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(edit) @12211   22 months cetlod Update sette scripts
(edit) @12207   22 months smasson trunk: supress diatmb as it was bugged and already coded in diawri, see …
(edit) @12191   22 months jchanut Add dev_AGRIF-01-05_merged branch, e.g. 2019 AGRIF dev
(edit) @12177   22 months mathiot add pre-processing step in build merge branch
(edit) @12176   22 months mathiot Add merge branch for build (add pre-processing step in tools)
(edit) @12175   22 months mathiot build merge branch for tools
(edit) @12174   22 months mathiot add DIAMLR
(edit) @12163   22 months cetlod Commit changes in DOC
(edit) @12135   22 months acc Undo errneous commit to sette branch
(edit) @12133   22 months acc Branch 2019/dev_r11613_ENHANCE-04_namelists_as_internalfiles. Merge in …
(edit) @12130   22 months cetlod Change compiler options for IRENE
(edit) @12129   22 months cetlod Update batch file for IRENE
(edit) @12128   22 months cetlod Update batch file for IRENE
(edit) @12107   22 months mathiot update to the head of the trunk
(edit) @12106   22 months mathiot fix to compile in debug mode + rm debug WRITE
(edit) @12104   22 months mathiot fix merging issue with duplicated files
(edit) @12101   22 months mathiot merge ENHANCE-03_domcfg and ENHANCE-02_ISF_nemo
(edit) @12100   22 months mathiot create UKMO tools merge branch
(edit) @12080   22 months jpaul update nemo trunk
(edit) @12066   22 months smueller Synchronizing with /utils/tools@11926 (ticket #2175)
(edit) @12033   22 months smueller Correction of the inclusion of regression coefficients in the output file …
(edit) @12018   22 months smueller Addition of a rudimentary tool for the postprocessing of intermediate …
(edit) @12017   22 months cetlod minor corrections in sette dev branch
(edit) @11985   22 months mathiot mk_ENHANCE-03_domcfg: fix issue when compiling tools without cpp_TOOLS.fcm …
(edit) @11982   22 months mathiot maketools_ENHANCE-03_domcfg: update to maketools needed to add …
(edit) @11981   22 months mathiot mk_ENHANCE-03_domcfg: forgot to add
(edit) @11980   22 months mathiot mk_ENHANCE-03_domcfg: add a pre-processing step to compile tools
(edit) @11945   22 months gsamson dev_r11265_ABL: remove obsolete sn_tdif from all namelist_cfg files, add a …
(edit) @11926   22 months nicolasmartin Move maketools to the corresponding directory /utils/build, along …
(edit) @11919   23 months nicolasmartin Move BULL arch file to misc folder
(edit) @11906   23 months nicolasmartin New lexer rule to highlight CPP key (key_...)
(edit) @11882   23 months smueller Inception of a tool development branch for action …
(edit) @11808   2 years nicolasmartin Change token to Name.Constant for format declaration
(edit) @11807   2 years nicolasmartin Change colors for CPP directives and modules/routines names for …
(edit) @11805   2 years gsamson remove Mercator old cluster (Naviti) arch from SETTE
(edit) @11803   2 years nicolasmartin Import emacs style from Pygments for future modifications
(edit) @11801   2 years nicolasmartin Add some syntax patterns to highlight - Modules and routines declarations …
(edit) @11800   2 years gsamson adjust AGRIF decomposition domains (from 32 to 16 procs) in SETTE REPRO …
(edit) @11796   2 years cetlod Modifying sette ref configutation script according to new developments
(edit) @11795   2 years cetlod Creating sette specific branch for PISCES_LBC in TOP
(edit) @11788   2 years nicolasmartin Cosmetic changes
(edit) @11781   2 years nicolasmartin Improve Fortran lexer by creating distinct states for comment, boolean, …
(edit) @11779   2 years nicolasmartin Create 'namelist' state to handle highlighting of this particular …
(edit) @11767   2 years nicolasmartin Modify lexer to recognize all logical operators Move punctuation rule at …
(edit) @11766   2 years nicolasmartin Add ENDIF in keywords, remove 'and', 'or' & 'not' from builtins
(edit) @11765   2 years nicolasmartin Import fortran lexer from Pygments for future changes
(edit) @11751   2 years nicolasmartin Review README for tools
(edit) @11736   2 years nicolasmartin Remaining modified files
(edit) @11723   2 years nicolasmartin Review of INSTALL.rst
(edit) @11709   2 years nicolasmartin Choose a more appropriate name to identify the starting space to take the …
(edit) @11705   2 years nicolasmartin Updating of the script with some improvments
(edit) @11692   2 years francesca Update branch to integrate the development starting from the current v4.01 …
(edit) @11691   2 years agn added OSMOSIS figure
(edit) @11689   2 years nicolasmartin Cleaning and renaming for readability Apply the same rule from the LaTeX …
(edit) @11662   2 years nicolasmartin Idem as before
(edit) @11661   2 years nicolasmartin Move custom bash Emacs fontification in a more appropriate place
(edit) @11655   2 years smueller Addition of explicit job-name specification in the batch-script template …
(edit) @11650   2 years clem change arch file for jean-zay machine. Necessary to get …
(edit) @11645   2 years clem make sette work for jean-zay machine
(edit) @11621   2 years clem modify path for jeanzay arch files
(edit) @11606   2 years cetlod Add batch template for CNRS new computer JEAN-ZAY
(edit) @11589   2 years gsamson dev_r11265_ABL : see #2131 - ABL_TOOLS first working version (README …
(edit) @11564   2 years jchanut #2199, merged with trunk
(edit) @11503   2 years mathiot add -Dkey_nosignedzero on METO cray compiler arch file
(edit) @11498   2 years smueller Removal of branch fix_ticket2302_sette (ticket #2302)
(edit) @11497   2 years smueller Merge of branch fix_ticket2302_sette into main SETTE version (ticket …
(edit) @11493   2 years smueller Revision of the method for determining the test revision in the …
(edit) @11492   2 years smueller Ensuring of output from the identictest test for all variants of …
(edit) @11491   2 years smueller Reverting of [11490] (ticket #2302)
(edit) @11490   2 years smueller Ensuring of output from the test for all variants of incomplete tests …
(edit) @11473   2 years andmirek Ticket #2314 rename MO intel architecture file
(edit) @11422   2 years jchanut #1791, merge with trunk
(edit) @11406   2 years acc Additional figures for the adaptive-implicit vertical advection section of …
(edit) @11387   2 years acc Additional figures for the adaptive-implicit vertcal advection section of …
(edit) @11359   2 years smasson dev_r10984_HPC-13 : add new machine and update BENCH scripts, see #2285
(edit) @11325   2 years smasson dev_r10984_HPC-13 : bugfixes for sette with debug options
(edit) @11231   2 years clem remove the imposed closed boundaries when using the nesting tools
(edit) @11211   2 years smueller Quoting of preprocessor key lists in makenemo arguments to avoid incorrect …
(edit) @11208   2 years smueller Branching of SETTE for fixing the bug described in ticket #2302
(edit) @11206   2 years clem solve ticket #2280 by adding a new namelist parameter in the NESTING …
(edit) @11204   2 years smueller Merge of changeset [11175] into the trunk (ticket #2295)
(edit) @11185   2 years jchanut Add new flowchart figure, #2216
(edit) @11169   2 years nicolasmartin Edition of externals accordingly to the 2 previous commits
(edit) @11168   2 years nicolasmartin Import of IPSL logos
(edit) @11167   2 years nicolasmartin Move DOI images into badges folder
(edit) @11166   2 years nicolasmartin Creation of badges directory
(edit) @11161   2 years mathiot merge fix_sette_ticket2239 : major simplification/improvement of SETTE …
(edit) @11147   2 years clem change name bathy_metry by bathy_meter in DOMAINcfg tool
(edit) @11126   2 years nicolasmartin Reintroducing ametsoc.bst in latex shared folder
(edit) @11125   2 years nicolasmartin Move Bib Tex? style file and Bib Tool? cfg to /utils/dev global directory …
(edit) @11018   2 years nicolasmartin Update pdf version, conversion seems to be better from png
(edit) @11017   2 years nicolasmartin Remove useless upper path level + Add eps & pdf format to fix inclusion …
(edit) @11016   2 years nicolasmartin Move figures of TOP manual to global location
(edit) @11014   2 years nicolasmartin Add eps & pdf format for figures to fix inclusion issues
(edit) @11011   2 years nicolasmartin Remove useless upper path level
(edit) @11010   2 years nicolasmartin Move figures of SI3 manual to global location
(edit) @11006   2 years nicolasmartin Reorganisation of the directory for upcoming addition of SI3/TOP figures
(edit) @10939   2 years jchanut #1959
(edit) @10841   2 years cbricaud fix for ticket #2268
(edit) @10779   3 years clem reduce time step to 5400s for orca2 as discussed with system team
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