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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
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(edit) @10464   6 years davestorkey Add README file for
(edit) @10463   6 years davestorkey Figure for section on closea module in NEMO book.
(edit) @10452   6 years acc Update NOC-specific, MOBILIS arch file for compatibility with the module …
(edit) @10451   6 years acc Update NOC-specific, MOBILIS arch file for new OpenMPI version and XIOS …
(edit) @10450   6 years acc Tidy up NOC-specific sette batch templates
(edit) @10449   6 years andmirek GMED ticket 425 changes for INTEL compiler
(edit) @10435   6 years acc Update NOC sette batch file for MOBILIS to use a more modern version of …
(edit) @10433   6 years smasson sette: add missing ln_ctl = .true.
(edit) @10430   6 years smasson sette: clean ICEDYN in
(edit) @10429   6 years smasson sette: remove jpnij in and
(edit) @10427   6 years smasson sette: add ln_ctl = .true.
(edit) @10426   6 years smasson sette: add ln_ctl = .true.
(edit) @10398   6 years clem BGC restart should now work in the nesting tool. All of that must of …
(edit) @10393   6 years clem ocean restart from nesting tool should now work. BGC restart must still be …
(edit) @10384   6 years clem first step toward a working ocean restart in the nesting tools
(edit) @10383   6 years clem ice restart should work in the nesting tools now. However ocean restart …
(edit) @10381   6 years clem attempt to correct several bugs in the NESTING tools. With this version, …
(edit) @10347   6 years andmirek New compiler options
(edit) @10340   6 years smasson trunk: update BATCH_TEMPLATE
(edit) @10339   6 years smasson trunk: update CNRS arch files
(edit) @10338   6 years mathiot Add deflation/chunking to rebuild_nemo tool. Fix #2165
(edit) @10335   6 years mathiot Update of MPP_PREP. Fix #2164
(edit) @10334   6 years nicolasmartin Add the possibility to replicate the repository layout
(edit) @10319   6 years nicolasmartin Update eps and pdf exports of logos
(edit) @10318   6 years nicolasmartin Define external sources for logos
(edit) @10317   6 years nicolasmartin Upload institutes logos for web and documentation use
(edit) @10289   6 years francesca alignment to the current version of the trunk
(edit) @10287   6 years nicolasmartin Set property to execute the script
(edit) @10286   6 years nicolasmartin Add bash script to download a clean developpement environment, should be …
(edit) @10279   6 years nicolasmartin Various improvments for quick start guide - implementation of Rtd theme …
(edit) @10263   6 years nicolasmartin Import more extensive archive for MOI logo
(edit) @10262   6 years diovino CMCC logos into utils/logos
(edit) @10258   6 years acc Add flags version of the NEMO logo to utils/log
(edit) @10257   6 years acc Add NOC/NERC logos to utils/logos
(edit) @10242   6 years mathiot fix to run all the available tests in LOCK_EXCHANGE (in the same manner as …
(edit) @10212   6 years jpaul # Change - change url of SIREN test inputs' files
(edit) @10200   6 years mathiot Replace -a OVERFLOW by -a LOCK_EXCHANGE when we want to build …
(edit) @10189   6 years lovato Add waves coupling in ORCA2_ICE_PISCES test (#2014)
(edit) @10185   6 years nicolasmartin Removing old versions of institute logos, add png format for NEMO logo and …
(edit) @10160   6 years clem forgotten commits on nesting tool
(edit) @10148   6 years cbricaud add MOI logos
(edit) @10147   6 years mathiot add MetO logo
(edit) @10137   6 years dguibert BULL: add arch-X64_BULL.fcm for our clusters.
(edit) @10126   6 years jchanut Merge with trunk
(edit) @10093   6 years clem just cosmetics for a better understanding of the namelist parameters
(edit) @10091   6 years rblod Compilation for NESTING_AGRIF
(edit) @10086   6 years rblod Compilation of NESTING_AGRIF, a good old makefile
(edit) @10085   6 years rblod Compilation for NESTING_AGRIF
(edit) @10084   6 years rblod Compilation for NESTING_AGRIF
(edit) @10082   6 years nicolasmartin Revert previous commits shared with other branches and set up dev …
(edit) @10081   6 years rblod Update
(edit) @10080   6 years rblod The irst step of many
(edit) @10078   6 years clem correct a print
(edit) @10056   6 years nicolasmartin Add new folder 'logos' in /utils to make available in one place the logos …
(edit) @10029   6 years clem put a wall at the boundaries in the domain_cfg that is outputed by the …
(edit) @10027   6 years clem solve issues with median averages (greatly increase speed and sort out …
(edit) @10025   6 years clem nesting tools are partly rewritten (mostly for create_coordinates and …
(edit) @9988   6 years mathiot increase UKMO wall time of sette batch script
(edit) @9963   6 years acc minor changes to to fix and tidy up the OVERFLOW …
(edit) @9948   6 years clem remove useless namelist
(edit) @9941   6 years acc Final act of ticket: #2113 . Reactivate USE_ICEBERGS by default in …
(edit) @9933   6 years acc small change in to enable use of new ln_use_calving option when …
(edit) @9931   6 years smasson sette: reactivate predefined zoom with xios2, see #2115
(edit) @9928   6 years mathiot add a XC40_METO_debug arch file
(edit) @9920   6 years acc minor change to to improve the ORCA2_ICE_PISCES restartability …
(edit) @9911   6 years acc A couple of bug fixes in
(edit) @9907   6 years smasson revert param.cfg and sette.shto [9905]
(edit) @9906   6 years smasson add batch-X64_IRENE
(edit) @9904   6 years acc Minor corrections to to recover valid sette tests. Also added …
(edit) @9852   6 years smasson update some arch files
(edit) @9809   6 years clem create a README and update namelist files
(edit) @9791   6 years clem add examples of namelists for WEIGHTS tool
(edit) @9789   6 years clem change the name of SAS_BIPER configuration to a more explicit one: ICEDYN
(edit) @9776   6 years clem change sette accordingly to the previous commit
(edit) @9768   6 years jchanut Update NESTING namelists and code according to reference configuration. …
(edit) @9765   6 years nicolasmartin Cosmetic changes to makenemo
(edit) @9756   6 years clem repair sette for test cases (in particular sas-biper and vortex)
(edit) @9755   6 years clem change svn properties of the tools
(edit) @9754   6 years clem change svn properties of the tools
(edit) @9753   6 years jchanut Modify arithmetic and median bathymetry average near land so that …
(edit) @9749   6 years jchanut NESTING tool: correct parent bathymetry update in case of nghost > 1. …
(edit) @9747   6 years jchanut Use initial parent bathymetry file for final update
(edit) @9744   6 years clem cosmetics
(edit) @9735   6 years nicolasmartin Add removing of sette sub-directories (LONG, REPRO_* & SHORT) with …
(edit) @9733   6 years clem add some prints in reports
(edit) @9731   6 years jchanut MERCATOR KARA arch: Remove -C preprocessing option - This otherwise fills …
(edit) @9724   6 years clem remove the debug option checkall for ada because it makes the model crash …
(edit) @9722   6 years flavoni add bathy_meter field in input files
(edit) @9719   6 years nicolasmartin Fix for copying AGRIF fixed grids files
(edit) @9708   6 years clem debug sette for test cases
(edit) @9696   6 years clem change mpirun to poe for ADA
(edit) @9694   6 years clem change the nesting tools to choose the number of points copied from mother …
(edit) @9691   6 years smasson trunk: finish [9684]
(edit) @9688   6 years clem change agrif configuration to fit with last commits in nesting tools
(edit) @9685   6 years nicolasmartin Fix for identifying the revision number of the working copy
(edit) @9683   6 years smasson trunk: missing commit on makenemo following #9678
(edit) @9682   6 years nicolasmartin Fix to pass by even if the configuration exists (options …
(edit) @9681   6 years nicolasmartin Missing file from previous commit
(edit) @9680   6 years nicolasmartin Modifcation of makenemo and to handle EXPREF & EXP00
(edit) @9674   6 years smasson trunk: update arch-X64_CURIE
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