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(edit) @7697   5 years anaguiar Clear svn keywords
(edit) @7696   5 years flavoni create README to set up users configuration in nemo 4.0
(edit) @7695   5 years flavoni update README for DOMAINcfg tool
(edit) @7694   5 years frrh Protect expensive global sums of all tracers from being performed …
(edit) @7693   5 years frrh Merge in branches/NERC/dev_r5518_NOC_MEDUSA_Stable from revision range r …
(edit) @7692   5 years frrh Strip out svn keywords
(edit) @7691   5 years frrh Tidying and optimisations for MEDUSA - by R Hill.
(edit) @7690   5 years anaguiar Changes to fix SSH IAU bug in FOAM-GO6, ticket #1849
(edit) @7689   5 years anaguiar ticket #1849: ssh iau bug fix
(edit) @7688   5 years anaguiar Reverting earlier changes that were a mistake. The interpolation to the …
(edit) @7687   5 years timgraham Reduce chunksize so that ORCA12 restart files can be rebuilt without …
(edit) @7686   5 years timgraham Added code to increase permitted number of open files
(edit) @7685   5 years timgraham Added option to specify required memory for jobs submitted to a compute …
(edit) @7684   5 years mathiot update SETTE directory to work with ISOMIP into TEST_CASE/ directory
(edit) @7683   5 years timgraham #1848 First commit of modified code
(edit) @7682   5 years timgraham Branch for Met Office modifications to rebuild_nemo tool
(edit) @7680   5 years frrh Update all modified (and some existing) ALLOCATE statements to use …
(edit) @7679   5 years isabella added changes to be consistent with go6
(edit) @7678   5 years mathiot add option to read shlat2d
(edit) @7677   5 years mathiot branch to read a shlat2d file (from GO6 package r7651)
(edit) @7676   5 years mathiot move test point from (180.,90.) to (-168.7, 65.6 ie a point across Bering …
(edit) @7675   5 years mathiot branch to modify the reference latitude used in some output file (diaptr …
(edit) @7674   5 years mathiot set the iceberg trajectory output to trajectory_icebergs_<date_ini …
(edit) @7673   5 years mathiot branch to rename iceberg trajectory output
(edit) @7672   5 years jcastill Further changes to remove the UM dependency in case of a coupled run, so …
(edit) @7671   5 years flavoni DOC: update some SBC namelists
(edit) @7670   5 years flavoni update NEMO book pdf
(edit) @7669   5 years flavoni starting update of tex book for new configurations interface
(edit) @7668   5 years mathiot Change location of ISOMIP, add plot routine and expected melt/moc/psi …
(edit) @7667   5 years isabella added more explanation
(edit) @7666   5 years isabella including domzgr_substitute.h90 so that fsdept_n is known to bias
(edit) @7665   5 years isabella making changes to be consistent
(edit) @7664   5 years mathiot Creation branch to update userdef file for ISOMIP, add plot_routine and …
(edit) @7663   5 years mathiot make 2017 directory
(edit) @7662   5 years isabella some other comments
(edit) @7661   5 years isabella adding more messages
(edit) @7660   5 years isabella multiply tbias_i by the tmask
(edit) @7659   5 years isabella added more info messages
(edit) @7658   5 years isabella write statement put outside case statement
(edit) @7657   5 years isabella adding more output messages
(edit) @7656   5 years isabella added other output messages and changed one formula to sum up from tbias_i …
(edit) @7655   5 years jcastill Wave coupling branch, using the implementation of Joanna Staneva at HZG - …
(edit) @7654   5 years cetlod Bugfix : read the last time step of qsr sampling in TOP restart file only …
(edit) @7653   5 years isabella adding changes to reset variables following options
(edit) @7652   5 years isabella adding output messages to understand what model does
(edit) @7651   5 years timgraham Added iom_put call for wpt_dep (used for CMIP6 zhalf) as this came into …
(edit) @7650   5 years andmirek #1840 : if(PRESENT) for eanch OPTIONAL variable in iom.F90
(edit) @7649   5 years glong dyn_vrt_dia subroutine added and calls added for most processes - spg, …
(edit) @7648   5 years glong Copy of dev_r5518_G06_package@6876 including barotropic vorticity …
(edit) @7645   5 years acc Branch 2016/dev_merge_2016. Rename cpp_WAD_TEST_CASES.fcm to cpp_WAD.fcm …
(edit) @7644   5 years cbricaud fix ticket #1843 in dev_merge_2016
(edit) @7643   5 years acc Branch dev_merge_2016. Update MOBILIS arch files to use XIOS2.0 as default
(edit) @7642   5 years timgraham Merged in minor changes between revsion of trunk where branch started and …
(edit) @7641   5 years clem bug fix for AGRIF+LIM2-VP, see ticket #1607
(edit) @7640   5 years flavoni #1842 add README to compile test cases, and some namelists
(edit) @7639   5 years clem bug fix for AGRIF+LIM2-VP, see ticket #1837
(edit) @7638   5 years timgraham #1841. Moved Lock_exchange and SAS_BIPER test cases
(edit) @7637   5 years timgraham #1841 - Moved Wetting and drying test cases to new directory.
(edit) @7636   5 years timgraham #1840 Create TEST_CASES directory and move OVERFLOW test case
(edit) @7635   5 years timgraham #1838 - Changes to remove XIOS1.0
(edit) @7634   5 years andmirek 1840 xios definitions and optional variables
(edit) @7633   5 years acc Branch 2016/dev_merge_2016. Changes to makenemo to support configurations …
(edit) @7632   5 years acc Branch 2016/dev_merge_2016. Added python utility to plot animation frames …
(edit) @7631   5 years flavoni update iodef.xml for pisces
(edit) @7630   5 years timgraham Modification to regular expressions to pick up timing_start/stop calls …
(edit) @7629   5 years aumont Change in the PISCES diags
(edit) @7628   5 years aumont Change in the ligands parameters
(edit) @7627   5 years aumont change in the bacterial consumption of Fe + some more diags
(edit) @7626   5 years hadjt Added CO5 code to catch water below freezing, and reset to freezing point …
(edit) @7625   5 years dford Update the retrieval of pCO2 from FABM.
(edit) @7624   5 years flavoni update test lock and overflow with dev_merge_2016
(edit) @7623   5 years flavoni update lock_exchange with dev_merge_2016
(edit) @7622   5 years flavoni bad old name for output ISOMIP file
(edit) @7621   5 years cetlod Minor corrections
(edit) @7620   5 years jcastill Fix bug with momentum transfer in coupled mode
(edit) @7619   5 years aumont bug correction in the declared fields
(edit) @7618   5 years aumont update namelist_pisces in the quota code
(edit) @7617   5 years aumont update diagnostics + changes in quota code
(edit) @7616   5 years acc Branch 2016/dev_merge_2016. Wetting and drying updates. Includes a …
(edit) @7615   5 years aumont update for additional diags
(edit) @7614   5 years kingr Code changes to prevent water temperature falling below pressure-dependent …
(edit) @7613   5 years hadjt Added namelist entries to effectively switch off region mean, pea and NOOS …
(edit) @7612   5 years flavoni missing close tag in html pisces file
(edit) @7611   5 years jpalmier JPALM — 26-01-2017 — Fix MOCSY depth0 init value
(edit) @7610   5 years acc Branch 2016/dev_merge_2016. Minor correction to WAD documentation and add …
(edit) @7609   5 years acc Branch 2016/dev_merge_2016. Additional WAD test case with a sinusoidally …
(edit) @7608   5 years kingr Create a branch to test limiting the min temp in CO6/AMM7
(edit) @7607   5 years cetlod v3.6 stable : add missing features for CMIP6 exercise, see ticket #1834
(edit) @7606   5 years jcastill Fix some bugs introduced due to particularities of the branch revision; …
(edit) @7605   5 years timgraham Added field for dynldf_c3d case
(edit) @7604   5 years dkuts fixed some typos
(edit) @7603   5 years flavoni update wrong names for pisces outputs
(edit) @7602   5 years frrh Typo fix
(edit) @7601   5 years frrh #1821 more changes to replace pointers with ALLOCATE in traldf_iso
(edit) @7600   5 years jcastill Changes as in branches/2016/dev_merge_2016@7562 …
(edit) @7599   5 years timgraham Fully working version
(edit) @7598   5 years acc Branch 2016/dev_merge_2016. Update Wetting and drying documentation …
(edit) @7597   5 years clem add the possibility to run without sea ice diffusion (by default)
(edit) @7596   5 years clem change namelist parameters names
(edit) @7595   5 years clem correct xml files for scalar outputs
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