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(edit) @2520   10 years rblod Add in core documentation for compilation scripts
(edit) @2455   11 years smasson v3_3_bet: bugfix in nesting tools, see #773
(edit) @2448   11 years smasson nemo_v3_3_beta: minor bugfix in WEIGHTS tools
(edit) @2447   11 years rblod correct compilation error with agrif on IBM
(edit) @2437   11 years rblod Fix agrif execution problem by reverting changeset 2384
(edit) @2413   11 years gm v3.3beta: #763 remove grid-point types S and G from the North Fold …
(edit) @2409   11 years cetlod Finalize the new organisation of 1D vertical configuration, see ticket …
(edit) @2404   11 years smasson bugfix on
(edit) @2394   11 years rblod Allow rebuild compilation
(edit) @2384   11 years rblod Modifications to compile agrif correctly(?) in the beta
(edit) @2370   11 years gm v3.3beta: ice-ocean stress at kt with VP & EVP (LIM-2 and -3)
(edit) @2359   11 years flavoni cosmetic changes, see ticket #752
(edit) @2352   11 years sga NEMO branch nemo_v3_3_beta Add NOCS tools based on SCRIP package for …
(edit) @2331   11 years rblod Light improvement of maketools
(edit) @2321   11 years flavoni correct a little mistake
(edit) @2318   11 years flavoni change script to add and remove keys for new configurations and old ones
(edit) @2316   11 years flavoni correct missing copy of xml files and AGRIF file, in Fmake_conf
(edit) @2306   11 years flavoni correct a small bug fix in add_key option for makenemo, see ticket #740
(edit) @2302   11 years flavoni add options: add_key and del_key to makenemo script, see ticket #740
(edit) @2301   11 years flavoni improvement of makenemo , see ticket : #740
(edit) @2281   11 years smasson set proper svn properties to all files…
(edit) @2280   11 years smasson add that was lost in the FCM version
(edit) @2267   11 years smasson add a control in coupled mode if ln_dm2dc = .true.
(edit) @2263   11 years rblod Changes to be able to rename nemogcm, e.g svn co …
(copy) @2247   11 years rblod fcm with nemo_v3_3_beta
copied from branches/DEV_r1879_FCM/NEMOGCM/TOOLS:
(edit) @2241   11 years rblod Compatibility to new OFFLINE structure on FCM branch
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