package branch to manually resolve clashes in the myriad eORCA1 GO6 …
(edit) @6176   5 years kingr Commented out CICE to NEMO variable which break fcm build
(edit) @6175   5 years kingr Possible fix for wroung dimension variables passed between NEMO and CICE.
(edit) @6172   5 years kingr CICE variable declarations to use with key_asminc.
(edit) @6171   5 years frrh Add MEDUSA coupling interface code. Much of this is temporary and needs …
(edit) @6170   5 years kingr Adding CICE key_asminc bugfixes to branch of branch to avoid merge …
(edit) @6169   5 years kingr Trying to resolve merge conflicts
(edit) @6168   5 years frrh Initial branch creation and removal of svn keywords.
(edit) @6167   5 years frrh Branch for developments to facilitate MEDUSA coupling via OASIS3-MCT …
(edit) @6166   5 years kingr More CICE variable declarations to use with key_asminc.
(edit) @6163   5 years kingr Cleared svn keywords
(edit) @6162   5 years kingr Bugfix to delare CICE variables when key_asminc used.
(edit) @6161   5 years kingr Bug fix to get CICE working with asminc key
(edit) @6117   6 years deazer Add in new routine.
(edit) @6116   6 years deazer Omega_tide already in radian/sec so remove conversion
(edit) @6072   6 years hadcv Changes to allow up to 5 separate MLD definitions in the namelist. * …
(edit) @6061   6 years deazer Removed SVN Keywords
(edit) @6058   6 years deazer Temporary CO6 UKMO/NOC Collab. branch to allow restarted tidal analysis
(edit) @6027   6 years kingr Merged James' bugfix from obs_prep into my development branch.
(edit) @6023   6 years davestorkey Bug fix for UKMO/dev_r5518_coupling_GSI7_GSI8_landice branch: protect a …
(edit) @6020   6 years timgraham Merged with head of trunk
(edit) @6019   6 years timgraham Reinstated svn keywords before upgrading to head of trunk
(edit) @6016   6 years kingr #1642 bug fixes for general vertical coord obsoper
(edit) @5996   6 years kingr Create a specific branch for generalised vertical coordinate observation …
(edit) @5986   6 years davestorkey UKMO/icebergs_restart_single_file branch: tidy up.
(edit) @5971   6 years davestorkey UKMO/products_diagnostics branch: implement new diagnostics.
(edit) @5962   6 years davestorkey UKMO/product_diagnostics branch : remove SVN keywords
(edit) @5961   6 years davestorkey UKMO/antarctic_partial_slip branch: commit code change.
(edit) @5959   6 years davestorkey Temporary branch to implement product diagnostics such at u*T for the …
(edit) @5958   6 years davestorkey UKMO/antarctica_partial_slip branch: remove SVN keywords.
(edit) @5957   6 years davestorkey Branch to implement a partial slip condition around the coastline of …
(edit) @5954   6 years rfurner added surge code from 2014_Surge_Modelling branch
(edit) @5942   6 years rfurner merged bug fixes from vn3.6_stable to this branch
(edit) @5940   6 years rfurner Branch to contain surge modellign code, updated to vn3.6_stable
(edit) @5924   6 years jcastill Add sea surface height to the list of fields that can be passed to waves …
(edit) @5915   6 years rfurner bug fix to previous commit!
(edit) @5914   6 years rfurner pulled over bug fix from trunk, see nemo ticket #1633
(edit) @5911   6 years davestorkey UKMO/icebergs_restart_single_file branch: Add rebuild script and comment.
(edit) @5903   6 years jcastill Made coupled current passed to wave independent of currents passed to …
(edit) @5900   6 years jcastill Properly remove the atmosphere dependency of the current to wave coupled …
(edit) @5895   6 years kuniko Made treatment of river mouth grids consistent in nn_flxadjfw 1&2.
(edit) @5893   6 years jcastill Remove the dependency of UM when transferring currents to the wave model
(edit) @5889   6 years kuniko Incorporated flux adjustment. Job compiles and runs.
(edit) @5886   6 years jgraham Removed keywords
(edit) @5885   6 years jgraham Temporary AMM15 test branch. Prevent vertical interp of initial T/S on …
(edit) @5884   6 years jcastill Fix coupling without atmosphere and without diurnal cycle of solar forcing
(edit) @5882   6 years davestorkey UKMO/icebergs_restart_single_file : move iom_close statement.
(edit) @5881   6 years timgraham Added sbcflx_adj and call to it from sbcmod
(edit) @5880   6 years timgraham Clear svn keywords
(edit) @5879   6 years davestorkey UKMO icebergs_single_restart_branch: Bug fixes. This version of the code …
(edit) @5878   6 years deazer Adds simple ramp of diffusion coefficient in BDY rim using TANH weighting
(edit) @5876   6 years deazer Remove svn keywords
(edit) @5875   6 years deazer Temporary CO6/7 UKMO/NOC Collab. branch to allow extra diffusion near bdy
(edit) @5874   6 years antsia move branch from a wrong place
(edit) @5865   6 years davestorkey IOM-inification of reading of iceberg restarts.
(edit) @5856   6 years jcastill The Surface stress wind is only received from atmosphere if specified in …
(edit) @5855   6 years jcastill Clearing SVN keywords
(edit) @5854   6 years jcastill ticket #1621: remove UM coupling dependency
(edit) @5853   6 years jcastill Changing from old style function cpl_prism_snd to new style cpl_snd
(edit) @5852   6 years davestorkey UKMO/icebergs_restart_single_file branch : remove SVN keywords
(edit) @5851   6 years jcastill Merge with mslp branch to allow merge without conflicts
(edit) @5850   6 years davestorkey ticket #1590
(edit) @5849   6 years jcastill Changes to allow merging with mslp branch
(edit) @5847   6 years jcastill Removing key_ww3
(edit) @5846   6 years jcastill Changes as in vn3.4_WWIII/vn3.4_ww3_coupling
(edit) @5844   6 years jcastill Clear SVN keywords
(edit) @5843   6 years jcastill ticket #1619
(edit) @5826   6 years jcastill Allocate mslp variables independently in case the albedo is not coupled
(edit) @5821   6 years davestorkey UKMO/icebergs_latent_heat branch: 1. Include latent heat term. 2. New …
(edit) @5817   6 years jcastill Bug fix in variable name, variable declarations
(edit) @5815   6 years jcastill Update the svn keywords with the latest version of the script for avoiding …
(edit) @5814   6 years jcastill Remove again ALL the svn keywords for avoiding problems when merging
(edit) @5813   6 years jcastill Clearing SVN keywords so that there are no merging problems
(edit) @5812   6 years jcastill Version that will merge with branch dev_r5107_hadgem3_cplfld@5592 without …
(edit) @5811   6 years rfurner changed minimum depth to 6m
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