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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#2627 sea-ice bug when using conduction flux instead of solar/non-solar new Bug high SI3
#2463 Updating the online quickstart guide new Defect normal doc
#1796 CICE interface modification for initial CICE output assigned Bug low OCE
#2227 local modification of the Gib strait, Danish strait and other no more in DOMAINcfg ? new Defect low tools
#2303 What is still missing in SETTE ? new Request low CI
#2325 add EAP rheology to SI3 new Request low SI3
#2423 ln_mskland=T mask the under ice shelf seas in model ouput new Bug low IOM
#2467 ICB namelist confusing new Defect low Unscheduled ICB
#2493 Out-of-bounds error in ORCA2-based mono-processor configuration new Bug low ICB
#2500 Memory usage of DOMAINcfg new Request low Unscheduled tools
#2503 DOMcfg: careful review/cleaning needed after r13204 new Bug low Unscheduled tools
#2505 NESTING tools: Bathymetry at bdy of AGRIF-nest is not consistent with parent bathymetry new Defect low AGRIF
#2509 AGRIF_DEMO: strange salinity in parent grid close to the coast if ln_linssh=F new Defect low AGRIF
#2524 sao_read not compiling new Bug low SAO
#2536 MY_SRC of ISOMIP+ new Defect low MULTIPLE
#2538 Tref and Sref used in simplified eos hard coded new Defect low TRA
#2539 Better management of T/S file used for tradmp. new Request low TRA
#2540 add a fwb scheme without any bouyancy flux ? new Request low SBC
#2541 management of usr_*.F90 new Defect low MULTIPLE
#2542 Specify slip conditions from 2d file new Request low DOM
#2543 More flexibility in the restart name numbering ? new Request low IOM
#2546 Double count of runoffs in the variable volume (vvl) case new Defect low DYN
#2559 dia_prt optimisation... new Defect low DIA
#2566 excessive memory use in iom_def new Defect low IOM
#2570 compatibility between isf and tramle new Defect low TRA
#2579 PGI compiler does allow read values from namelist using buffers new Defect low Unscheduled DIA
#2580 Missing iceberg restart in default configurations new Defect low ICB
#2582 Error in the diagnostic bottom pressure new Defect low DIA
#2590 How to shift ice properties among categories new Task low SI3
#2594 Misplaced boundary conditions on avm with AGRIF new Bug low AGRIF
#2603 False positives from search patterns in makenemo can lead to corruption of work_cfgs.txt new Bug low env
#2606 improve initalization with data ( dtatsd.F90) new Request low 2021 WP TOP
#2611 NEC SX Aurora porting new Defect low MULTIPLE
#2619 u/tau misisng from outputs with key_qco new Bug low DYN
#2622 on jean-zay @ IDRIS makenemo repeat full compilation even after a succesfull one new Defect low tools
#2625 Incorrect denominator in calculation of melt pond depth new Bug low SI3
#2633 Domcfg not compatible with NEMO trunk/future 4.2 new Bug low DOM
#2639 Compiling DOME on ARCHER2 fails new Bug low USR
#2642 possible bugs: salflx output unit and ln_rnf_icb has no effect new Bug low ICB
#2678 Proposed development of zdfiwm.F90 routine new Request low ZDF
#2691 Weighted interpolation for the initiale conditions and the bdy new Request low MULTIPLE
#2710 Sign error in lid melting code in topographic melt pond scheme new Bug low SI3
#2404 Print output if reading open boundary data files can be missing new Defect lowest BDY
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