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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
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(edit) @8624   7 years lovato trunk: resize eps files for logo_ALL and logo_MERCATOR
(edit) @7705   7 years flavoni update NEMO documentation in trunk
(edit) @7646   7 years timgraham Merge of dev_merge_2016 into trunk. UPDATE TO ARCHFILES NEEDED for XIOS2. …
(edit) @6998   8 years nicolasmartin TeX files missing from last commit
(edit) @6997   8 years nicolasmartin Duplication of changes in DOC directory for the trunk
(edit) @6497   8 years gm #1720 - trunk: add Casimir tidal parameterization
(edit) @6409   8 years lovato Update CMCC DOC logo, SETTE scripts and arch files.
(edit) @6320   8 years mathiot ISF: update documentation
(edit) @6289   8 years gm #1673 DOC of the trunk - Update, see associated wiki page for description
(edit) @6140   9 years timgraham Merge of branches/2015/dev_merge_2015 back into trunk. Merge excludes …
(edit) @5656   9 years timgraham Merge of AGRIF branch (branches/2014/dev_r4765_CNRS_agrif) onto the trunk
(edit) @5515   9 years hadcv Add some brief documentation of the CF compliance development.
(edit) @5405   9 years pabouttier Include chap_STO in NEMO_book.tex
(edit) @5404   9 years pabouttier make the stochastic param. code more compliant with NEMO code conventions …
(edit) @5120   9 years acc #1473. Re-organisation and optimisation of ice shelf cavity option. This …
(edit) @5118   9 years acc Merge changes from dev_r5087_NOC2_JATTR (see #1472) into trunk following …
(edit) @5107   9 years smasson update IO for VVL compatibility, see ticket #1474
(edit) @5102   9 years timgraham Merge of branches/2014/dev_r4650_UKMO3_masked_damping into trunk
(edit) @5003   10 years smasson automatic filename definition for up to 999 files
(edit) @4990   10 years timgraham Merged branches/2014/dev_MERGE_2014 back onto the trunk as follows: In …
(edit) @4759   10 years jchanut Correct Figure name in documentation, see ticket #1334
(edit) @4662   10 years clevy Update reference manual pdf file
(edit) @4661   10 years clevy Update reference manual for namelists
(edit) @4561   10 years jchanut Time split doc: correct figure
(edit) @4560   10 years jchanut Update time split documentation
(copy) @4528   10 years smasson move dev_MERGE_2013 for 3.6 alpha onto the trunk, see #1257
copied from branches/2013/dev_MERGE_2013/DOC:
(copy) @4291   11 years cetlod Step 1: Created dev_MERGE_2013 branch, see ticket #1185
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