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(edit) @10120   3 years charris Added in obsoper updates (and commented out some lines in bias.F90 which …
(edit) @10119   3 years charris Branch to combine flexible start hour changes with obsoper restructuring
(edit) @10113   3 years timgraham Bug fix for case where start time is within half a time step of midnight.
(edit) @10077   3 years dford Fix for compiling with key_medusa but not key_foam_medusa.
(edit) @10066   3 years dford Allow compilation with key_top but not key_medusa.
(edit) @10064   3 years csanchez Added changes from Bijoy and Enda's for sponge layer, no tidal harm, and …
(edit) @10063   3 years csanchez Branch created to store branch updated with changes to run MC from …
(edit) @10062   3 years jpalmier complite iodef file
(edit) @10059   3 years dford Bug fix for atmospheric CO2 initialisation with FOAM.
(edit) @10057   3 years dford Fixes for physics-only compilation.
(edit) @10055   3 years dford Merge in branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_GO6_package_asm_3d_bgc and address …
(edit) @10054   3 years dford New branch off head of GO6 package branch, for implementation of …
(edit) @10053   3 years dford Delete branch as created off wrong source.
(edit) @10052   3 years dford New branch off head of GO6 package branch, for implementation of …
(edit) @10051   3 years jpalmier correct OMIP - PI DIC bug and diagnostic
(edit) @10050   3 years frrh Update inline text, following confiormation from CERFACS about which …
(edit) @10049   3 years jpalmier correct PI CO2 flux bug
(edit) @10048   3 years jpalmier OMIP PI DIC - debug ; add trends ; working version
(edit) @10047   3 years jpalmier merge with GO6_package_branch 9385-10020 ; plus debug OMIP_DIC
(edit) @10046   3 years dancopsey Re-enable 2D coupling of icesheet mass. To switch between 2D to 0D …
(edit) @10045   3 years jpalmier Andrew's changes to add the OMIP double_DIC (activated with key_omip_dic)
(edit) @10044   3 years dancopsey Correct label of 1D river runoff.
(edit) @10043   3 years dancopsey Remove RSRH print statements.
(edit) @10042   3 years dancopsey Added missing cpl_rnf_1d.F90 file.
(edit) @10041   3 years dancopsey Added coupling of 1D river outflow.
(edit) @10028   3 years jpalmier update namelist_ref
(edit) @10026   3 years mathiot Compute isf heat content flx using interface S in of far field S + add …
(edit) @10020   3 years marc GMED ticket 406. CPP key fixes.
(edit) @10018   3 years frrh Corrections for consistency with OASIS3-MCT version 4.0 and backwards …
(edit) @10017   3 years frrh Code corrections for OASIS3-MCT vn4.0 code compatibiilty
(edit) @10007   3 years frrh It turns out we do need certain CPP macros - so we need to introduce …
(edit) @10006   3 years timgraham Bug fix so that XIOS is initialised to the correct start time if not …
(edit) @10005   3 years timgraham Included all of the functional changes from STARTHOUR branch in …
(edit) @10004   3 years frrh Various fixes
(edit) @10003   3 years timgraham Branch to include starthour functionality in GO6 for Coupled NWP
(edit) @10002   3 years frrh Fix CPP key use and code bugs which prevent compilation unless a number of …
(edit) @10000   3 years kingr Pete's correction to 25h diagnostic.
(edit) @9991   3 years frrh Fixes to allow MEDUSA to compile with C1D without the need for multiple …
(edit) @9987   3 years emmafiedler Merge with GO6 FOAMv14 package branch r9288
(edit) @9985   3 years jonnywilliams Reverting charout? definition to original.
(edit) @9978   3 years frrh Branch included in GO6 package. Deleting.
(edit) @9975   3 years marc GMED ticket 400. Fixes to make the code more portable.
(edit) @9973   3 years frrh Reverse change of dimension to charout1 and charout2. There appears no …
(edit) @9972   3 years frrh Fix cpp key inconsistencies causing compilation failures.
(edit) @9970   3 years jamrae Merged in Tim Graham's latest updates to dev_merge_2017_CICE_interface.
(edit) @9969   3 years timgraham Picked all the changes in IOM from the trunk as it was crashing in calls …
(edit) @9968   3 years timgraham Correction to fix in cpl_oasis3.F90
(edit) @9962   3 years frrh Correct dimension of qns_ice since this is used in the context of multi …
(edit) @9961   3 years frrh Further fixes during rigorous testing
(edit) @9942   3 years jamrae Removed t1_ice from allocate statement, as it has already been allocated …
(edit) @9936   3 years mathiot variable declare twice
(edit) @9924   3 years timgraham Correction to last commit
(edit) @9918   3 years timgraham Fix for wraparound points in coupling (to be added to trunk as well).
(edit) @9891   3 years davestorkey Branch moved to NEMO/branches/UKMO.
(edit) @9887   3 years davestorkey Local changes for UKMO GO8 configuration.
(edit) @9881   3 years jamrae Various changes to allow UKMO coupled configuration to compile with LIM3 …
(edit) @9879   3 years jamrae Branch created as a copy of dev_merge_2017_CICE_interface.
(edit) @9877   3 years kingr Create a branch for preparing a 1D configuration of the AMM15.
(edit) @9876   3 years kingr Fix bug in diaharmana dummy module.
(edit) @9868   3 years jcastill Revert previous change, as it is not necessary - although it adds some …
(edit) @9867   3 years emmafiedler Branch for ice thickness updates
(edit) @9864   3 years mathiot fix melt diagnostics
(edit) @9862   3 years dford Fix to read in DIC and alkalinity background if doing pH assimilation …
(edit) @9861   3 years dford Ensure phytoplankton background read in even if not doing nitrogen …
(edit) @9860   3 years frrh Fixes to non-standard code necessary for portability. Also an annoying …
(edit) @9859   3 years jcastill Add the capability of using the code compiled with coupling keys for …
(edit) @9858   3 years mathiot forgot to remove sn_qisf, ln_divisf, ln_conserve from namelist ref
(edit) @9855   3 years mathiot update sbcisf from trunk
(edit) @9854   3 years mathiot update to dev_r5518_GO6_package@9321 to avoid conflict during merge
(edit) @9853   3 years mathiot update to dev_r5518_GO6_package@9321 to avoid conflict during merge
(edit) @9849   3 years mathiot branch to implement isf flux computation from the trunk to GO6_package
(edit) @9847   3 years mathiot remove closed development branche
(edit) @9843   3 years frrh Get rid of completely redundant declarations from trcrst.F90
(edit) @9842   3 years frrh Merge JW's IFORT changes from …
(edit) @9841   3 years frrh Apply NIWA fixes to non-standard fortran to the GO6 branch. We can't use …
(edit) @9836   3 years frrh COpy of GO6 package branch for C1D compilation
(edit) @9835   3 years antsia set detect_missing_value back to true again in field_def.xml and remove …
(edit) @9834   3 years jonnywilliams removing double definition of loc_vol
(edit) @9833   3 years frrh Deleting development/test branch
(edit) @9832   3 years frrh Deleting development/test branch.
(edit) @9831   3 years jonnywilliams trying 3…
(edit) @9830   3 years frrh Merge revisions 9607:9721 of/branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_GO6_diag_bitcomp into …
(edit) @9829   3 years jonnywilliams generalising the argument to CHARACTER
(edit) @9828   3 years dancopsey Stop multiplying zevap_ice by -1.
(edit) @9827   3 years jonnywilliams removing erroneous ampersand
(edit) @9826   3 years jonnywilliams NIWA branch to run GC3.1+MEDUSA with the ifort compiler.
(edit) @9825   3 years jonnywilliams created from wrong bit of the repo
(edit) @9824   3 years jonnywilliams NIWA branch to fix errors in ifort fcm_make_ocean build
(edit) @9823   3 years jonnywilliams created from wrong parent
(edit) @9822   3 years jonnywilliams NIWA fix for using the ifort compiler .
(edit) @9820   3 years dancopsey Remove incorrect abort statement.
(edit) @9819   3 years dancopsey Added a bunch of fixes and a nemo2cice print statement.
(edit) @9818   3 years dancopsey Add min and max prints to nemo2cice.
(edit) @9817   3 years dancopsey Merged in GO6 package branch up to revision 8356.
(edit) @9816   3 years dancopsey Strip out SVN keywords.
(edit) @9815   3 years dancopsey Branch to print out max and min going through nemo2cice
(edit) @9813   3 years antsia delete iscplhsb, add iscpldiv and make the code readable
(edit) @9804   3 years dancopsey Move call to sbc_cpl_snd to correct location.
(edit) @9803   3 years dancopsey Stop copying of solar fluxes overwriting halo_info in CICE (needed for …
(edit) @9798   3 years malcolmroberts Changed iom and field_def to enable scalar output to work
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