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(edit) @14560   5 months lovato add arch file for CMCC cluster ZEUS using ifort and xios …
(edit) @14506   5 months gsamson remove unplugged beaufix arch files
(edit) @14440   5 months smasson arch: update osx_gfortran arch files
(edit) @14242   7 months smasson trunk: replace key_iomput by key_xios
(edit) @14138   8 months smasson arch: update arch files for Jean-Zay
(edit) @13801   8 months gsamson update mercator belenos arch files
(edit) @13787   8 months acc Added X86_ARCHER2-Cray arch file
(edit) @13730   9 months gsamson add Meteo-France new HPC (Belenos/Taranis?) arch files for r4.0-HEAD
(edit) @13569   10 months acc Debug arch file for NOC/X64_MOBILIS. Compatible with sette@13568
(edit) @13545   10 months smasson arch: update debug arch files
(edit) @13529   10 months smasson arch: add -init=arrays,snan to intel DEBUG options
(edit) @13510   10 months smasson arch: update intel debug options for IRENE and JEANZAY
(edit) @13117   13 months smasson arch: update info for osx_gfortran, nemo+xios is now fully working with …
(edit) @12797   15 months gsamson additional Mercator Intel arch files for SETTE (ticket #2419)
(edit) @12652   16 months smasson update arch files
(edit) @12130   20 months cetlod Change compiler options for IRENE
(edit) @12107   20 months mathiot update to the head of the trunk
(edit) @11945   20 months gsamson dev_r11265_ABL: remove obsolete sn_tdif from all namelist_cfg files, add a …
(edit) @11919   21 months nicolasmartin Move BULL arch file to misc folder
(edit) @11650   22 months clem change arch file for jean-zay machine. Necessary to get …
(edit) @11621   22 months clem modify path for jeanzay arch files
(edit) @11503   23 months mathiot add -Dkey_nosignedzero on METO cray compiler arch file
(edit) @11473   2 years andmirek Ticket #2314 rename MO intel architecture file
(edit) @11359   2 years smasson dev_r10984_HPC-13 : add new machine and update BENCH scripts, see #2285
(edit) @11325   2 years smasson dev_r10984_HPC-13 : bugfixes for sette with debug options
(edit) @10939   2 years jchanut #1959
(edit) @10540   3 years smasson add -Dkey_nosignedzero in arch-linux_gfortran
(edit) @10533   3 years smasson update arch-osx_gfortran
(edit) @10452   3 years acc Update NOC-specific, MOBILIS arch file for compatibility with the module …
(edit) @10451   3 years acc Update NOC-specific, MOBILIS arch file for new OpenMPI version and XIOS …
(edit) @10449   3 years andmirek GMED ticket 425 changes for INTEL compiler
(edit) @10347   3 years andmirek New compiler options
(edit) @10339   3 years smasson trunk: update CNRS arch files
(edit) @10137   3 years dguibert BULL: add arch-X64_BULL.fcm for our clusters.
(edit) @9928   3 years mathiot add a XC40_METO_debug arch file
(edit) @9852   3 years smasson update some arch files
(edit) @9731   3 years jchanut MERCATOR KARA arch: Remove -C preprocessing option - This otherwise fills …
(edit) @9724   3 years clem remove the debug option checkall for ada because it makes the model crash …
(edit) @9674   3 years smasson trunk: update arch-X64_CURIE
(edit) @9666   3 years clem remove avx optimization for ada debug
(edit) @9661   3 years clem change options for agrif debugging on ada
(edit) @9649   3 years nicolasmartin Reorganisation plan for NEMO repository: clean and tidy up computing …
(copy) @9621   3 years nicolasmartin Reorganisation plan for NEMO repository: implementation of SVN externals …
copied from NEMO/trunk/arch:
(edit) @9598   3 years nicolasmartin Reorganisation plan for NEMO repository: changes to make compilation …
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