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(edit) @5020   6 years cetlod fix for freezing-melting flux for BGCM, see ticket #1433
(edit) @4990   7 years timgraham Merged branches/2014/dev_MERGE_2014 back onto the trunk as follows: In …
(edit) @4908   7 years timgraham Bug fixes in LIM3 (ticket #1416)
(edit) @4877   7 years vancop resolve conflict with jk index in limtrp.F90
(edit) @4873   7 years clem LIM3: removing useless jkmax (=nlay_i+1) parameter
(edit) @4872   7 years clem LIM3: replacing old_ by _b
(edit) @4870   7 years clem LIM3: replacing layer to jk for dummy loops
(edit) @4869   7 years clem LIM3: removing useless ice types
(edit) @4867   7 years clem LIM3 cleaning
(edit) @4866   7 years clem LIM3 cleaning
(edit) @4863   7 years clem LIM3: change elastic timescale to ratio of elastic timescale over ice time …
(edit) @4833   7 years flavoni fix LIM3 reproducibility problems, see ticket #1398
(edit) @4831   7 years flavoni moved the call to lim_itd_me_init to initialize variables at right moment, …
(edit) @4788   7 years clem bug in LIM3. Porosity during ridging was not taken into account properly. …
(edit) @4787   7 years clem bug in LIM3: loss of snow mass by sublimation was given to ocean while it …
(edit) @4765   7 years rblod Compilation issue, see ticket #1379
(edit) @4688   7 years clem new version of LIM3 with perfect conservation of heat, see ticket #1352
(edit) @4624   7 years acc #1305. Fix slow start-up problems on some systems by introducing and using …
(edit) @4614   7 years cetlod bugfix : allow compilation when using LIM3+vvl activated, see ticket #1293
(copy) @4528   7 years smasson move dev_MERGE_2013 for 3.6 alpha onto the trunk, see #1257
copied from branches/2013/dev_MERGE_2013/NEMOGCM/NEMO/LIM_SRC_3:
(edit) @4346   7 years clem clean the glob_sum diags for LIM3
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