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(edit) @8864   4 years lovato trunk : fix test report for SAS, print to screen branchname and revision …
(edit) @8852   4 years clevy improve SETTE report reliability , ticket #1983
(edit) @8849   4 years clevy correct SAS check and AGRIF test, ticket #1983
(edit) @8839   4 years clevy take in account AGRIF code corruption test and add nn_fsbc =1 for SAS, …
(edit) @8830   4 years flavoni update sette tests for SAS, add nn_fsbc=1 to be restartable
(edit) @8828   4 years clevy simplify running SETTE tests, back tu complete list of tests in …
(edit) @8827   4 years clevy simplify running SETTE tests, ticket #1983
(edit) @8815   4 years flavoni update SAS report, according to c.bricaud modifs of sette tests
(edit) @8727   4 years flavoni update report
(edit) @8583   4 years cbricaud fix ticket #1944 in trunk ( SAS restartability)
(edit) @8469   4 years flavoni #1936: add missing BATCH file
(edit) @8468   4 years flavoni #1936: add in difference of SAS restart_ice files
(edit) @8284   4 years clem make almost all sette tests pass except agrif restart and sas for some …
(edit) @8218   4 years lovato trunk: bugfix for ticket #1724
(edit) @7756   4 years timgraham Modification to makenemo and so that ORCA2_LIM3_OBS and AGRIF …
(edit) @7755   4 years mocavero Removed OpenMP arch file and batch template for CMCC
(edit) @7753   4 years mocavero Reverting trunk to remove OpenMP
(edit) @7746   4 years flavoni remove old report script
(edit) @7744   4 years flavoni upadate tests for GYRE_PISCES, to allow restartability now
(edit) @7743   4 years flavoni fix for; set just 1 variable COMPILER in
(edit) @7722   4 years flavoni update test for ORCA2_LIM3_OBS, active with pisces
(edit) @7715   4 years flavoni #1850 commit new list of REFERENCE CONFIGURATIONS, and SETTE tests
(edit) @7699   4 years mocavero added OpenMP arch file and batch template for CMCC
(edit) @7698   4 years mocavero update trunk with OpenMP parallelization
(edit) @7646   4 years timgraham Merge of dev_merge_2016 into trunk. UPDATE TO ARCHFILES NEEDED for XIOS2. …
(edit) @7212   5 years mathiot add iceberg in ORCA2-LIM3 configuration.
(edit) @6460   5 years lovato Move runoff fields time swap in sbcmod (#1703) and change SETTE path …
(edit) @6409   5 years lovato Update CMCC DOC logo, SETTE scripts and arch files.
(edit) @6152   6 years acc Add wetting and drying option from dev_r5803_NOC_WAD branch. Logically …
(edit) @6140   6 years timgraham Merge of branches/2015/dev_merge_2015 back into trunk. Merge excludes …
(edit) @5930   6 years jchanut #1620 Merge free surface simplification into trunk
(edit) @5840   6 years timgraham Reactivate isomip SETTE tests (accidentally removed in previous commit).
(edit) @5836   6 years cetlod merge the simplification branch onto the trunk, see ticket #1612
(edit) @5656   6 years timgraham Merge of AGRIF branch (branches/2014/dev_r4765_CNRS_agrif) onto the trunk
(edit) @5589   6 years jchanut Add AGRIF optional SETTE tests, #1569
(edit) @5561   6 years timgraham Fix for ticket #1570
(edit) @5559   6 years jchanut Update MERCATOR SETTE scripts
(edit) @5556   6 years jchanut Deleted file 'batch-ifort_MERCATOR_CLUSTER'.
(edit) @5480   6 years timgraham Added arch and batch files for running SETTE on new Met Office HPC. Also …
(edit) @5478   6 years timgraham Fix for tickey #1548
(edit) @5423   6 years timgraham Revert accidental changes to SETTE/param.cfg (made at r5385)
(edit) @5407   6 years smasson merge dev_r5218_CNRS17_coupling into the trunk
(edit) @5398   6 years cbricaud undo some changes done by mistake at rev 5397
(edit) @5397   6 years cbricaud use IOF for geothermal file reading ; see ticket #1535' …
(edit) @5385   6 years cetlod merge 2015/dev_r5204_CNRS_PISCES_dcy branch into the trunk, see ticket …
(edit) @5334   6 years mathiot Modifications in SETTE to test ice shelf code with the unsupported …
(edit) @5301   6 years delrosso Small modifications to batch-IBM_EKMAN_INGV and arch-IBM_EKMAN_INGV.fcm
(edit) @5029   7 years davestorkey Reinstate old formulation of EEN vorticity scheme as an option in NEMO …
(edit) @5028   7 years davestorkey Add BATCH_TEMPLATE file for PW7_MONSOON.
(edit) @4991   7 years timgraham Minor modification to sette_rpt to read validation_dir from param.cfg …
(edit) @4990   7 years timgraham Merged branches/2014/dev_MERGE_2014 back onto the trunk as follows: In …
(edit) @4814   7 years acc Changes to enable SETTE testing on ARCHER. Includes a new batch template …
(edit) @4803   7 years flavoni change small option to run on interactive mode on ADA machine, for SETTE
(edit) @4797   7 years flavoni update see ticket #1396
(edit) @4796   7 years flavoni add ORCA2_LIM3 in SETTE, preparing ORCA2_LIM3 to be a reference …
(edit) @4773   7 years flavoni small fixes in namelists for ORCA2_LIM_AGRIF reference configuration
(edit) @4707   7 years epico improvement of the comments in the code
(edit) @4692   7 years acc Merge SPMD and MPMD batch templates for use with Only one …
(edit) @4687   7 years acc #1351 alternative loop structure to fix errors in dynspg_ts.F90 when …
(copy) @4528   7 years smasson move dev_MERGE_2013 for 3.6 alpha onto the trunk, see #1257
copied from branches/2013/dev_MERGE_2013/NEMOGCM/SETTE:
(edit) @4379   7 years rfurner small changes to SETTE to suit new AMM input tarfile
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