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(edit) @11231   2 years clem remove the imposed closed boundaries when using the nesting tools
(edit) @11206   2 years clem solve ticket #2280 by adding a new namelist parameter in the NESTING …
(edit) @11147   2 years clem change name bathy_metry by bathy_meter in DOMAINcfg tool
(edit) @10841   3 years cbricaud fix for ticket #2268
(edit) @10619   3 years smasson trunk: add TOYATM in tools
(edit) @10598   3 years nicolasmartin Standardisation of title markup and convert few to lowercase
(edit) @10567   3 years nicolasmartin Transfer specific documentation of DMP_TOOL into its own directory
(edit) @10565   3 years francesca update tools.rst file
(edit) @10563   3 years francesca update tools.rst file
(edit) @10561   3 years francesca update tools.rst file
(edit) @10490   3 years mathiot change the deepest e3w_0 inside the ice shelf ⇒ correct depth when using …
(edit) @10464   3 years davestorkey Add README file for
(edit) @10398   3 years clem BGC restart should now work in the nesting tool. All of that must of …
(edit) @10393   3 years clem ocean restart from nesting tool should now work. BGC restart must still be …
(edit) @10384   3 years clem first step toward a working ocean restart in the nesting tools
(edit) @10383   3 years clem ice restart should work in the nesting tools now. However ocean restart …
(edit) @10381   3 years clem attempt to correct several bugs in the NESTING tools. With this version, …
(edit) @10338   3 years mathiot Add deflation/chunking to rebuild_nemo tool. Fix #2165
(edit) @10335   3 years mathiot Update of MPP_PREP. Fix #2164
(edit) @10279   3 years nicolasmartin Various improvments for quick start guide - implementation of Rtd theme …
(edit) @10212   3 years jpaul # Change - change url of SIREN test inputs' files
(edit) @10160   3 years clem forgotten commits on nesting tool
(edit) @10093   3 years clem just cosmetics for a better understanding of the namelist parameters
(edit) @10082   3 years nicolasmartin Revert previous commits shared with other branches and set up dev …
(edit) @10081   3 years rblod Update
(edit) @10080   3 years rblod The irst step of many
(edit) @10078   3 years clem correct a print
(edit) @10029   3 years clem put a wall at the boundaries in the domain_cfg that is outputed by the …
(edit) @10027   3 years clem solve issues with median averages (greatly increase speed and sort out …
(edit) @10025   3 years clem nesting tools are partly rewritten (mostly for create_coordinates and …
(edit) @9948   3 years clem remove useless namelist
(edit) @9809   3 years clem create a README and update namelist files
(edit) @9791   3 years clem add examples of namelists for WEIGHTS tool
(edit) @9768   3 years jchanut Update NESTING namelists and code according to reference configuration. …
(edit) @9755   3 years clem change svn properties of the tools
(edit) @9754   3 years clem change svn properties of the tools
(edit) @9753   3 years jchanut Modify arithmetic and median bathymetry average near land so that …
(edit) @9749   3 years jchanut NESTING tool: correct parent bathymetry update in case of nghost > 1. …
(edit) @9747   3 years jchanut Use initial parent bathymetry file for final update
(edit) @9722   4 years flavoni add bathy_meter field in input files
(edit) @9694   4 years clem change the nesting tools to choose the number of points copied from mother …
(edit) @9691   4 years smasson trunk: finish [9684]
(edit) @9688   4 years clem change agrif configuration to fit with last commits in nesting tools
(edit) @9632   4 years jchanut Correct child velocity points lat/lon interpolation, #2082
(edit) @9628   4 years jchanut Remove bathymetry connection if open boundary is closed, #2089
(copy) @9621   4 years nicolasmartin Reorganisation plan for NEMO repository: implementation of SVN externals …
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(edit) @9601   4 years clem change agulhas namelist by nordic namelists for agrif nesting
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