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(edit) @3294   9 years rblod Merge of 3.4beta into the trunk
(edit) @2950   10 years acc Fixed incorrect ORCA1 settings in domzgr. See ticket #875
(edit) @2787   10 years cetlod Bug correction in NEMO/OFFLINE, see ticket #841
(edit) @2784   10 years charris Increase character limit for runoff coefficient file, see #834
(edit) @2781   10 years cetlod bug correction in trdicp.F90:add missing indice jk, see ticket #833
(edit) @2780   10 years cetlod trunk:bug correction in trdicp.F90, see ticket #833
(edit) @2779   10 years acc #832. Corrections to before scale factor calculations (fse3u_b and …
(edit) @2777   10 years smasson LIM3 compiling and (partly?) running in v3_3_1, see ticket#817
(edit) @2772   10 years sga NEMO trunk, bugfix to ldfslp.F90: correct jk indices
(edit) @2758   10 years cetlod Minor modifications on zdfmxl.F90 in order to be used when running in …
(edit) @2749   10 years smasson finish bugfix done in changeset:2748, see ticket #814
(edit) @2748   10 years cbricaud cbricaud: bugfix for sbcblk_core.F90: see ticket 814
(edit) @2737   10 years rblod Update module_example for dynamic allocation
(edit) @2733   10 years rblod Agrif can now work with observation operator
(edit) @2731   10 years rblod Changes for Agrif in MPI
(edit) @2724   10 years rblod Correct dynspg_ts, see ticket #812
(edit) @2723   10 years rblod Correction in dynnxt for bdy, see ticket #811
(edit) @2722   10 years rblod Correct bug in obcdta for nemo_v3_3, see ticket #809
(edit) @2715   10 years rblod First attempt to put dynamic allocation on the trunk
(edit) @2712   10 years rfurner bug fix for s coordinates and use of rn_hmin
(edit) @2605   10 years acc v3.3 trunk. Introduce dummy ldf_slp_grif routine into ldfslp.F90 to fix …
(edit) @2602   10 years cetlod Improvment of surface boundary condition on trazdf_imp.F90 : minor bug …
(edit) @2586   10 years smasson should not open existing file in writing mode, see ticket #797
(edit) @2576   10 years djlea Bug fix to velocity observation operator
(edit) @2571   10 years gm v3.3 beta: correct a bug in diaptr
(edit) @2569   10 years gm v3.3 beta: correct a bug in changeset 2463 in zdfhde
(edit) @2565   10 years rblod Suppress duplicated code in obcini, see ticket #788
(edit) @2564   10 years rfurner bug fix for time splitting module
(edit) @2561   10 years cetlod Suppression of special characters in the name of output variables & check …
(edit) @2558   10 years flavoni added missing array's initialisation in traadv.f90
(edit) @2548   10 years rblod Allow reproducibility of GYRE configuration
(edit) @2547   10 years rblod Correct bug in dynbfr, see ticket #786
(edit) @2536   10 years rblod correct a bug in domzgr, see ticket #783
(edit) @2535   10 years rblod Correction in domzgr, see ticket #782
(edit) @2528   10 years rblod Update NEMOGCM from branch nemo_v3_3_beta
(copy) @2524   10 years rblod Move NEMO directory in NEMOGCM
copied from trunk/NEMO/OPA_SRC:
(edit) @2515   11 years smasson trunk: bugfix for agrif when using Chlorophyll data, introduced in ticket …
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