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(edit) @2486   11 years rblod Correct Agrif inconstency for ssh, nemo_v3_2 version, see ticket 669
(edit) @2031   11 years rblod Fix issues with OBC and AGRIF, see ticket #688 and #692
(edit) @1876   11 years rblod Corrections for AGRIF inside OBC see ticket #673
(edit) @1793   12 years rblod Adaptation to use iomput with AGRIF, see ticket #630
(edit) @1605   12 years ctlod Doctor naming of OPA namelist variables, see ticket: #526
(edit) @1587   12 years ctlod remove compilation error when using AGRIF du to module wzvmod which has …
(edit) @1465   12 years smasson supress ice_oce module, see ticket:448
(edit) @1441   12 years rblod Correct some incompatibility with AGRIF, see #415 first part
(edit) @1438   12 years rblod Merge VVL branch with the trunk (act II), see ticket #429
(edit) @1300   12 years rblod Correct a bug in TOP update part
(edit) @1271   13 years rblod Addapt AGRIF routines to the new TOP organization, clean some routines and …
(edit) @1206   13 years rblod Suppress key_passive_trc ⇒ key_top
(edit) @1200   13 years rblod Adapt Agrif to the new SBC and correct several bugs for agrif (restart …
(edit) @1156   13 years rblod Update Id and licence information, see ticket #210
(edit) @1152   13 years rblod Convert cvs header to svn Id, step II
(edit) @1146   13 years rblod Add svn Id (first try), see ticket #210
(edit) @888   13 years ctlod merge dev_001_SBC branche with the trunk to include the New Surface Module …
(edit) @833   13 years rblod Merge branche dev_002_LIM back to trunk ticket #70 and #71
(edit) @782   14 years rblod Improvment of AGRIF-NEMO routines, see ticket #42
(edit) @719   14 years ctlod get back to the nemo_v2_3 version for trunk
(edit) @699   14 years smasson insert revision Id
(edit) @686   14 years rblod nemo_v2_bugfix_056:RB: very light modifications to avoid compilation …
(edit) @636   14 years opalod nemo_v2_update_008:RB: clean agrif routines and add sponge layer …
(edit) @635   14 years opalod nemo_v2_update_007:RB: add key_mpp_dyndist for dynamic distribution with …
(edit) @628   14 years opalod nemo_v2_update_006:RB: first integration of AGRIF for passive tracers
(edit) @533   15 years opalod nemo_v1_update_77:RB:adaptation to the new version of conv
(edit) @469   15 years opalod nemo_v1_update_059:RB: adapt agrif interface to new coordinate
(edit) @453   15 years opalod nemo_v1_bugfix_043:RB: correct a critical bug to update dynamics with …
(edit) @393   15 years opalod RB:nemo_v1_update_038: first integration of Agrif : …
(add) @390   15 years opalod RB:nemo_v1_update_038: first integration of Agrif : …
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